Author Topic: Rare Video footage of Chen Zhao Kui (1928-1981)  (Read 936 times)

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October 21, 2010, 12:13:00 AM
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I found rare video footage of Chen Zhao Kui, the son of Chen Fa Ke.

Chen Zhao Kui (1928-1981) inherited the lineage of the Chen family Tai Chi from his father Chen Fa Ke. This is the direct lineage of the greatest practitioners in the history of the art, and the history of the Chen family. This must be considered one of the greatest and most high level lines in the history of martial arts. Chen Fa Ke inheritied the system from his father Chen Yan Xi, inheritied from his father Chen Kung Yuen, and inherited from his father Chen Chang Xin(1771-1853). Chen Chang Xin is the creator of the Chen Tai Chi sets and the art of Tai Chi as we know it, and was the great grandfather of Chen Fa Ke(1887-1957). Chen Chang Xin was known as "Mr. Ancestral Tablet" for his upright posture, and he was also the instructor of Yang Lu Chan, the founder of the Yang school of Taijiquan. He is credited with synthesizing the great and broad martial fighting skill and knowledge of the Chen family and his ancestors into two forms: Yi Lu and Er Lu (Pao Chui, or Cannon Fist).

These 4.... Chen Chang Xin (1771-1853), Chen Kung Yuen, Chen Yan Xi, and Chen Fa Ke (1887-1957), are the highest level Tai Chi fighters in relatively recent history. No one from any other style or family of Tai chi had their level of skills, neither do the practitioners in the Chen village currently today have the level of these 4.

Being the son of Chen Fa Ke, Chen Zhao Kui inherited the entire system, as well as all applications.  In fighting, Chen Zhao Kuis specialty was Shuai Chiao, Wrestling, and Qinna.

It is a shame there is not longer footage of his form, but here is a very cool clip I found...

Chen Zhao Kui-

So the next best thing, is a video of the complete first Road set of the inner family lineage of Chen family Tai Chi by a long term disciple and indoor lineage holder of Chen Zhou Kui, Grandmaster Ma Hong =]

This is really cool if you are interested in what authentic Tai Chi is! Although it is all in Chinese. In depth detailed demonstrations of the entire first traditional Tai Chi set, and detailed fighting applications with Ma Hong-

Chen Yu is the son of Chen Zhao Kui, here he demonstrates the second Road set of Chen family Tai chi, Cannon Fist-

Chen Yu demonstrates Cannon fist fighting applications-

Traditional Chen Family Push Hands with Ma Hong-

Here is something very cool, 2 older Chen Family sets, which pre-date the creation of the First Road set and 2nd road cannon fist set by Chen Chang Xin.

24 Short Fist-

108 Long Fist-
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