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Freemasonry e-books:

Albert G. Mackey - The Symbolism of Freemasonry (1882)

Philosophic Lodge of the Knights of the Eagle or Sun
23th degree Freemasonry; the Key of Masonry.
48 pages, 4.35 MB, PDF. Filled with alchemical tenets and teachings.

Albert Churchward - The Arcana Of Freemasonry
380 pages, 11.2 MB, PDF. Scan.

Robert Freke Gould - The History of Freemasonry. It's Antiquities, Symbols, Constitutions, Customs, Etc. (1885)

Herbert Allen Giles - Arcana Saitica Briefly Discussed in Three Essays on the Masonic Tracing Boards (1879)
Explanation of three degrees of Blue Lodge masonry through tracing boards.
60 pages, 6.89 MB, PDF. Scan.

William G. Sibley - The Story of Freemasonry (1904)

Norman Frederick De Clifford - What is Freemasonry

Cornelius Moore - The Craftsman and Freemason's Guide (1854)
340 pages, 19.6 MB, PDF. Scan.

A. S. MacBride - Speculative Masonry, Its Mission, Its Evolution and Its Landmarks (1914)

Thomas Paine - On the Origin of Free-Masonry (1810)

J.S.M. Ward - The Masonic Handbook Series

Samuel L. Knapp - The Genius of Masonry,
or A Defence of the Order, containing some remarks on the origin and history; the uses and abuses of the science, with some notices of other secret societies in the United States, in Three Lectures (1828)

Manly P. Hall - The Lost Keys of Masonry or The Legend of Hiram Abif (1924)

Lynn F. Perkins - The Meaning of Masonry

Oliver Day Street - Symbolism of the Three Degrees I-III
* Volume I: The Entered Apprentice Degree
* Volume II: The Fellow Craft Degree
* Volume III: The Master Mason Degree
3 volumes, 17.8 MB, PDF. Scan.

W.L. Wilmshurst - Masonic Initiation
228 pages, 11.5 MB, PDF. Scan.

J.D. Buck - The Symbolism of Freemasonry or Mystic Masonry

J. D. Buck "Symbolism of Freemasonry or Mystic Masonry and the Greater Mysteries of Antiquity"
Rourke Publishing | 1967-12 | ISBN: 0685195031 | 175 pages | PDF | 11,4 MB

Robert Hewitt Brown, "Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy"
Book Tree | 2002-06 | ISBN: 1585092037 | 268 pages | PDF | 2,3 MB

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March 20, 2009, 08:01:07 AM
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Freemasonry e-books:

John Yarker - Lectures of a Chapter, Senate and Council: According to the Forms of the Antient and Primitive Rite, But Embracing All Systems of High Grade Masonry

Robert Macoy - The Masonic Manual: A Pocket Companion for the Initiated Containing the Rituals of Freemasonry

Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry (1860)being a Practical Guide to the Ceremonies of all the Degrees conferred in Masonic Lodges, Chapters, Encampments and Explaining the Signs, Tokens, and Grips, Words, Passwords, Sacred Words, Oaths, and Hieroglyphics used by Masons. The ineffable and Historical Degrees are also given in full.
192 pages, 12.4 MB, PDF. Scan.

Calvin C. Burt - Egyptian Masonic History of the Original and Unabridged Ancient and Ninety-six 96th Degree Rite of Memphis
358 pages, 15.3 MB, PDF. Scan.

Paul Nettl - Mozart and Masonry
First published 1957. Analyses Mozart's Masonic career & his Masonic compositions with special emphasis on "The Magic Flute".176 pages, 14.9 MB, PDF. Scan.

A.T. Pierson - Traditions Of Freemasonry And Its Coincidences With The Ancient Mysteries (1870)
Discusses the meaning behind the ritual. Contents: Entered Apprentice; Fellow Craft; Master Mason; Past Master; Most Excellent Master; Royal Arch.
404 pages, 35.6 MB, PDF. Scan.

Charles H. Vail - Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry (1909)
256 pages, 13.9 MB, PDF. Scan.

James Anderson - The Constitutions of the Free-Masons (1859)
130 pages, 9.48 MB, PDF. Scan.

Oliver Day Street - Symbolism of the Three Degrees
3 volumes, 17.8 MB, PDF. Scan.

The Pocket Companion and History of Free-Masons (1754)
351 pages, 11.9 MB, PDF. Scan.

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March 20, 2009, 08:08:08 AM
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Well, that's ALL.
All best from me

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March 30, 2009, 09:27:13 AM
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Once again, thank you for your effort, Tomega. I'm steadily working my way through all of the links - I'm about halfway through downloading them all. When I'm finished, I'll categorise them and put them all into my library. After that I'll split my library into a few .rar files and try my hand at uploading the entire thing. Should be a lot less hassle to download than hundreds of individual books. It'll be a while before I get there though.  :)
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March 30, 2009, 02:07:18 PM
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Once again, thank you for your effort, Tomega. I'm steadily working my way through all of the links - I'm about halfway through downloading them all. When I'm finished, I'll categorise them and put them all into my library. After that I'll split my library into a few .rar files and try my hand at uploading the entire thing. Should be a lot less hassle to download than hundreds of individual books. It'll be a while before I get there though.  :)

That would be great, if you could give all books in few big rar files. Some e-books are quite large, some are smaller. But, if you are willing and have enough bandwitch, well you could give it a shoot.

Till then, I am going old way,.... one by one
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April 25, 2009, 06:36:33 AM
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New found: its not PDFs but its interesting audio. There are 4 interesting parts about interview with Rawn Clark.

Beginning Meditation (Part 1 to Part 12)
Episode 1: Some basic tips and practical advice for those wishing to establish a meditation routine for the first time.
Episode 2: I speak to my friends Deven and Yochanan about their experience with meditation.
Episode 3: Using meditation as part of a process of introspection or self-analysis.
Episode 4: Interview with author of "Way of the Peaceful Warrior", Dan Millman.
Episode 5: First part of interview with Hermetic practitioner, Rawn Clark.
Episode 6: Second part of interview with Hermetic practitioner, Rawn Clark.
Episode 7: Guided meditation based on my self-discovery technique.
Episode 8: Becoming aware of your inner dialogue and the effect it can have on your life.
Episode 9: Meditations based on the four elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.
Episode 10: Exploring the application of mindfulness in everyday life.
Episode 11: Interview with Rawn Clark (Hermetic practitioner, artist and writer) about the topic of mindfulness and meditation as they relate to creative and artistic expression. This is the first part of a two-part interview.
Episode 12: Interview with Rawn Clark (Hermetic practitioner, artist and writer) about the topic of mindfulness and meditation as they relate to creative and artistic expression. This is the second part of a two-part interview.
All mp3s can be download from this site:
(on same site there is list to all parts 1-12)

Enjoy :)

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May 03, 2009, 08:59:26 AM
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Read all the books of Nisargadatta Maharaj from

Seeds of Consciousness
Prior to Consciousness
Consciousness and the Absolute
Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj
The Nectar of Immortality
The Ultimate Medicine
Gleanings from Nisargadatta
I am Unborn
Self Knowledge and Self Realization
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Fusi11 and Manu4groups, thanks for contribution :)
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May 13, 2009, 09:02:20 AM
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Thanks for the links Tomega :)  in case you didn't know there is I think it's currently in need of TLC but at the same time, if you post another batch of links it may be easier to view them there than in a thread of separate posts.
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May 16, 2009, 03:03:58 PM
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Orthas, well what to say. It is easier for me to put them here  :biggrin:

New ebook, its NOT written in English, but hope it will also help someone:

Souvenires de Franz Bardon
(Memories of Franz Bardon A Memoir by Dr. Lumir Bardon & Dr. M.K.)

Enjoy :)
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May 17, 2009, 09:15:31 AM
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Dear All,
After lots of searching thrue the Web, about book:
Memories of Franz Bardon A Memoir by Dr. Lumir Bardon & Dr. M.K.

All that I found was French translation of above book.
(Memories of Franz Bardon A Memoir by Dr. Lumir Bardon & Dr. M.K.)

This afternoon I also found great site for translating text from one language to another. It took me some time to translate part by part from french to english with help from translator from this site:

The result was rough translation. But after all it is understandable. And in my opinion it is wery good result. Near 99% of translated text is in english :)

So, hope you like this :)


I - "Remember of my father" Dr Lumir BARDON
II - "Remember Master Frabato" Dr M.K. 
III - "Note on l 'Hermétisme" Dr M.K. 
1 - Introduction
2- "Curriculum vitae". 
3 - The Master: its habits; his personal burden. 
4 – The perseverance, patience, mastery and mental serenities. 
5 - The Conscience. 
6- The haste. 
7 - The curiosity.
8- THE introspection: knowledge of oneself. 
9 - The Concentration. 
10- The Yoga. 
11 - The mental one: its various states as well as his development. 
12- The Wishes.
13- the personal god
14- The body, asceticism; the sport. 
15 -The destiny; the Karma. 
IV - Illustrations and document

Chapter I "REMEMBER OF MY FATHER" by the Dr Lumir BARDON

"Oh!  My dad!"...  Thus begins a German song that talks about a clown and that my father liked a lot; it listened it from time to time on his turn disc.  My father, Franz Bardon, was born the 1st December 1909 to Troppau/Opava (l) and was the elder son of Victor Bardon and spouse of the one - here, Hedwika, born Hédrodkov has.  His father worked to Troppau/0pava in the textile factory "Oozed juice" as toolmaker.  During its leisures, it had equally devoted himself to the study of the Hermétisme.  I have no memory of this big one - father; it died when I was six years old while falling d 'a tilleul.  Only persists in my memory his burial to which one I had attended.  It was during the Second World War.  In his quality of oldest child, my father had in loads all its brothers and sisters.  They were twelve, in all, but the dead most rent in their childhood.  Four sisters only, Stéphanie, Anna, Mary and Béatrice, succeeded in the adult age.  After the Primary School, my father was put in apprenticeship to the factory "Minerva" as locksmith - soothing of machines.  This is at this période that itself opera a transmutation of his being, as well as that was described in the autobiographical novel "Frabato" .(2) The transformations of his character and the one of his writing astonished all its teachers.  His father reconnut in him his propr e Guru, the one That the Divine Providence had sent to him.  It showed soon capacities of clairvoyance and

1) NdT.  In Czechoslovakia. 
2) NdT.  See the work "Frabato, the Wizard" of Franz Bardon, edited in French in 1988.

Became known of his craving ronnement, close or distant; it had thus a lot of friends and of relations and, under the pseudonym of "Frabato", it did the public lectures on the Superior Forces.  The name of "Frabato" results from the union of the following abbreviations:
Franz (Fra) Bardon (Cradle) Troppau (in German) - Opava (in Czech) (à).  I would want to complete somewhat the memories that kept his student, M.K., encounter of my father with my mother.  The one - here had heard about its capacities and, as to this époq EU two men did himthe course, she went to see Frabato in order to ask the latter which of the two would be his spouse.  Next, all happened as describes it Mr. K. (3) My father did not want to have child in order not at all to be impeded in his Miss ion.  Nevertheless, my mother not wishing to
remain without offspring, it accepted to the condition that she was involved herself to itself to occupy some only; which she did.  The date back to my birth was calculated by a German Astrologer celebrates; according to the one - here, I had naîtr e February 4 1937; but,
premature, I wines a month earlier, that is to say January 4 1937.  L 'marries of a friend of my father was pregnant at the same time that my mother and his son, been born February 4 1937, proved itself particularly endowed with for the languages.  When my father came to the
Maternity of Troppau, after my birth, a wise one - woman says for him while joking that the child was a girl; but it already knew that it had a boy.  The doctor of Maternity said that I had few luck to survive.  Of more, I had a foot of which the joints were completely
twisted.  Nevertheless, the premature character of my birth turned to my advantage for the muscles, the ligaments and the ankle were again very malléables.  My father did him many exercises s and massed it with medicinal plants.  A month after, it acquit a correct position
and one not more could see which of the two had been distorted.

3) NdT.  Author of the chapters II and III of the present work. 

