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March 14, 2012, 09:13:52 PM
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When I look, I should know;

My Flame dances before me

A wonder! Behold!

Chance must Adore me!


For who stands so close

To a Flame all consuming?

Then I, to impose

Hands on fires form, looming.


Entranced as I grapple

Ever closer to light

All seems so simple

As fire burns out my sight.


No mind I am paying

To my hands as they burn

My heart just keeps saying

I love you, I yearn


The Flame shows no sorrow

for it just does as it knows

It will burn me tomorrow

As sure as wind blows.


But I stay and I linger

And I love and I burn

Until finally no longer

Does my flesh for flame yearn.


For my body is all char

Used and spent up

All coal is my heart

As Love is sent up


In the smoke of the Flame

An offering from me

To the Gods of no name

An offering of me.


The Flame, it goes on,

As long as there's Fuel

And I am all gone

As I've played the fool.
And how!