Author Topic: Biokinesis -- Possible? Permanent?  (Read 6384 times)

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March 04, 2012, 08:37:02 PM
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Has anyone here changed his (or her) height or eye/hair color successfully using biokinesis? If so, were these changes permanent? What level of skill does this typically require?

March 05, 2012, 09:50:29 AM
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Your height and eye color are defined by the chromosone allignment in the fertilized egg. Your dominant chromosones determine your eye color, height, hair color...basically everything. One thing the chromosones do is set something along the lines of "This is the maximum height you could grow to".  Note the "could".  To reach your maximum potential you need to supply yourself with nutrients and various other things in order to make your body grow to reach that potential.  However, these "Could" factors can be breeched. You can effectively re-wire yourself in order to surpass your pre-set potential.

To give an example of this surpassing, you could say that someone has a pre-set factor that says they'll be an okay athelete. If a person works at it and develops and trains themselves, they could grow to be a great or even the greatest athelete ever.  You could do the same with height. Supply yourself with proteins, nutrients and various other fluids and foods and you could develop to grow taller. However, I think if you have passed the age of 18 or 20, you have reached your maximum growing potential, and so it is a little bit too late.

However, if you wish to do things the biokinetic way aside from the physical way, to change your hair or eye color I would assume it would take an awful amount of willpower and skill in order to rewire yourself to produce different pigments. That's what biokinesis is. I think. Or at least that would make the most sense in my eyes. Rewiring yourself to produce different pigments. Hm. Oh gosh i'm rambling.

I would suggest researching it. Upon a quick search, there did not seem to be a solid definitive guide for it here. It seems rather unreliable, if you ask me. Anyway, good luck! And, you know, if you want to change yourself in a hurry, there's always stretching and hair dye. [/way to ruin everything, me]