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February 01, 2009, 01:11:40 PM
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As you can tell, I live in the desert.  Though this dream happened before I had moved up here...

It had started with my wife and I unpacking boxes in an unfamiliar home.  My wife's name is Trish and we were moving in.  One of my wife's friends was helping us unpack.  Her name is Angee, but she hasn't been a friend of ours for quite some time.  Her friendship was off and on with us.  Anyway, we were unpacking and this strange old man knocked at the door.  He appeared to be a city worker and stated that he was supposed to put loud-speakers up in our livingroom and porch.  I ran him off, while calling him crazy.  Awhile later, I heard a rumbling noise and went outside to investigate it.  The view of the open desert was vast.  There was nothing for miles except a large mountain range.  I saw that cars were coming from the mountains.  They were kicking up lots of dust.  People were crying and screaming.  Cars were toppling over other cars, while heading our way.  Our house was part of an old tract of houses and the cars forced themselves through them.  We could hear them pounding the walls.  Their screams were frightening.  After it had stopped I went back outside.  It was quiet again.  All of the sudden I saw the clouds opening over the mountains.  Out of the opening a being who looked like Jesus appeared.  He was wearing a white robe with a red cape-like thing.  He had a golden crown on his head and rays of light was coming out of the opening.  He stayed in this opening for awhile.  Then he left the opening and started floating across the sky in the same direction as the cars.  He floated right over my new home.  His long red cape was neverending and covered the whole sky.   Long after he had passed the end of his cape dropped and draped over my home.  The sky stayed a dark red and it became even darker outside.  I went inside to report what I had seen.  The girls carried on with their unpacking like nothing had happened.  I heard some noise outside and went back out and saw these weird creatures wandering around.  They were about eleven feet tall and in black robes.  They had dead cattle heads for heads and skeletal hands.  Out in the distance there were more that were rining on turtle-like creatures who were digging up the Earth.  Way out in the distance there was a heavy glow from a great city ablaze.  More and more cars were coming and going.  They crashed and forced themselves through the houses.  I went outside again and saw people coming my way.  They were staggering and had lesions all over their bodies.  They all wore silver bracelets on their right wrists.  They approached me and tried to put one on me.  I went back inside and shut and locked the door.  More and more cars went by throughout the night.  We must have eventually fell asleep.  A group of people had come into the room with flashlights.  They didn't have any leisions and for the most part seemed normal.  They explained that the general population was all locked up in concentration camps.  I had asked how that they'd escaped.  Their leader said that they could come and go as long as they wore these silver bracelets. 

I woke up at this point wondering all the posibilities.  It was so realistic...  I wrote it down right away.  I had the same dream over and over for awhile.  I later ended up moving up into the high desert area.  While I was working I drove past a house that gave me a cold feeling of deja voo.  I realized that it was the same house and setting.  The only difference was that there were houses between the house and the mountains.  The only major city beyond this mountain range is Las Vegas.

Anyway, it was weird and I figured maybe it would be fun to anylize it.  Enjoy!

June 10, 2009, 05:20:27 PM
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Well obviously you must have read the book of Revelation...
It depicts similar things, including correlations with the sky opening up, Jesus-God coming with clouds, red sky, strange creatures ravaging the earth, plague and hysteria. The bracelets represent the mark of the beast (placing a mark upon your head, and upon your right arm) you're fear of it in the dream was warranted.
The interesting fact is that the house seemed separate from most of the events, this could just be so you could keep perspective of everything in the dream, but could also mean that you were in fact safe, as in the Rapture. But the content suggests some moral implications, and Las Vegas being the Shining light of sin in the desert, maybe you'd better be on your best behavior, lest the giant locust headed monsters eat you in the apocalypse.  :teethy:
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