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September 05, 2010, 09:00:25 AM
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Dear Veritasians,

I record this dream out of a sense of completeness and necessity, though the sheer and overwhelming oddness of it would seem to suggest that it is some unimaginably weird whim. I will note, and this is indeed important, that I do not use drugs of any sort nor ever have, and I can think of no reason beyond perhaps a fundamental oddity of personality for its characters.

Possibly of relevance before the dream was the day I led - I decided to begin to attempt the IIH training, or perhaps make a few introductory steps toward it. Intuitively, I felt that I was not eating right(and have been increasingly feeling so), and decided to completely abandon fast food whenever possible. On that particular day, I also decided to eat less than usual, and see if nothing else, if I could pull off a mostly vegetarian diet: which I did, with a purely vegetarian soup and a salad that had some bacon bits and a half-boiled egg.  Having more than a passing interest in health and being that I am looking to work out more, I also saw that I had enough protein in my dream.

I had a mild thought while consuming them that I had heard that eating "lighter" was somehow important to magicians seeking to make their bodies "lighter." It was not a major concern: I merely felt that it was pleasant to eat something healthy, the sense of greater control over myself, and the fact that it really did taste better pleased me.  

While reading over the "daily practice" provided by Prophecy, I knew that I already meditated and I briefly experimented with making a Cross of Light as described(facing west? I was looking at my laptop and copying the directiions). I felt that I was not sufficiently advanced yet to practice; at any rate, it would require it to be the morning!

Before sleep, I decided to reconcile myself with something that I had not been doing lately - to reconcile myself with my God, so I prayed fervently and quietly for understanding, posing some particular inquiries I had to Him. I also asked for a sign or a vision in my dream, and then feeling tired, rolled up in the bed.

I fell into a dream of many things. I have forgotten much, only that it was pleasant and relatively mundane. I had a friend who wrote children's books; I was waiting for him outside his house and decided to sit in a nearby car with an open door - assuming it was his.  Another man, older and pleasant looking, healthy despite his age, entered the vehicle! I realized suddenly that I had sat in the wrong car, and was in fact, could be seen as "breaking into" a stranger's vehicle.

Nonetheless, the stranger seemed more amused than angered. We fell to talking; I learned that he was a sorcerer. He asked about my friend and I told him about how he wrote children's books. The sorcerer seemed glad for the company. He asked if I needed anything; I told him that I could use a ride to get to somewhere(I think I had a heavy TV in the back seat, and I did not want to carry it home, obviously!). He was glad to comply, being a nice person, and drove me.

I got to where I lived. I forgot the TV in his trunk, being as pleasant as we were in conversation, but somehow, it got to me. A roommate or something - at any rate, it felt rather good to have it all done and said. And then I opened the fridge, and this is where the weirdest part of my dream was.

I saw a living hamburger. Partially maimed.

I think words rather fail to describe the sheer oddness of it all. It was a hamburger, with one "arm" and "hand" of bread. Some part of me knew it was a discarded part or spirit of the sorcerer I had met. It would flap its bread as if to speak, though as first, it said very little to me. I felt intense pity for it, and gave it some food. It seemed hungry.

I gave it a great deal of food, surprised that it could somehow "digest it' by getting it with its one "good hand" and putting it into its buns. Eventually, I believe that I tried to speak with it, not necessarily verbally(did I write to it and ask it to write back? Maybe), but somehow I realized it was capable of speech.

We had a conversation. It seemed to be a misplaced magical experiment of the sorcerer. It was a nasty, and crude little thing, but one that was pretty harmless. I felt sorry for it. I was amused by its intense cynicism and negativity, and also pitied it, for its genuine helplessness. It was greedy, and in that, I suppose I was glad to see a spirit that liked material things!

Eventually, I promised to get him some expensive chocolate ice cream, and I also asked him to read some Christian scripture, just to see what his reaction would be. For some reason, I lost track of what happened next. I must have wandered off in my dream. I had more important things to do than to talk to it.

I came back to see that it was dead. I did not know if it was a suicide, but it could have been. I felt intense pity for it, despite its nasty, crude and unpleasant ways.

I woke up.

I have no idea what it could have meant. One very fanciful intepretation: the sorcerer is myself, the magician aspect of myself. My futzing around with a magickal ritual, merely an experiment, nonetheless had consequences and created a malformed entity that should discourage me from ever practicing ritual without a clear intent. Not because it would harm me, but because its not right to create maimed and crippled entities.

And it was a..spirit of fast food? Greed? That I chose that abandon that day? It was perhaps demonic, it certainly seemed negative enough, but it was utterly helpless. I worry that I had accidentally killed it. I honestly felt pity for the poor thing; and this is unusual for me, for those who know me, can tell you that I am often not exactly compassionate. I am wrathful at those who sin maliciously, and angered at those who harm the innocent; I forgive, but only if asked for forgiveness. I do not "love all" in the New Age philosophy. But I did feel pity for this poor creature.

PS: Some part of me also felt that the sorceror was Prophecy. That seems odd, given that I was simply grateful to him and haven't tried to evoke him or anything. Plus, I have absolutely no idea what he looks like.

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