Author Topic: The Coming Of Those Called: Pre-Cursed  (Read 709 times)

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November 30, 2010, 07:55:06 PM
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what weighted words will help you earn, take the time to wait and learn, the tables turned, i wait to burn, i stay to see what i deserve, i have the nerve, i dont have the proper words, it's all twisted, so distorted, i cant fix it, it's hope aborted, moving on, passed the crimson, sun's red dawn, i'll find it out, what puts my heart into this doubt, i'll move my feet, clap my hands to keep this beat, let sleep take me, wake to truth up in a dream, remember blackness from in that scream, silence smashed, smashed like glass, shattered into the hideous past, a monster woke, deep inside, bringing out my self alive, fear not this smoke, re-attach yourself to this hope, scorch your palms, torch these songs, a million pages, to write these wrongs, who was right? it doesnt matter, there's no insight, i fight like light, will save my life, but its those scars that never heal, its those marks that I feared, but i burned that terror, within the year, its now gone, like the dawn, twilight's rhythm cast strength upon, this beating heart, fear not the dark, destroy the pain, push out black blood from within your veins, strength remains, when all else is gone, the hope that breaks up night with brawn, its sword is my soul, i can push past this black hole, its grip is tight, it pulls me in, but my strength, is darkness's sin


A far off glow, A path revealed, A wrath unveiled, A condescending master fails, laughter and wails, the pale faces just can't be seen, hidden behind all of these things, the five have come, to take with them the holy one, their strength combined is too powerful for even time, they don't know death, they may translate, five full lives who never die, they are too great, you have no chance to escape this fate, unless you see, unless you breathe in destiny, unless you're conceived of energy, your enemies will not believe, the transmutation of make-believe
"...There is simply The Way, and he who follows it must know when to act and in what way to act.  Sometimes it is to the right, other times to the left.  An initiate acknowledges no difference...." Veos.