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October 08, 2010, 01:14:33 AM
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Another Strange dream i had that i remember mostly
took place in a stone gray town where all the buildings seemed to be as thin as cardboard
it felt like i had no choice where i was going but at the same time i had no clue where i was headed
but the sky was just as grey
I eventually found my way into a huge gray room
with a giant black cauldron filled with a steaming slime green solution
and a short ways behind it were steps up to a wall
on this wall where drawings of two frightening figures
the chamberlain from the jim henson film the dark crystal
and a menacing hag that i think was from snow white
and as i approached the wall it span around to reveal them both
in the living flesh cackling and whimpering and coming slowly closer
and i was freaked out to the maximum.
"...There is simply The Way, and he who follows it must know when to act and in what way to act.  Sometimes it is to the right, other times to the left.  An initiate acknowledges no difference...." Veos.