My childhood and my adolescence itself passèr ent with my mother and my big one - mother to Gillschwitz - in Czech, Kylesovice, a suburbs of Troppau/Opava.  I have few memories of the time of the warbut I remind me a little better the end of the one - here, when my father returned from the camp of concentration to the m aison.  We vécûmes with him the change of political system in the cellar of Gillschwitz for two weeks about, surrounded by potatoes and ofcarrots.  Then, as all the boys, I begun collecting a big quantity of munitions e t of powder.  I remind me that a shell trigger exploded in my hands while I wanted to break it with a rock.  My father cared for my injuries and withdrew with a pair of pliers thebrightnesses inlaid in different parties of my body.  Four months after the cure, I had again burns to the second degree on the face, the neck, the hands and the feet, following a powder explosion with which I had wanted to do a fire in a ditch in company of my friends.  My father helped me encor e with bandages while, previously, it not voulut anything to do because I had not pulled any lesson of the preceding experience.  After the war, it passed a little time to Troppau where the lack of doctor did himself to feel; it worked t as Director of the Hospital "The Knights" and cared for equally the patients.  It lived, I myself in remembers, the just erected house next to the Hospital; after this activity, it bought one to Troppau OblonkQva (Bogengasse) 22 and there vécut jusq u'à the end of his life.  It proposed to my mother to come to live with him to Troppau but the one - here refused for she did not want to abandon to Gillschwitz the agricultural exploitation as well as his mother.  My father dut therefore to look for an assistance - domestic that took care of his house to Troppau.  It had not, in fact, any affinity for the field works to which ones my mother had obliged it to devote itself during his stay to Gillschwitrz, works that it refused because it had others try to accomplish in this
world.  I him re ndais visits time in time, when my mother sent me it to see or that she needed something.  I there went habitually to bicycle.  It came to see his family uniformly, two times a week, on Wednesdays evening and on Sundays, as early as the lunch.  Those days, it gave vacation to his assistance - domestic for that the one - here pût to return visits to his turn to its parents to Penkovic.  Evenings, we went all together to the movies or to the theater.  In summer, after the lunch, we did often of the excursions da ns the surroundings, sometimes even more removed trips as, for example, to Griifenberg, Jesenik (in the massive Gesenk) and to other places.  My father returned frequent visits to its friends, in Bohemia, to Miihren and in Slovakia and it healed some - one.  Among them, were located of the personalities of artistic and political life, composers of music, the spouse of a Minister, etc.. 

After the war, Frabato did several lectures in various points of the territory to the course of which s it offers likely representations to attract the public attention on the existence of Superior Forces.  I remind me that, small boy again, I accompanied it to similar spectacle, while I held the cash register while the person that habitually assumed this task was sick.  I always kept in memory some benefits, for example when it did the experiences of hypnose, read letters in sealed envelopes or looked for, the bandaged eyes, objects cac hés, and many other demonstrations again.  In the winter, my father traveled a lot by train and, to the hot season, with motorized vehicles.  It had first a small bike - a 100 cc Jawa -, next a 250 cc of which I inherited after my Baccalaureate while it obtained a 350 cc.  After the war, it had, during some times, two cars of which I no longer remind me the brands; then, it bought himself an "of occasion" that it kept a long time and of which it serves himself for several years.  This you car rolled very slowly but filled his task.  My father took us often, my sister and me - even, by car to gather plants.  We collected, for example, Hypericum perforatum or Equisetum palustre and, equally, pla ntain, of the Chamomile, nettles, leaves of birch, roots of dandelion, leaves of hawthorn and many other again.  My big one - mother cultivated she - even, in the fields spreading themselves behind the barn of Gillschwitz, medicinal
plants: street, mélisse, absinthe, etc.., plant that my father used for medicine elaboration.  Except the plants generally known for their curative qualities, we gathered some also say "bad grasses". such the Polygo num (Scorsonère).  It asserted that even in the one - here lived of the curative virtues and that every plant held substances that could be put to the service of the human being.  It uniformly went, once a month, to Prague, in the winter by l e train and next by car.  It had bought himself a Tatra 74B somewhat well-worn that it offers later to his better disciple when one had obtained him a Volkswagen (a Ladybug) in origin of Germany.  It cared for also, in the capital, its cli ents and rings lectures for its students.  In the last years of his life, it wrote books with the collaboration of Madam Votavova that the serves as secretary.  From time to time, at the time of the school vacations, I accompanied it to Prag EU.  It there took out often the night, always alone and, according to what one claimed, it went to Vysehrad where rises the strong, flanked castle of his cemetery in which were buried the personalities more illustrious of Bohemia.  There low, it would have killed effec its magic operations but person, indeed, knew exactly where it went and it some never revealed anything to whoever.  When I followed my schooling to the high School, I often was going to return for him visits in his house of Opava.  To this era, it gave to me to read texts on the Yoga, translate in Czech, but I felt that they were incomplete and written manner not very explicit, just to the intention of the European reader.  This was only later, while I did my medical school to the u niversité, that I pus to obtain the translation in Czech of the first work of my father, "The Way of the True Magic Initiation".  The initial title was "The Door towards the True Consecration"; nevertheless, the Editor dut to change it for an autr e delivers that was adapted to the theater carried the same title. (4) Everyone knew, that this was in a close or distant environment, that my father devoted himself to the study of the Superior Forces. n helped, for example, to find the body of the walnut trees in indiqu ant, thanks to the photograph of the victim, the precise place of drowning; it contributed equally to the research of the disappeared ones after the war, predicted the future and did a lot of others.  Its extraordinary capacities were known of my junkie roads and professors of the high School of Troppau.  I remember of an event that arose to this era.  In the class of a friend, it lacked money and no one found it; one supposed that someone had flown it.  My fellow students m'envoyère me nt to see my father for him to ask where it was.  When I arrived at his place, it already was during the course of the matter and it sent back me while me being said that all had returned in the order.  It not some says me any more.  Of return in class, I learn that money avai t summer rediscovered and, until this day, I do not know any which manner that was able to be done.  I would want to complete the Memories of his disciple 5 in the matter of the pieces of the house of Troppau.  In the office of my father, on the right wall, was has ccroché a picture representing a mysterious man to the look piercing.  When I inquire myself of his identity, it replied me that it was a Wise one of the Mountain, person known as Mahum- Tah - Your.  It not some says me anything else.  Later, I live two pictures representing l e body human, the one of back, the other full-face, and indicating the points of Acupuncture.  Once, I live on his work table a metallic small plate with wax to seal and stilettos for the making of Talismans.  In the expectation room, déc rite by his disciple, stood up on a table one of the first television set of the Czech market: a big can with a small screen.
4) Notes Editor:  "The Door of the Consecration" of Rudolf Steiner. 
5) Ndt.  The Dr M.K., author of the Chapters II and I II of the present work. 

