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April 05, 2012, 12:33:24 AM
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Recently the discussion came up in 'indirect and direct obe' methods thread about the importance of evidence seeking during OBE or any other states of consciousness.

I looked more into it and found that every serious obe-er (monroe, tom campbell, etc) suggests to start seeking evidence from the very beginning and even before the person obe's.

They say that it is not necessary to actually obe to acquire evidence, as evidence can be acquired during states of altered consciousness such as the state of F12 (focus 12) (high state of relaxation, body asleep, mind awake).

Typically communication in the F12 is via NVC (non verbal communication) such as images, feelings etc. This is also what remote viewers used to acquire information from what I understood.

All of this is explained better if anyone looks into Robert Monroe's books and work.

The point is this - I was thinking 'What evidence can I acquire during an F12 state or even during the phasing trips' that I can then check in the world world to see if what I gathered was 'real'. And it hit me, what better evidence than stocks/share prices and movements. Plus I have a lot of experience in the trading market.

Long story short, today I thought about just testing out the idea to see if anything interesting would come up.
I'm stil very much a beginner with these things but something quite very interesting came up.

I laid down in half reclining position to meditate and soon enough entered what I understood as F12 state (after body falls more or less asleep, before hypnagogic imagery starts to kick in seriously).

During this state of relaxation I imagined there is a green board and I just asked 'whatever there is' to tell me which shares will make the strongest move tomorrow, to show those on the board. I didn't expect anything.

Suddenly a word appeared, then another and then another. The first word was very clearly written, the rest were kid of just 'knowing' things (difficult to explain, its NVC afterall).

This is what I gathered. My understanding was that these were the companies that I was asked to pay attention to:
1. nashur/nasher/nusher (something like this, it is not easy to remember things in F12 state exactly as you experience them
2. coonio/koonio/conio (this was a sound message so i wasn't sure how its written)
3. amsterdam (this was very clear and precise, no doubt about this)
4. BULSHB/BULBSH (something like this)

I tried to control my excitement (as it would bump me out of F12) as it would bump me out of F12.

At this point I thought 'Ok, so I gathered some names of companies which could make a move. I don't know these companies. I don't even know if they exist. But this is not enough evidence. I need to seek more evidence. What other evidence can I gather?

And so I realised I can ask about what each company does, in order to see what information arises.
This is the information I got.

1. Nashur/nasher/etc - deals with many small things (little parts, very small things)
2. Coonio/etc - deals with very large things by comparison (military, defence, big mechanisms/machines, huge constructions)
3. Amsterdam - i didn't request any info (by this point my excitement levels were thru the roof I couldn't control the mind to stay clear)
4. BULSHB - i didn't ask for any info

After this I stayed in F12 for a while and then stopped the meditation and returned, sat down to look for the companies on the internet.
This is what I found

1. Nashur/etc = In real world a company exists called Natsun Holdings Ltd (NTS) that trades shares. This company manufactures clothes/dyes for clothes (lots of small things? it kind of matches but then again a lot of things can be classified into 'small things')

2. Coonio/etc = In real world a company exists called Corio (CORA). And what does this company do? They own a lot of properties from small retail to industrial (huge constructions? this seems to matche)

3. Amsterdam = Strangely enough this is where things got interesting, as the first thing I got on google for Corio was this: Corio(CORA) Amsterdam Stock. It turns out Corio is a Dutch company and they own tons of properties Holland.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=88e76ac5e4b59fe8&biw=983&bih=647     I guess this is why amsterdam turned up so clear as a message in F12 and straight after Coonio.

4. BULSHB - I haven't searched for it yet.

To sum up.
1. One can seek evidence way before an OBE, in states such as F10 and F12 (which is simply deep relaxation state).
2. When seeking evidence it is better to i) make it a multi stage process (like above asking for a company, then asking details about what they do, then maybe even asking some more details).
3. Then in the physical world to see if one can verify the evidence
4. Record progress, and refine your methods and practices (to make the state of F12+ more stable so information is more accurate)
5. I don't know what other evidence can be gathered that can be checked against the real world, but I assume it can be anything (eg: ask for a word in another language and then what it means, then go online and check if it matches, etc).

The fathers of Phasing/OBE say one should start seeking evidence from the very beginning and never stop, that will speed up the process (as it builds up the belief in the person that this stuf is real) and also help the person fine tune their methods.

I remember the original remote viewing team traded shares by looking into the future. In remote viewing it is not necessary to actually have an 'obe' as I believe remote viewing takes place in F12 state and F15.

= I'm gonna carry on these experiements with shares with the hope that afte enough evidence and testing, to start trading with very small account. Anyone else interested in doing this together please pm me, we can help each and other and share data.

April 07, 2012, 07:27:22 AM
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Good plan, abc! I really like the focus you have for wanting verification of what you're doing and the method you're using to do it. :)

Other than what you're already trying, the only things I could really suggest are to try and pick some things that are absolute and require no interpretation at all. For instance, I remember someone a long time ago suggesting that you shuffle a deck of cards without looking at any of them, and while you're trying to obe or perceive outside of yourself, try and figure out what the bottom card is; do face value and/or suit as you feel comfortable, with the eventually goal of doing both. Another thing you could try is putting one or two dice in an opaque cup, shaking it all up, and then setting the cup down over the dice without looking.

Picking something that you're familiar with, such as the stocks in your case, can help get over some mental barriers, but there's also the potential that your subconscious is just making guesses based on what it already knows. So of course my next suggestion is to try different things, some which you're familiar with and others which you're totally unfamiliar with.

But regardless, good luck with your testing and your practices!

Mastery does not occur when you've performed a feat once or twice. Instead, it comes after years of training, when you realize that you no longer notice when you're performing a feat which used to require so much effort. Even walking takes years of training for a human: why not everything else?

April 22, 2012, 01:20:03 PM
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Thanks Steve :)

Here's a method Bruce Moen uses to collect and verify evidence even before the person is actually fully obe'ed: