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March 21, 2004, 11:12:36 AM
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       The fine art of psionic shielding is a great skill for most people to know. If you are telepathic or empathic, a shield can block out unwanted emotions or thoughts. If you enjoy sparring matches then a shield can save you from a lot of pain. But for most people a shield can just be another way of practicing constructs. I thought with the up coming sparring tornament that people would want to learn the basics skills as too participate in upcoming sparring tornaments.
      I'll just put a few warnings before i go on. If you havn't made a simple construct properly then you should go back and do that first. If you can not keep a construct around for more than 30 seconds than you should go back and work on that. If you can not shell and/or program, shielding will be difficult for you. Another thing that i would like to make very very clear, when you first start shielding, a shield will not protect you from anything physical. When  your more advance,forcebubbles may but not the shields i will teach you to make in this article.
        Alright lets get started. If you do any prepeartions, now would be the time to do them. What i normally do first is fill my entire body with energy. A good visulatation would be too see your body as an empty shell being filled with energy. Your next step would be to push that energy outside your skin so that it forms a spheroid shape around your body. You next step is programming. You need to tell you shield to protect you from whatever you want it to. Once you have programmed your shield you must make it harden through visulation. I make it harden into bullet proof glass type material. Once it seems done there is one more thing you need to do. Make a way to destroy it. You could put a timer on it, make a verbal detonator, or even make a signal with your hands as a destruction code. the choice is yours. This is my crappy little shielding article,and i hope you enjoyed.
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