Author Topic: Acquiring Constructs and Technology from the Conceptual Domain  (Read 17942 times)

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June 07, 2012, 04:27:43 PM
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The primary difficulty with this is making sense of what you perceive.  If your soul travels back in time and observes an ancient Greek manuscript, what meaning can you possibly bring back with you if you don't know ancient Greek?  The same problem applies to advanced technology.

Surely they'll have "Muon-catalyzed Fusion for Dummies who still speak Archaic English" somewhere in the future? :)

I don't quite get it, though. My brain known Dutch and English (and a few other languages to a certain degree), so I agree I would have trouble with ancient Greek. But does my soul have those boundaries? If I recall correctly, someone on Veritas who practiced psi (maybe it was you) once wrote that it was possible to understand other people on a certain level by scanning them, even if they spoke another language - given that the intent behind the words was more universal. Is it not the intent that matters in the conceptual domain, and would it not be possible to extract this intent from the future and let the soul (which after all is not bound by time) process it in a way understandable by the brain?

EDIT: Found it.
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Very nice article, I liked it very much and will keep this in mind the next time I'm meditating or something.

Sounds a bit confusing however, this is a concept I have known of for many years but have never used it and didn't realize there was a name for it even. If you are using this for personal growth it is pretty much straight forward in my opinion but I can't wrap my mind around finding info on physical stuff related to our timeline for this particular reality when there are so many different possibilities for the same thing. How would you go about navigating to a particular event that is in our reality. For example if I were to roll 2 six sided dice a week from now how would figure out which reality would be related to just ours when every possible combination is there? (Not that I would be interested in such a thing but its just so you get the general ideal of what I mean.) Perhaps I am over thinking it? I'll play around with this, another great article many thanks for sharing..
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