Author Topic: i saw a book about qi gong  (Read 943 times)

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April 04, 2004, 04:53:09 AM
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what do u think about the book " the idiots guide to qi gong" is it worth buying
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April 04, 2004, 01:47:31 PM
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nearly all of the "idiot's guide to ..." or "... for dummies" are worth buying in my opinion. in depth research and effectively communicated. usually start off slow and extremely basic so that everyone has an understanding of the, well, basics of a topic before going onto the other things.

i've read a few of the books from both series, and i've been impressed by all of them. heck, it was because of C++ for dummies that i was one of the 3 or 4 people in my advanced C++ course who passed with a mark above 70%... stupid teacher was trying to teach us MFC instead of C++ -.- (and this was in a university level school).

i can only find good things to say about them :) (but others might not be of the same opinion as me and may have had not-as-good experiences with those series of books)

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April 04, 2004, 04:24:03 PM
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Yes it's good, but are you an idiot? hahaha j/k

Like kakkarot stated: effectively communicating the complexity of the subject matter is what it's all about. I like that style because they explain it like a friend would, simple, to the point, plain english, laymens terms... etc...

I have a couple of there books as well.