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October 01, 2011, 09:11:22 AM
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Hi guys,

I'm usually pretty good with dream readings.  I've done a few for friends and they turned out pretty accurate but I'm stumped by one I had a few nights ago.

I was talking with someone (unknown) in my dream, walking a long a boardwalk or pavement beside the beach and I was explaining to this person the nature of reality and I came to the realisation that all we are as beings is the Universe trying to experience itself.  We are vessels for experience and that we, as individuals, are actually our own Universes realised, personified and lived.

With that I saw the birth of a small self aware Universe, multi-coloured, swirling like a mini vortex.  I stood very close to it and watched it grow and warp itself into a many-coloured entity.  I daren't touch it in case I caused it to collapse.  I knew it was a fragile and beautiful thing.  With that, I woke up.

Any ideas what it was about?

Or is the meaning self explanitory?

October 02, 2011, 01:59:42 AM
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My really good prophetic dreams come to me through "people" telling me things while I'm dreaming, or completely without the aid of symbolism. I get some fuzzy hits with symbolic interpretation, but yeah, don't think that prescience has to be communicated through dream symbolism. Language is also a complex symbol set.

Then again, your case is different. Caveat Lector.