When I undertake my medical school to Brünn,. returned visits to my father most of the time the Saturday.  After dining, I looked at the television which, to the era, was again a rare leisure.  Nevertheless, I do not live it jamai s to look at the televised program.  At the end of the transmissions, I Went to bed me while it continued to work.  Very early, on Sundays morning, it already was on foot.  When was itself -it put to bed?  Did how much time have- it slept?  I did not know it exactly but, s ûrement, it very little had to sleep.  On Sundays morning, I left with my mother to Gillschwitz and my father rejoined us next for the lunch The kitchen of my father very well is described not the Dr.  M.K there were carried out the distillations, the réi térations, the filtrations, clarifications and the preparations for the effect to elaborate of.! medicines.  It was a true paradise of odors and of colors.  I always admired the passage of a substance, to new every distillation, of a red transparent ruby to the blue one or to the yellow one of now.  My father disposed again of a small apartment with a destined parlor to accommodate the guests coming essentially of Germany, of Switzerland and of Austria.  To the walls were hung pictures representing the Elements s and on the table took places an ashtray of a very clear violet and a vase of the same color. n liked, in fact, a lot this last one.  As the Dr M.K. mentions it, my father smoked cigarettes of the brand "Fémina", to the number of forty to sixty a day.  These cigarettes were done from a root of tobacco and felt good the cumin but they extinguished themselves very easily I remember of what it smoked sometimes to the Holy Sylvestre to midnight then that it stopped himself daughter-in-laws quement for not more refumer of the come year.  It asserted that it acted thus to reinforce his will.  The following year, it refumait.  It liked to drink equally black coffee.  I remind me that an evening, looking at his coffee, it described us which his friend was doing. n made use of the coffee surface as of a magic mirror.  As for its meals, his nutrition was completely normal.  Once only, - I again had not been born - it followed, as well as my mother retrieved it for me, a strict system ement vegetarian for forty days before carrying out a certain magic operation. 
At the time of his youth, it did the photographs with a device to veneer, equipped colored filters.  On the one of between they, one could see a Sylphe to the carrefou r of a forest; on another, an Ondine by a stream; on the last one, will have it clearer around the Ondine.  It showed me, in addition, the photograph of a Triton (6), of very small size, for the one - there had been taken to a very big distance.  The house of my father to Troppau understood also an attic, filled various medicinal dried plants.  Bays of genévrier mixed with thus the old-fashoned thing that one habitually finds in a place of this kind.  Nevertheless, the cellar had more d 'interest for me for many bottles, a lot of dyes, of gasolines, of gasolines spagyriques and of quintessences of all the unthinkable colors, rested on shelves.  Of more, bottles to the cut cork, concealed of the "salt c himique".  In white iron cans, I contemplated metals tell' Antimony that heals the lesions or contributes to the works of Magnétisme.  In of other bottles, one could see Mercury and of other non metallic substances such the sulfur, phosphorus, etc..  It prepared special dissolutions to the effect to heal its customers.  I furnished him the honey, necessary to the elaboration of its medicines owing to the interest that I carried since the age of fourteen years to Apiculture.  My p era always passed the Réveillon of Christmas within his family to Gillschwitz.  II arrived before the dinner, bringing of the

6) Nd7:  Masculine Élémental of Water. 

Gifts for all of which my mother, secretly and by the window, seized itself so that we, the children, screwed on nothing. they were disposed, before the distribution, under the tree of Christmas.  To the appearance of the first star, the dinner was served.  Whenever the sky was released and clear which was rarely the case.  We, the children, the obs ervions with a lot of attentions.  Before the meal, my father got up and we followed his example; then, all together, we did the prayer.  Next, it thanked God for the gifts received and wished health and happiness to all for the New Year.  After only, we could begin eating.  The second dish of the menu behaved, according to the tradition, a carp accompanied potatoes in salad then of Knodel of Bohemia with a sauce Wilja.  The one - here was a sweetened placement,
Does Powideln, this c'e st to say of a jam of quetsches, of grapes, of almonds, of walnut and of dry fruit.  We broke next the walnuts and cut the apples in two to see if the pips formed to the center an uniform star; this meant that the year to come has pporterait to all a good health and that we would meet again again close to the tree of Christmas.  At last, my father did to ring a handbell and said to the Father Christmas to come with many gifts for the children had been wise all the flowed year e.  Before the dinner, we took photographs; at first, with will drug it to veneer of my father, next with one will drug State - Retar, containing a true film of movie, which improved noticeably them taken of view.  Of this time date the premièr are photograph of my father; I had about twelve years.  I had not again a calculator of distances and it was why several photos were under or overexposed.  At the time of a Christmas, we had obtained ourselves a flash.  About 1956, my father reçut in cad water of a Switzerland a device Leica F3 with which I take photos until the end of his life.  At his arrest, this device was at Gillschwitz and escaped thus to the operated on seizure on its matters.  Until this day, it very well worked and e kept it in to remember of him.  I kept equally his old typewriter "Mercedes" and a book, dedicated of his hand in German language, that it had offered me.  I remember also of a walk in the forest in his company; it was to the Hr adetz.  We had followed a clearing when sudden it stopped himself and looked at towards a source.  I questioned it on what it see; it replied me that it was a matter of a creature of the forest without some to say me more.  Me, of course, I do not live absolutely anything.  Once again, we took a walk in a career and it signaled me the presence of Gnômes.  Another time, it says me that an Ondine had guided the lightning on a tram in which it traveled for the only reason that it had forgotten to thank it pou r of the services that she had returned for him.  I remember particularly well of a conversation that I had with him after Christmas 1957:  It says me that i must always kept a good picture of him and that I believed not the one that will slander it t.  It knew very although his arrest approached and therefore even, his end.  I thought, to hear it, that it was time again for me to watch on his reputation for it had a long time to live.  Nevertheless, under little, its anticipations realized themselves.  U n day, returning from the University of Brünn it was at first d'avri11958 I wanted, as to the accustomed to return for him visits.  I rang to the door of entry but the assistance - domestic opens only a window and says me that my father had been stopped and taken pray his and that the whole house was under seals.  I met next one of its knowledge of the German Federal Republic that wanted to return for him visits also.  She was called Gerlinda.R. ..  I went home it to the train station. 

