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June 09, 2010, 10:08:16 PM
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What is the difference between the ego, observing consciousness, and the HGA?

I'm pretty sure I know the book answers, but in the real world differences in terminology have gotten me all confused. For me, the Ego is the dominant personality shard "talking" at the moment in question. It is separate from the emotions and occasionally play acts like it had them, but never really achieves it unless it works in conjunction with the observing consciousness to help in the use of Metis and communication. The observing consciousness is incapable of speech, but is the house of the sensation of being conscious and shares control of emotional response with the body consciousness (the hunger, pain, sensation mind). It is a watcher that doesn't get embroiled in the moment unless an act of exstasis is performed. It is visually/emotionally oriented. Beyond that it breaks down into "other" that I don't grasp. Somewhere I heard that what I've called the observing consciousness is the HGA, but I tend to disagree with this position, because the phrase knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel implies a separateness that has to be overcome at great price, as described in the Abramelin working. On the other hand, the memetic model of the universe would hold that this spark of consciousness is the highest and most holy part of the individual. Reconciling these views I come to the conclusion that the Abramelin and related workings create a personal entity that reflects the operators conception of holiness for the sole purpose of union, and in union, the furthering of the magicians power. It is, in this synthesized view, an exercise in tantric deity yoga.

Am I just ego-tripping or is there really a semi-independent portion of the individual beyond rational conception? If that is where prophecy (not entity revelation or _-mancy type divination) comes from I'll buy it, but that seems difficult to prove, what with the lack of a consensus about whether prophecy is even a foretelling or a determining of the future. I certainly don't know, which makes me incapable of concluding on the existence of a semi-independent superconscious self without relying on plain old Faith.