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October 08, 2010, 01:09:32 AM
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Before you read I'm sorry for the terrible grammar.

Not too long ago,
I had a few vivid dreams.
They were as such:

In one of these dreams I was Alexander the Great fighting a foreign army far from home. It was one of the most frightening
and yet thrilling experience's i've ever dreamed. We attempted to destroy a pretty big city but before we made it close we had confronted lines of men and elephants
readied for war. We eventually managed to make it through and burned the entire city
I just remember the combat being so gruesome that i woke up throwing my fist into the air......

Another dream, i was a pharaoh defending the capital city from what appeared to be a roman-ish looking army. We succeeded in defending after what seemed to be two days and after the last
graphic battle i had to complete this ritual where i knelt in a strange small square room littered with writing all over dipped my hands in this blue ink and pressed them upon a raised altar and prayed or something...

another dream quite similar to that was a dream where, again, i was pharaoh but in exile. I was in this city that was built on opposite sides of this river and i was attempting to confront the man responsible, he was a terrible man, dark and sinister and on opposite sides of the river we closed in on each other but i woke up before i actually got to finish.

I don't know i listed them together cuz i think they're all kinda correlated but they all are kinda strange.

Normally my dreams are way more abstract and not so linear...
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