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One of the most myterious places on earth is Mt. Shasta. UFO sightings are common in the area, and a common theme among the sightings is a type of flying ship that is described as Cigar-shaped.  Another strange occurence is that there have been many sightings of a people living there, who disappear into deep caverns. Many believe these people could be survivors of the lost civilzations of either Lemuria or Atlantis.

Here is an excellent and comprehensive source for information on Lemuria, Atlantis, and the connections to Mt. Shasta, the book "A Dweller on Two Planets"
channeled by Frederick S. Oliver in 1894-

One of the greatest Occultists and Meta-Physicians of the last century was Dr. Doreal. In the 1930s he wrote about how he was taken by Atlanteans inside Mt. Shasta, and was allowed to be shown some of their technology and way of life-

Video, Our Forgotten History- Lemuria
YouTube - Our Forgotten History Part 2; Lemuria

More about Dr. Doreal's visit inside Mt. Shasta-
Andrews, Richard R.  The Truth Behind the Legends of Mt. Shasta.  New York: Carlton Press, Inc., 1976. Written to dispel the confusion which arises from the study of the many different myths and legends about Mount Shasta. The author states that he is an experienced metaphysician trained under Dr. Doreal (see Doreal Mysteries of Mt. Shasta ).

"The Great Souls, the inhabitants of the Secret City of Mt. Shasta, are not the Lemurians as legends would have us to believe. They are Atlanteans. It is an Atlantean Colony. One of their tasks is to guard the Lemurians that are imprisoned beneath the Caroline Islands" and: "What about the UFOs? All are not from outer space. Some are from our Secret Cities here on earth"

The author states on the final page that: "Notice, O people, the wisdom in this message is ever shining with truth, vibrating with rhythm and endowed with beauty, because as a channel I am fulfilling a duty. Revere it and let it inspire and enhance thee, let it remind thee of the Seven Secret Cities of which one is Mt. Shasta but not in view of the mortal eyes, because of the conduct and habit of lies. Legends have flourished and perversion grew thick, but the Great ones are not troubled with our ignorance and tricks"

Contains a photograph of Dr. Doreal.  
It is Atlanteans, not Lemurians, who inhabit Mt. Shasta. Though the Lemurians had indeed created vast, underground pleasure palaces beneath the mountain, they had lost their freedom in a great war with the Atlanteans, and remain imprisoned by the Atlanteans in their pleasure palaces even today. "After their retreat, the Atlantean victors sealed the entrance and established an elaborate guard system which prohibits the Lemurians to ever escape their bondage. The Atlanteans, Dr. Doreal states, still reside in their colony beneath Mt. Shasta and commute every three months by strange cigar-shaped airships to that area in the South Pacific in order to check the sealed entrance of the imprisoned Lemurians."17 It is these aircraft, some say, that accounts for the occasional appearances of UFOs above Mt. Shasta.

At the time of Lemuria there was an extensive network of underground tunnels used by people worldwide to travel the world very quickly. However, it was the downfall of Lemuria. In 10,500 BC there was a huge War between Atlantis and Lemuria taking place. The final battle took place near Maui, and the area of the famous Maui moon craters was where the Lemurians retreated underground. The Atlanteans sealed them in, in the inner earth and basically obliterated the continent of Mu. The famous Craters in the Iao valley are remants of the battle

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