During this period l iée to the arrest of my father, I was obliged to hear various slanders from members of the secret police but I remembered of these words: it was not necessary to believe.  I live it for the last time in June 1958.  To this era, I was ch ez my mother to Ostrava where it had been questioned.  My sister worked with her while caring for the calves of the co-operative one of production.  To the contact of these animals, she contracted the virus of the Trichophytum.  The disease spread itself in big spots on all sound horn ps, invading his skin, so that she not pût more to show itself in public.  No remedy did not heal it and we returned visits to my father.  It counseled to do the compress soaked infusion of dried nettles; little by little the eczema appeased itself and a m ois after my sister was completely healed.  Was thus – she the last customer of my father even if the one - here applied not directly the treatment.  During this visit, the last one, for after us not the revîmes more, it did us to ask our mother of him to send in prison a piece of smoked ham of which it wanted.  My mother executed herself and sent the ham.  My father then was taken of a mean diarrhea but the custodians thought about the beginning that all that was only feigned.  This was only aprè s three past days in of terrible pains that they hAD it transfer Ostrava to Brünn, to the prison Hospital, where it died July 10 1958 of an inflammation of the pancreas.  After his death, no member of his family had right to see it.  To Ostrava, where burial took place, his body was freezes - carried in a coffin armored and only the family and the closest friends had the permission to come; we had warned them by letter or by Telephone.  We did not can, in fact, done im to surpass of the to do - leaves for the police feared that too much world attended not the ceremony and that it had not some unforeseen riot.  After burial, one us remit some objects belonging for him: his suit and personal matters of which his mount re and his alliance.  The whole remainder, the rings in now set of precious rocks and the Talismans in now that it always carried around the neck, was confiscated to the profit of the State while it legally had never been condemned.  It had to appear in Ju stice under the indictment of non-payment of the tax on alcohols, produces that it used for the conservation of its remedies.  Of more, it was accused treason towards the Fatherland to the motive that it would have slandered our Government in a sharp letter in Australia and that, therefore, the Czech State would have been outraged.  To the police station, at the time of the discount of its personal matters, an agent asked if we knew that my father had been tortured by two times and that had given the order of this deuxi ème meeting of torture.  The rumor ran even that it had been deported in Russia in order there to reveal force the process of elaboration of its remedies.  Among its matters, was located a can containing a magic instrument, belonging to a Black Lodging, that it had dematerialized so it no longer bore to see the crimes of its members.  After the death of my father, my mother and my sister last to provide for my needs for my studies had to continue again on three years and half.  They had work ler harshly, in inhuman conditions, to the co-operative one of Gillschwitz as caring for calves.  The salaries were unbelievably low: they won less than 10 Czech Crowns a day (0,50DM).  (7) No stock Market was not granted me for the Direction of the University thought that the one that has the financial means must not do studies.  I was nevertheless very happy to finish the latter even if I lived in permanent anguish that one pût to expel me for polite motives wince.  I thanked therefore the Divine Providence to allow me to finish them despite so difficult times.  My sister related me that my father, after his death, came to see it a night during his sleep; it predicts for him that she was going to get married and have five children, which realized itself
afterward.  That of which they discussed again, she does not say it for me. 

June 23 1990, at the time of the meeting of the former students of the high School of Troppau, after thirty five years, I met a former friend of class that says me to have accompanied, in December 1957, a girlfriend with my father; the one - here predicts him his future.  Although she went not to return for him visits in this intention, it called it in his office and says for him in advance which would be his entire life until its cinquan you years. 

7) Ndt.  That is to say 16.50 of our current francs. 

Nevertheless, it himself shooting on the events of a critical year.  All that it predicts for him realized itself until the least detail and today again she remembers of him with a lot of admirations and of respect.  When my father lived again among us, I did not feel that it was different of the other men; his environment, besides, had the same impression that me.  His manner to be and to get dressed did not distinguish it any a simple peasant.  It knew perfectly well to adapt itself to the role that it had to play on Earth.  This was only later, in the Light of his work, that I recognized that it was a matter there of a Giant that
came to bring to the men the Light that would allow for them t raverser the darkness of the ignorance and to go towards God.  In complement of these "Remember", I added some photographs relating the life of my father.  It signed dedicates it of his second work to my mother, as well as it did it as it revealed it for me him - even during a previous life: as Member of the Brotherhood of the Roses + Cross. ( 8 )

8 ) Ndt.  Which differs, as for the witty demanded evolution, members of the Rosicrucian Corporations of the XVII century to our days, open Corporations to all human being of good will.  "The Brotherhood of the Rose+Croix" is all other: she is the Initiatory Source and the inspiring one of this Movement that made itself known here three centuries; its Members are Authentic Followers...  Franz Bardon signed of have lleurs sometimes:  "Instigator of the Rose+Croix", the one That transmits the Initiation to the Followers - even Rose+Croix!  !  !...  Which some says long on Him... 


