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April 28, 2004, 04:32:46 PM
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Herbal Blend Magickal Properties and Uses

Abremelin Adds power to rituals, used to induce trance
Altar To purify space, consecrate tools, cleanse objects
Ancient Wisdom To heighten intellect, judgement and wisdom
Animal Healing For animal healing spells
Aquarius Friendship, science, cooperation, and diplomacy
Aries Initiative, self esteem, courage, and ambition
Astral Travel Aids in visiting other planes
Attraction For magnetic attraction to bring love, money, friendship
Bad Dreams Away To banish nightmares
Balance To help achieve a balance between the spiritual and physical self
Banishing To banish negative energy
Beltane Festival of sexuality and fertility, the young god
Black Cat Used in spells for hexing, love and luck
Blues Away To drive away sadness, depression
Cancer Love of home, sensitivity, and tenacity
Capricorn Organization, ambition, position, and justice
Cleopatra A powerful love blend
Come Back To bring someone back to you
Come to Me A drawing blend to bring you whatever you want, most often used in love spells
Communication To increase one's effectiveness in communication with others
Confidence To increase one's self-confidence
Conquering To overcome obstacles (we'll add the specifics!)
Consecration For consecration of ritual tools and objects
Controlling For controlling events and people
Courage To enhance one's courage in any situation
Divination For aid in divining
Dreams To increase dreams and control over them
Eyes for Me To make someone faithful
Fast Money Draws money quickly
Five Circles To help you see through the five auras
French Creole Strong blend to make dreams and wishes come true
Full Moon To celebrate the Full Moon
Gambler To win at cards and other games of chance
Gemini All literary affairs, intellectuality, and versatility
Go Away To send away negative, annoying people from your life
Happiness To bring happiness and contentment
Healing To help you (or others) heal after illness or injury
Imbolc Festival to honor the goddess Brighid
Jupiter Confidence, business success, and perseverance
Keep Away Trouble For protection from various outside forces
Knowledge To gain knowledge and understanding
Law Stay Away To keep the police from your door!
Leo Vitality, dignity, authority and leadership
Libra Artistic ability, balance, and partnership
Litha Summer solstice, celebrates the Sun King, height of growth
Love Drawing To draw love into your life
Love Magick For rituals involving love and sexual desire
Lucky Dog To attract luck at gambling, especially races
Lughnassadh First harvest
Mabon Autumn equinox, second harvest, thanksgiving
Mars Energy, aggression, passion, and enthusiasm
Meditation Used for meditation and psychic work
Mercury Intelligence, reason, and communication
Mojo Wishing A wishing blend to use on mojo (gris-gris) bags or before making wishes
Money Drawing To draw money and prosperity
Moon Change, imagination, moods, and receptivity
Mother Earth For environmental magick
Mystic Veil To aid in making oneself inconspicuous (not invisible!)
New Beginnings Use at the start of any new project or life change
New Job To help in finding a new job
New Moon To celebrate the New Moon
Ostara Spring equinox, celebrates new growth and youth
Passion To increase passion in relationships or actions
Peace & Harmony To draw peace and harmonious relations to your life
Perfect Mate Draws your perfect mate to you!
Personal Power To add energy to all magickal work
Pisces Mysticism, intuition, and inspiration
Prosperity To attract money and success
Protection Protects against negativity and psychic attack
Psychic Protection To protect you from negative psychic forces
Purification To rid a space, object or person of negative forces
Reveal Truth To use in rituals to bring out the truth of situations
Reverse Spell A spell breaker blend to reverse the effects of any spell
Road Opener To open paths of oportunity
Sagittarius Aspiration, idealism, and philosophy
Samhain Harvest festival, festival of the dead
Saturn Persistence, discipline, and concentration
Scorpio Healing power, magick, resourcefulness and courage
Shamanic Journey For aid in meditation, shamanic journeys, astral travel
Spirit Guide To help find or contact your spirit guide
Success For success in any endeavor
Sun Power, individuality, and self-assertion
Tarot For cleansing and consecrating Tarot cards
Taurus Determination, endurance, and thoroughness
Third Eye To help you open up your psychic powers
Uncrossing To remove blocks
Van Van A Voodoo blend to strengthen power
Venus Sensuality, artistic ability, harmony, and attraction
Virgo Mentality, service, purity, and discrimination
Voodoo Both a crossing blend and a blessing blend
Weight Loss To aid in weight loss programs
Witch's Power To enhance a witch's power in any spell
Witch's Protection To prevent others from interfering in the workings of a witch
Youth To enhance one's youthful qualities
Yule Winter solstice, rebirth of the god