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April 23, 2004, 06:50:12 PM
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Chi Kung:
Chi Kung gives increased stamina – due to the heightened amount of oxygen brought into the body and the feeling of the muscles. Feeling the muscles with the air and the tingling produces a reaction within the muscles themselves. The muscles themselves are thus fed oxygen and a sensation of bioelectricity (hence the tingling). The muscles are fed this whilst in a static position, hence you are feeling out an area based on feeling alone, without the movement of muscles and thus not the movement of nerve connected to muscles to let you know you are moving. You are literally feeling the muscle be, without the movement of muscle. So you feel the effects of oxygen entering into the body, hence why the body feels light and fluffy after training – because it is full of oxygen, it is healthy, alive.
So in the muscles themselves you are feeling the activity of bioelectricity, which is sensed by the nerves, you are also sensing the heightened levels of oxygen in the blood – hence the euphoric feeling in the body whilst training and after training. You feel deep into the body and you can literally feel the pulse of life within you, it beats strongly – it some times moves around inside of you. In certain meditations, it stays fixed in the Dan Tien and pulses like a beacon. You literally feel the pulse within the body and your whole body feels that. You become so receptive to the feelings within you, due to the increased awareness of the activity inside of you. Hence the purpose of my Non Dominance training – you are not isolated to working circulations, but you are working on whole awareness of the body. Key elements being:
  • Relax.
  • Feel your breath, feel your abdomen moving, feel the effects of oxygen within the body.
That’s all chi kung needs – to relax, breath and feel what is going on inside of oneself. If you tense up mind you cause tension and you will not be able to feel. You will cause your being to not be able to flow easily and your breath may become tense, where it will feel as though you are forcing yourself to feel and breath – of which is not healthy, because it isn’t gentle, it isn’t sensitive, it is a forceful breath. In such a state, it is difficult to feel deeply and relax deeply into the body. Hence why people have advocated the use of not training when mind is emotional or disturbed greatly. All Chi Kung practice is based around the WHOLE ABDOMEN and WHOLE BODY BREATH, and also NON DOMINANCE, focused around the principals of RELAX and FEEL BREATH, MUSCLE AND OXYGENATED BODY. All this mystical rubbish associated with chi kung is unnecessary. Simple terminology is perfectly fine.
All you are doing is feeling the bioelectricity in the body, and getting in contact with it. Also feeling the effects of an oxygenated body – ala increased stamina, increased energy levels, increased muscle efficiency, all due to the rise in sensitivity and oxygen in the body. It is that simple. All these traditional methods may be beneficial for some, but this approach, if done properly, is far more efficient in getting in tune with the body and brain.
Be well.
April 23, 2004