Author Topic: Shielding; The Dynamic Psi perspective  (Read 27109 times)

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January 20, 2010, 02:16:12 AM
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Now I'm "back to basics" and trying to develop those skills better. The worst thing was to admit to myself I didn't have good concentration skills - a must for the tasks we discuss here - but that was the first step to a new understanding and practical results. I have already some exercises to train concentration and meditation, but here at Veritas I saw a topic with the idea of Focal Meditation. I already know many of those ideas but I think I'll start practise with those exercises.

If you did nothing else in your training but work with meditation and concentration you would achieve a life with much more value than all the skills you could ever practice.

Good luck!

Oh, and try to spread the love around too while you're at it. I always find it's the best thing to do in pretty much any situation.


January 20, 2010, 03:47:15 AM
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I loved the OP. When I read it I realized I had been doing something of this kind subconsciously for a while, nice to see that a teacher is recommending it.

I don't think there's a difference between magic and psi on shielding. You don't want to get to 'categorizey' there. These are different cultural paradigms but the underlying realities are not different. When a human 'mentally attacks' you, it is often a 'larva' (Bardon's word), ie. an emotionally-driven living thoughtform within them, that is attacking. Essentially a self-created elemental that has got out of control of the creator. 'Malochia', aka the 'evil eye' is another name for the same kind of thing. It comes down to ill intent, and many of the 'spirits' or 'demons' that might attack you are actually created by human beings. Conversely, if something non-human attacks you 'psionically', I think a 'psionic' shield will help as well as a 'magickal' one.

Quote from: Sahashara
Well, changing only little the main topic here, I saw at the V-Library that author Mouni Sadhu is not listed. aI have some of his books and I personally think he is a well versed occult author that deal with some of those basic skills I was talking before, like concentration and meditation (these are also in fact the names of two of his books. I apologize if I'm asking this in the wrong place. Just wanted to know if you know him.

I do, but I haven't looked in a while. IIRC, it was a book on either concentration or meditation that I had. I didn't end up practicing from it, because I A/Bd w/ Bardon IIH step 1 & 2 and I realized the skills would be equivalent -- since I had a yen for Bardon I went with that.

Having said that, people I respect (eg. the excellent sorcery teacher Draja Mickaharic) have recommended Sadhu so I know there's something to him. I remember being disappointed to learn that he collaborated with the nazi occupation government in Poland though (,+Sudowski+became+a+collaborator+with+the+Nazi&source=bl&ots=vu9_DYApQ0&sig=V1K8RdFNerDRlTNvxSfJhr7w2ts&hl=en&ei=ne1WS9esLaasjAfD5NHPBA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CAcQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=After%20the%20sudden%20conquest%20of%20Poland%20by%20Germany%20in%201939%2C%20Sudowski%20became%20a%20collaborator%20with%20the%20Nazi&f=false ) Still who's perfect right.  :)

January 06, 2011, 10:16:53 PM
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regarding demonic encounter, i would think about what kind of reaction you'd want from the entity. the act of observation almost always changes the thing you're observing: unless you're invisible? that seems like it would work, although i've never been face to face with a demon. but if you're invisible on all planes it should ignore you so you can observe it in its natural habitat. i think you'd have to be careful to stay neutral enough to preserve the construct so the entity doesn't figure it out.

if you want to want to exorcise or even heal the demon, start radiating pure love. at the very worst it will be afraid of you. i think that's what evil really is, total fear for one's self. very self-conscious creatures, demons.