Author Topic: Dream that told me something i didnt know in real life: Meaning?  (Read 1479 times)

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October 05, 2009, 02:22:57 AM
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Hey all,
I have a really strange/syncronistic/really coincidental dream to tell you all about. If you have any idea's or have had something similar happen to you please tell me because I really have no idea what this means.
   Okay so sometime last week I had this dream that was heavily focused around this girl I use to go to school with. The thing is we only said about 3 words to each other in the whole 6 years and I haven't been at school in over 3 years. I probably would have struggled to even remember who she was if someone brought her up. Also, In real life I wasn't very attracted to her but in my dream she was really attractive. Anyway, So I cant remember what happened in the dream, I just remember walking on a peer at a beach.
   Thats the whole dream. The following night I decide to check Facebook which is pretty rare for me since I only check it about once week if that and then I see her picture and the whole dream comes back to me. Then, I clicked on her profile (she was already a friend) and it turns out the day I had the dream was her birthday.
   So, What could this mean if anything??? I would usually just forget about something like this but this is the first time a dream has told me something I didn't know.
   Oh yeah I sent her a happy b'day msg to see if she would know what was going on but she sent a standard 'group thank-you' msg so i am thinking she doesn't know anything about this (at least consciously?).

Any help is appreciated

Thanks Veritas :)

January 30, 2010, 06:42:30 PM
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Possibly it was a coincidence.  I'm thinking it's just unresolved feelings you had/have for her.
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