"In the jam-packed room of the Club s 'él evait a feverish hubbub. ..”  Thus begins the autobiographical novel of "Frabato, the Wizard" and I can to testify some, it was thus, in truth.  That happened to Ostrava (in language morave:  Ostrau) in October 1947; Master Frabato gave to the Popular Theater a public lecture when I live it for the first time.  After representation, I returned to the Imperial Hotel where it lodged for him to ask to accept me among its disciples.  As I had only sixteen years, it replied me that it n 'some took more for the proud moment added than my youth had preserved me even - there sin and than, not being again the toy of the passions, I did not dispose reserve of sufficient, necessary force to my witty development.  I returned at my place very sad.  I could not explain that the realization of
high goals demanded of me a previous descent in the streams for some to purify me next.  My life had been even then insignificant.  I lived as had to live a swelling convai ncu.  I communed everyday; I confessed myself and accomplished only good actions, as well as recommended it the regulation of the scouts.  And sudden, all this appeared me false.  I reflect a lot and was part of him my thoughts.  Nevertheless, I was p ersuadé that it had to exist a way allowing approaching the Hermétisme without for as much poorly to have to act and sink in the passions.
By a friend that had attracted my attention on Master Frabato I obtained the address of the latter and, a Saturday, I myself put in road towards Troppau/Opava, perfectly equipped and this to the concrete direction of the term for I had taken my bag of scout, well filled, in order to be able to do next an excursion in the nature.  When his assistance - domestic lives me, with the seasons very short of the scouts, and heard me me to announce with audacity "disciple of the Master", she burst out laughing.  But all this became at present serious.  The Master understood all, evidently, and welcomes me.  So can - to be to put me to the test and to rid ensu ite of me, it me soumit immediately to a first exercise: I had to be able to concentrate me, during at least ten minutes, on primary every color then to keep, a half one - hour during, the feeling of the "empties", without being interrupted by an impr ession internal or external; if I succeeded, I could return.  I returned a month after.  Then, all happened as that is related in "The Way of the True Magic Initiation".  This work did not exist to the era and the Teaching transmits itself tait of word of mouth, under the secret seal the strictest one.  As I lived very far Opava, I always had to take return - you and the Master set up our meet, most of the time over the weekend, when his assistance - domestic took his vacation; we accomplished then its tasks ourselves - even.  The Master in person cooked and this was not poorly of the all.  I remember of a lunch that it prepared: a soup and a lamb roast to which ones I never had dripped beforehand and that attracted not me ient.  The Master added pellets of flour and thus, the meal was - it ready.  I accepted dripping to all and finally this was very good.
The house to Opava - Oblonkjava 22 - where it had opened his Office exists again today.  The door of entr ée was painted in green and a plate in copper indicated "Frantisek Bardon - Graphologue", trade that it exercised among of others. n was besides sworn Graphologue with the Courts.  When one rang to the door, the window of the first floor itself or would see and the Master asked while looking at towards the bottom:  "That is there and that want - you?"  When the matter proved itself delicate, it informed immediately the customer that it not at all wanted to mix some for, thanks to its clairvoyance gifts, it see all of follows e of what it was a matter.  As soon as one crossed the door, thousand odors, different of one another, filled with fragrance. On the veranda, medicinal plants fermented in barrels.  The Master used it to prepare dyes, goutt are, extractions alchimiques, quintessences and elixirs spagyriques.  For the fermentation, it used honey that his son, that bee student, offered to him.  After the fermentation, the mass was filtered, distilled and reworked to the man ière alchimique.  Give details on these procedures would surpass the goal of this exposition.  "The things are so simple" repeated the Master and today I know that it is some well thus.  It had the intention of all to describe in his work in front of expl iciter the Fourth Blade of the Tarot.  This not put unfortunately to be realized because of the hindrances karmiques linked to the own development intellectual of Madam Otti Votavova.  It was, one knows it, a Therapist that frequented enormously world.  It has goes student to Munich and there had equally passed its
examinations but its diplomas were not recognized to this era in Czechoslovakia.  It had communicated me the name of his Professor to Munich but I forgot it.  At the end of this work is located a photo written form on the which one one sees the standing Master among its colleagues some takes for a ride white.  A day of October, I live me - even a young awarded a degree to nurse, attained sklerosis multiplex (MS), a difficult renowned disease to heal or rather incurable.  After a year of treatment of the Master, to the Holy Sylvestre, she put to dance with his spouse until the small morning.  The Master healed the poor devils, generally declared lost by official Medicine.  Of all the corners of Europe, one came to him pou r to ask helps.  Thus itself titilla reputation to treat each with the better medicines that be.

One attained the apartment of the first floor by a stairway some drinks.  In the kitchen stood up a range to gas and another to coal; on this last one were done the distillations.  Behind was located the bathroom.  On Sundays evening, it arrived for him to lengthen itself for a current sleep after taking a bath.  Then, before midnight, it raised himself, drank a very strong coffee, has itself llumait a long cigarette I feel again today the odor and got ready next go out to carry out its Magic Evocations.  It hotly got dressed and took its twin, his cane in which was integrated a poignard, put his cap of fur and went somewhere, in a place closed where it
did not have to be discovered, which generated in him a necessary tension.  It never said where this place was; once only, it talked about "keep".  I did not know to which heu re it returned for I slept since a long time.  Most of the time, I slept in the room of friends that, in the day, used expectation room.  It was there that was located the library, well closed, to my big regret; but I do not can to complain some me for the Master gave me to read all its books.  There was, nevertheless, strictly confidential manuscripts, Mysteries, that could reveal themselves very dangerous; the recipe, for example, of "the Rock of the Wise ones".  (9) In the room erected itself t a big magic mirror, of more of a meter of diameter, climbed on a pedestal pivoting drinks some and most of the time cover with a black velvet; but it arrived me, when I awakened some times, to perceive it discover.  The explanations s ur them proceeded from usage of such a mirror are given in "The Practice of the Magic Évocatoire".  During the nights of full moon, small nuggets of now there appeared and many strange something else.  In the morning, the Master got up very early.  To my to get up, we ate together, most often of spread plastered and of coffee with milk; then, I helped it to do the housework, to take its various daily tasks or well togo shopping to the

9) NdT.  The "Rock Philosophale" Alchimis your. 

covered markets that exist again today.  Once, I repeignis the windows of his house; I accompanied it also with his tailor or accomplished other commissions.  It arrived me to go with him to its lectures; when the one - here had l ieu in of small towns, it was me that sold the bills of entry and late, in the night, on the return way, we discussed many subjects.  All which is narrated in "Frabato, the Wizard" really was represented in public and sometimes same more.  In dress of Yogi, it went to bed on tessons of glasses and a man walked on his chest without was injured; it stopped also his pulse by the action of his only will and did the demonstrations of well known phenomena d are Mages.  When I remained with him all day long on Sunday, we went at first in bike, then in bus and by train to eat the noon with Mary, his spouse, its children, Mary and Lumir, and his beautiful one - mother.  Those - here lived in Opava - Kylesovice (Too pau - Gillschwitz, in German).  The meal was the masterpiece of
his beautiful one - mother, Mary.  I remember again of his specialty:  Sauerkraut to the silésienne with potatoes to the onions and escalopes of coated ones with breadcrumbs porks.  The beautiful one - mother very much liked his F ranz.  She possessed a small house with an agricultural exploitation: three hectares and half of fields, animals - some cows, two goats, two pigs and a henhouse as well as a garden behind the stable, which allowed nourishing all the f amille.  She remembered an arisen event to the harvest time.  She wanted to return the last load of wheat under the roof, when a storm announced itself.  Very black clouds stored up themselves and it seemed that under little it was going to rain and even fall of the hail.  "Then, related the big one - mother, Franz submitted the clouds to his strength; while his face darkened itself, it murmured some words and did the gestures with the hands and the fingers.  At first, nothing happened not but, little by little, the clouds evaporated, separating itself of one another; the wind fell progressively, the time heaviness stopped and, shortly after, the sun shined again.  Only, the thunder brightnesses in the distant one recalled us again this to what came us d'échappe1 :" 

