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Being an empath and how that shapes you

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Not too long ago, three - four months I guess, I realised I was an empath.
I would always know what people ment, how they felt, and I could literally feel their thoughts on my skin. I always thought this was normal until I found out that it was infact, not. But back on track.
What i've figured lately, is how this fact, the fact that I would always know what people felt, has altered my personality. And this, strictly to the negative.

I've talked to multiple people who have told me they would give ALOT to be an empath, but honoustly I don't get that. It's a burdain on my shoulders. It's made my life twenty times worse than I think it could be.
Basicly there's a list of things with me. First off, I'm extremely paranoid.
I grew up under the impression that everybody would always know what I was feeling, which made me extremely paranoid. I would always hide my feelings, try not to feel anything. Which ended up in me taking huge distances from feeling anything at all.

Secondly, i'm extremely shy. Whenever I try to do something, I can feel peoples reactions on me, like a thousand needles in my heart, and this combined with extreme paranoya leads to nothing but pure pain. Which makes me even more paranoid.

Thirdly, I have insanely low self confidence. I don't know why but as an empath, I see myself of less importance than everybody else.
I can feel what everybody else is feeling, I can feel their joy, their sadness, but somehow in all of this I can't feel my own feelings. I feel like an empty being, I feel that I have no soul. And the few feelings i'm left with is all the pain and anger that I feel from other humans.

HELP!!! I can't take this anymore.
So I'm wondering, does any other empaths have the same problems? If yes what are you doing to counter it? Thanks.

I have relized too that im an empath only in a different way.  I am constently being     arded with other peoples pain (we both know everyone has it) and i cant sleep very well unless i help everyone. but in the mean time i have next to no feeling except for saddness for other people.  
The time i truly feel other things apart from anger and saddness is when im playing music on my guitar and mabey singing along. Idont know if this will work for other emapathic people too but it works for me

LOL, Im an empath, a natural one, a very extreme natural one, and I dun have too many problems. The only bad thing is being a crowd of people and getting an overload, and being extremely moody. Other than that its fine.

Learn how to shield, that helps

Or you could center... thats all I can think of.

I'm an extreme empath. I feel my own feelings and everyone's feelings like amplified by a MILLION, well maybe that's an exaggerated figure, but it's by quite a bit. Empathy is all about feeling, and as an empath you feel things a lot more strongly than others. But something I've found that always helps is to 'blend' with people. And by this, I mean connect to them. It's quite simple, suppose they're extremely frustrated, see how you can aliviate that frustration. At work I deal with this inside and out, cause I work at a retail store and we get all kinds of customers. If you're afraid of being vulnerable, this here's something to think about. If you're going to form a connection with anyone, you're gonna have to leave yourself feeling vulnerable, and sometimes you get hurt and sometimes you don't. Relationships really say a lot about this, I myself have experienced some relationships where my vulnerability got the best of me. But at least I got to experience all of the feelings in the relationship, and really enjoyed being with that person, plus I really learned at lot since we were first together. But this really speaks to Shakespeare's quote "It's better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all" or something, I suck at quoting, but something to that effect. A lot of other guys think I appear to be a 'wuss' or whatever because I get really down and cry about stuff sometimes, or sometimes the complete opposite, I get in people's face and seem really forceful, and to me it feels like it's all done pretty lightheartedly but I guess to most people's standards, it's not too normal.;) Anyway, emotions can hurt you or help you, you have to learn to find a balance and be satisfied. Crowds of people often pose a problem because there's too many people to help. In that case, learn to shield. Shielding other people's emotions, is better than trying to shut off your own, and nearly losing your ability to feel in the process.

I'm mainly posting here because I really feel that I have to, not because I really have that much to say. I think I'm starting to understand more how you feel, Molecular. I've always noticed how you're acting, and finally I understand why. I have always wondered why you have been so shy, because when you decide not to be shy, you act like you never have been shy for a second your entire life! You have lots of friends, and everyone likes you, try to realise that! You aren't the vulnerable one, they are! But again, I don't know much about being an empath. You should develop your talent, and learn to control it somehow. Just remember, no one hates you!


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