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May 28, 2012, 11:12:30 AM
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I may be new here but dont underestimate me.
I was voted as mytelekinesis's official telepathy mentor for 2012. In this year alone i have had over 50 students and still getting more to take through the course.

'Horsyqueen has used telepathy on me. I swear she has. She really can do it. She is amazing at it. Believe us. Infact she has taught me a lot about how to do telepathy. I don't think someone who couldn't do telepathy could teach me so well.' quote by pyromaster
' proven results by her students achieve, she is a friendly, kind, caring and understnading person that i know and believe will help people out with anything from general things to specific telepathy. she's also a great friend' quote by shadowwing010
'Horsyqueen - You have helped me so much with telepathy. I was never really able to find any good techniques for telepathy that worked for me, but as soon as I came to you, I learned really fast. Thanks to you, I can now go into peoples minds, get information about them, and see their dreams, and I can almost send them telepathic messages.' quote by pyromaster
'ur a great Telepath' quote by Agressiveskillz
'horsy is the best ask her help' houssi1996     
'a great teacher, and friend to everyone on here, you are very skilled, and wise' By DarkenedAngel
'you are a very powerful and skilled telepath' Matthew
I have many more quotes.
Any questions or request just PM me or reply.
Thank you for listening.

Mind over matter