After thanking everyone, I returned at my place while the Master remained with his family.  Evenings, it generally went with his woman to the movies or to the theater then itself returned some at his place where it did not remain an unoccupied instant.  After the Ceremony of Evocation of the night, it related its experiences in a dictaphone to the attention of his disciple and secretary at once, Madam Votavova, that lived in Prague.  This name as well as those of his spouse and of his son, Lumir, are mentioned dan s dedicate them of its works.  It had equally to Prague a circle of disciples of which a drew the Blades of Tarot having to accompany its books.  It left often to plant picking; sometimes it was at the research of a root well partic ulière and his son, Lumir that was also his disciple and me - even, had dear - dear very far.  I remember of a medicinal plant, the Bryonia Alba, that we had found, after long research, on a rock wall, very far of Opava.  Cepen dant, we had to buy with a Herboriste of the very rare plants, such the Rossolis.  The Master used this last one to elaborate the hypertension remedy.  His girl, his son and even his assistance - domestic, helped it in this picking.  The méd icaments that it did raised often Homeopathy and it possessed, to this end, a Codex a small book understanding formulas and diagnosis with the remedies and the corresponding dilutions.  This book was confiscated by the police and when I m 'inquire on him at the time of my questioning, one replied me that it had been destroyed in the crushing one to paper with its other works.  By chance or by the Will of the Divine Providence, it did knowledge of his spouse when the one - here came to see it has photographes it of two men of which she thought that the one had to become his husband.  It evasively replied that his future spouse would be almost of his clean size, that it would have similar eyes to his and that it would resemble for him a lot as for the character.  It not some says any more.  Then it asked if a lodging could be rented for him in the house of his future spouse, to Gillschwitz.  Just under the roof, a small room of two meters on two had just liberated themselves and this was there that it lived in the d ébut: a bed, a small table, a stool and a shelf on which it disposed its books; there was no longer any place for others furnish.   Some - one of its instruments exist again today, for électriser or to magnetize, or of others again in usage with the Therapists and that, for the era were before - keeps.  I observed it or rather it showed to me how one used it to irradiate the medicines.  No one can imagine how many miracles produced themselves in this small pièc e.  His spouse remembers that while copying out for the Master of the magic formulas she murmured them also.  Sudden, a black rooster appeared and tapped of its wings the walls of the pieces.  She was frightened to some to die but she remembered immediately of an instructio n of the Master and shouted "Adonaï"; the demonstration stopped immediately.  An evening, she walked with the Master when they crossed a monk in the street.  The Master asked for him:  "Have it - you seen?"  And when she replied "Yes", the monk had disappeared.  My lady Bardon accompanied often his husband in trip, to Dresde, for example, where it studied, in the neighborhood of Radebeul, a worship rock carrying inscriptions runiques.  She was present when the Master returned visits, to Comes, to the famous écrivai nand recognized Tibétologue, Alexandra David - Néel.  At the time of his arrest, Franz Bardon had in his possession some books that it had borrowed from the libraries of Dresde and of Berlin.  After his death, Madam Bardon claimed these works to the police and returned them.  It had equally combined some one of its clean written ones under the name of "Arion".  Come back to the description of his house where was located his office.  His office was adjacent to the kitchen.  The windows opened on the garden neighbor and in under spread itself a small course,surrounded by walls; against the house of erected a bench not very high on which one sat to speak pleasantly, for example Akâsha.  One could look at the garden by the cellar windows in which a gr and toil accomplished itself: drying, crumbling and pressure of the plants in order to preserve finally the one - here in bottles.  In the cellar antechamber was installed a burner to gas and the Master showed me once how was done a conde nsateur fluidique to bases of now; this was again to the era a secret kept by the Initiated for the time of the publication of the"Way of the True Magic Initiation" again had not come. 

In the office, close to the window, was an armchair and, in front of the one - here, a round table sheltered, covered with a plate of glass, a planchette consisting of of the signs of Zodiac as well as the alphabet letters.  In the middle of the table stood up a crystal ball intend for the clairvoyance meetings.  To the m ur, above the armchair, a picture represented most of the time Maha Lakshmi but also Maha Devi or of other personages.  The other wall received full shelves of various objects and of books.  In the corner, close to the chair, was located a boron e containing untidy paper; the Master used it to write its grades and climb its horoscopes.  Facing the table, on the other side armchair, a quilted bench welcomed the customers.  This was there that I was sat when the Master explained me the my deny to use the planchette and the clock, introducing me thus to the knowledge astral writing and to the contact with the defunct and the angel custodian individual.  To this era, I began to student Medicine.  Another to remember returns me: during that the Master initiated me to the medicine preparation related to the Akâsha.  No need to say that the instruments were not what was of more important one.  Next to the office opened the bedroom in which I threw from time to time a blow of eye when it slept.  Being still just an embryo on the Way of the Hermétisme, I did not understand why the Master did not arrive to heal itself all alone while it had explained it for me multiples time.  On account of the fact that it had resumed, by p hénomène of incorporation, (10) the destiny and the Karma of the true one Franz Bardon, it had not the right to intervene on this destiny by means of the Magic.  It suffered from a surplus of weight and of calculations biliaires as well as of a break-up of the pancreas, malad ie of which it died while suffering the worse pains than can endure a human being.  Of more, it underwent a thyroid insufficiency of which the symptoms were the fatigue, the nonchalance, the drowsiness, the indecision and the lack of concentration.  Which will had - it to have to accomplish all that it did!  No one, among the common one mortal, cannot imagine it and again less to be a question of even. 

