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November 09, 2015, 12:39:52 PM
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Hey Rodz, out of curiosity, who are the three people attributed to writing that criticism? The article lists them as "By Raphael, Jade, and Orion", but the site itself only mentions one person, Daniel Murawsky, on the "Who are we?" page. I was guessing then that Daniel borrowed the article from another place, but I cannot find it using a google search, so perhaps they specifically wrote it for Daniel?

The reason I'm asking is that the person doing the criticism mention multiple times that they don't "believe" that Veos had completed IIH, so I'm curios as to what their credentials are to criticize (notwithstanding, of course, that everyone is free to criticize, but the weight of an expert's criticism is worth more than a lay person's criticism). Daniel Murawsky mentions that his site is for people who are former students of Prophecy and Veos, so that speaks for itself as to his credential to criticize.

I mean, I very much agree with their overall, and constant, reminders to do the exercises and system as Bardon wrote them rather than modifying them, but I do not agree with all of their criticisms. I will flat out state that I have not completed IIH, and am not even practicing the system, but some of the criticisms are not about the system; for instance, they claim:

Many of these essays and courses include exercises from IIH that have been cherry picked from the system. For example, in Prophecy’s “Elemental Magic Class” that is available for viewing on Veritas Society, he takes both Bardon’s depth point meditation and clairvoyance exercise out of the context of IIH and throws them into his curriculum. Neither of these exercises can be practiced without the rest of IIH to go along with it. You cannot pick and choose whatever exercises you like from IIH and throw them into a system of magical training you design.
Well, that's not true at all. Each of the exercises in IIH are not new or unique to Bardon, and many of them (if not all of them) can be found in many other systems that long predate Bardon (I mean, really, does anyone honestly believe Bardon was the first to create an exercise for void meditation, or focal meditation, or for examining one's self and writing down all of the various qualities one has and then categorizing them?). So clearly, these exercises do not require one another in the order that Bardon set out. But I would say that Bardon set them out in a good order for a good reason, and that's not because the order is immutable but because it works well that way.

They also state:

It may seem like you just follow the instructions and you are a magician, and the more time you put into the exercises each day, the faster you will become an adept. Someone who practices an hour a day will progress twice as fast as someone who practices half an hour a day, so the longer you practice each day, the faster you will advance, right?

Actually, this is not the case at all, and anyone who is taught to believe this has been deceived.

Regarding the idea of spiritual evolution, this is something that consists of more than just sitting in a closet all day practicing mystical exercises.
etc etc
While the end part about spiritual evolution being more than just the exercises is indeed true, the exercises are what's required to become a Magician, as distinct from just some spiritually evolved person. And in that regard, it's like any other system of training: the more effort and time you put into it, the more you'll get out of it, faster than you would if you did not put so much time into it. Does that mean that if you put in twice the effort per day then you will automatically achieve milestones in half the time? No. But you will advance faster, over the long run. If you think you haven't seen any advancement in the x number of years you've been practicing, imagine how many more x years of practicing you'd see no advancement if you were putting in half the effort each day that you currently are.

Mastery does not occur when you've performed a feat once or twice. Instead, it comes after years of training, when you realize that you no longer notice when you're performing a feat which used to require so much effort. Even walking takes years of training for a human: why not everything else?