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December 16, 2010, 12:18:57 AM
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Hello Everyone,

Yes its me again. I am offering myself as a mentor for people who wish to learn in the following spheres:

* Wisdom development.
* Spirituality training.
* Martial arts training.
* Exercise training.
* Writing training.
* Business development.
* Life mentoring i.e. finding what you want etc aka life coaching.

So yes, please find me on MSN at and if you would like contact me by email you can so at

As you can probably tell, I am going hell for leather in regards to being a teacher and helping out others. I love this place and the people in it, so please, make use of me while I am around. I am a rich resource for a variety of different things and as such believe I can help many people here.

So with that in mind, contact me if you wish to do so, and we will go from there.

All the best.