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November 30, 2010, 07:49:28 PM
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See I'm the kind of guy who kisses butterflies goodbye when they die


and in the next life I smile wide and tell em not to be shy


wink  with one bright blue eye


and let em know that I lit a fire inside


and it's white light shines through out all of the skies


I will never let it die


Its the only thing i have to keep the monsters away


these demons at bay


and i stay deep rooted to keep away this madness


it keeps a violent return


my cycles of life are recited similarly to bible book verses and quotes of the like


to keep bright smiles as fuel for a fight in the dead of vile night


its quickly sipped like sweet solutions for bitter dilemmas


and it sounds out verbs and vowels and chains them together


and Holds through like glue for a bridge for those long gone souls


to pass through to go home at long last


whether or not you can say that you've never stopped will forever be undecided


because semantics are for trivial pursuit


and in this game we pursue that knowledge and hope for the few


who cling to the comfort of truth


and i at least solute the the starry sky from under the deep blue


at the bottom of the sea


you'll see me burried starring at a starry sky


which you can only see from where my watery grave lies


and the planet cries and screams for these wild dreams


of streamlined torment and vicious cycles to end


but never again can you disect a segment once you've slash passed


its clay made shell


and who knows in truth who made this hell


and it only spells out destruction when you connnect the dots


so lets not aim for downward strokes and poke holes in the heart


of hopeful blokes who foolishly cling to songs they sing of rebels


whose myths are swift in their coming but carry tendencies


for the men at seas to tell long after their passing


and thrashing through thoroughly thought out plans


they put a scarred hands on the many miles their hearts have  traveled


they lay to rest all of the most precious desires


and in their outlandish fantasies


we plant the seed for


a man like me


to believe he could be


at peace


theres no rest for the wicked


and i seem to be stuck in circle of only the worst villains


each time i attempt to prevent chaos


i stay lost


and i never find myself still


and even if i with held my ambitions


i dont know what i would become


when its all done


i hope im still someone




maybe ever liked


i've seen a lot of butterflies head for the wrong sky


so when they drop to lie


i'll be there to help hold them


and close their eyes
"...There is simply The Way, and he who follows it must know when to act and in what way to act.  Sometimes it is to the right, other times to the left.  An initiate acknowledges no difference...." Veos.