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June 05, 2009, 11:11:36 AM
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This is something I've been attempting for the past week or so seriously. I'm trying how to dream lucidly, not for enlightenment, but for recreational purposes (which is why I do most of anything - I'm a hedonist, sort of). I've been recording my dreams daily in a dream diary, so far recalling about four dreams out of the six I knew I had.

I've even used caffeine and reiki to help remember my dreams (drinking some tea or yerba maté two hours before bed, then use a bit of reiki to get me sleeping helps me remember my dreams, and dream more vividly). I learned from a friend who does lucid dreaming that caffeine helps, so I figured that since I don't like coffee, I'd try tea.

And I know that this will take months most likely to perfect. To be honest, I can become aware in a dream already, and it's quite easy for me. The thing is, how would I stay within the dream, and not go out of REM sleep and wake up, which happens when I do become aware.

Any tips?
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June 10, 2009, 01:18:05 PM
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When you gain lucidity you need to stay calm, being excited about being lucid is the fasted way to wake yourself up. I find that when you gain lucidity a good way to stabilize the dream is to engage as many of your senses as you can within the dream, rub your hands together, try to smell your surroundings ect. Also don't focus in on any one thing, look all around your self, look at everything without focusing on any one thing. The reason for the last is because if your attention if caught on one thing the dreamscape may start disappearing destabilizing the dream causing you to wake up or enter another dream. Hope that helps a little.
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June 10, 2009, 04:52:09 PM
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What he said, plus:
Try some form of self-hypnosis or chanting about remember your dreams and being able to control them.
Also, many people commonly have lucid dreams, but do not become conscious of it as it happens, they'll say "it felt so real" but still plays like a movie.
Tips for becoming conscious in a dream are to periodically during the day remind yourself to do a reality check, ask yourself if this is real, and confirm it, such as trying to pass your hand through walls or materializing objects (wishing), especially do this during your daily routine, so that if something similar occurs in a dream, you may find yourself habitualy checking to see if it's real, and you will find that it isn't, and at that moment you become conscious and should be able to do as you please. Another tip is to immidiately go back to sleep when you wake up and re-enter your dream but this time with consciousness intact. Works for some, but most people areblocked by stress or experiences of being forced to wake up or having to force themselves to wake up, like work or school...
good luck
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