For calm all its evil, it took the habitual medicines, sold in pharmacy, for it had not the d roit to use his.  It says, at the time of a conversation, how, by simple curiosity, it had an exceeded day the Law Karmique in absorbent quintessence healing the hypertension and that, since this time - there, it suffered from arterial hypotension, which tired it again more.  His remedy against the fatigue was strong coffee and the cigarettes.  It left nothing to see other of its sufferings.  It always was dynamic and of good mood, except its last days where it suffers from the ingra titude of those for the - which it had sacrificed all his life.  Not I never live it in anger; it did do not swear did do or reprimand anyone except at the time of its theatrical imitations.  When I expressed him my astonishment on these qualities, it explained me that a day an insult escaped from its lips: a peasant that hated it was done a pleasure to pass

10) Ndt.  See what is said of this procedure in "Frabato, the Wizard" of Franz Bardon. 

Very close to him, the horses to the gallop, and to splash it; a jou r, the Master left to burst out his indignation and, as early as this word, the horses fell sick; to compensate this action, it dut to do in to go out that the peasant had good harvests.  It was why it did not stop reminding me that I had to be toujour s conscious of my strengths and well to know, at the time of an action any, if I acted as an ordinary human being or as Hermétiste and that, according to the procedure implemented, I would have at some to bear the consequences.  To the bottom, it very much liked me ca r I was of a temperament joker and did it often to laugh. it said that I recalled him a friend that liked to laugh as me but that finishes poorly: when, in prison, the latter was beaten by the Gestapo, it paralyzed an of its torturers while pronouncing a formula kabbalistique but another, visionary that, the killed immediately of a bullet.  This event is mentioned in the Epilogue of "Frabato, the Wizard".  I do not know if it was a matter actually of Mr. Quintscher because the Master never mentioned his name. it related that for its part, during his committal in the Nazi prisons, it was hit in the region of the sacrum and that, since
this time, it had become insensitive in this body party. it says me that of more, that having refused to collaborate in the x works of 99", it was assigned by the Nazis to a "Commando unit of the death" and that to this title, it had to collect in a baskets, to carry them elsewhere, the heads of those that had been guillotined.  It put to escape from this camp thanks to an aerial attack.  This took place just before the end of the Second World War.

After] has war, in 1949, it was a nouvel]e time stopped with this difference: this time - here, this was] e does the Communists.  It had been accused, without preu see, of charlatanism and condemned to the forced works but, simulating an epilepsy crisis, it succeeds being liberated after two month.  It sent me the penal colony a letter for that I informed his spouse where it was located and that of which it had bes oin.  I had a black fear to the era for I did my medical school and nothing that this only one does there could put fine.  When it was stopped for the last time in his house of Oblonkova, March 26 1958, the same goes out that hit me for him.  It was princ ipalement accused of illegal preparation of medicines because it elaborated a lot of him - even according to procedures alchimiques.  Nevertheless, before the judicial debate began not, the Master died in the prison of the Hospital where I worked s; unfortunately, I not in known anything.  I was, nevertheless, condemned for complicity to this illegal preparation because I obtained for him various ingredients for the manufacture of its remedies and, although it already was dead, I must to purge my penalty.  I was d épossédé of my diploma of Doctor and sharp to the forced works in the expressions.  My woman perdit the life after these events but me, I was invited by the Divine Providence to walk on the steps of the Biggest one of the Masters that never existed; and I known happy and recognizant i's that it was given me, as to one of the rare elected officials, the possibility to grow under his direction and his personal protection and this, until this day, for Of end.  I cannot add anything of more here for the ob ligation of silence on many subjects was not got up.  Of multiples systems take to God but the Way that proposes the Master is, for the Western one, the clearest, the purest, the most understandable and the shortest one and, consequently, it is also the most difficult one. More pointed, stiffer and higher is the mountain, more lasts and tiring some is the ascension.  Nevertheless, one can, in a life, ascend the steps of the three works of the Master and it knew that that was possible when it composed in the d euxième and third dedicates "HAS my friend and student, in to remember and in memory of my books, "The Practice of the Magic Évocatoire" and "The Key of the True Kabbale".  In different letters, confiscated at the time of our arrest, it signed in his quali té of Member of the Brotherhood of the Roses + Cross.  It learned me to give every instant, every second of my life, to the others, in a deep humility towards the Divine Providence and, despite the difficult moments, I never had fear and did him confidence for I believed in him.  Life difficulties are not punishments but lesson; they constitute tests from that time that one desires actually and sincerely to develop on the witty plan.  If one wants to approach the Perfection and be ready, such Abraham, in the Bible, towards his son Isaac, to sacrifice to be it the dearest one for oneself, it is necessary to prepare himself to confront to every instant the tests more difficult.  Indeed, it is nothing of so hard one that cannot become it again more.  T outefois, it does not exist any test for the passage of which ones one does not possess the necessary forces, otherwise the Divine Providence would present it. 

1° - Introduction

THE Hermétisme is a "violin of Ingres" that contributes to the transport towards the Perfection.  Neither more nor less.  Being such, it is not therefore a duty or a necessity and we would have, as we do it at the time of our leisures, we to gladden and find a real pleasure to practice it.  The one that likes s one "violin of Ingres" will devote to the latter available every minute and the possible one more time.  But the Hermétisme demands a huge patience, based on enthusiasm and the curiosity feel at the time of examination passages to the course of which ones we dev never laugh to lose stupid - betroths.  We of must not be disappointed facing the obstacles; on the contrary; those - here constitute the proof that the Divine Providence TAKES care of us and we grant the occasion to subject to ourselves the test, to strengthen our virtues and d 'to amplify our force.  This is by the introspection that we must discover ourselves - even how to overcome these obstacles and fill our gaps, as well as the fact a sportsman while improving his potential one by training.  It is true that the Way towards the Perfection is comparable to the one that borrows the sportsman:  the one - here trains to overcome to the jump in height, for example; it himself there gets ready, adapts his food and rejoices at earned every centimeter; it knows, nevertheless, that it will not become immediate ement "world champion" and will not attain eight meters as early as the first jump; but it firmly is convinced that a day it will win the victory and does not leave itself therefore never to dissuade by Suggestions such as:  "The sport has not any direction; this is tiring and a pure loss of time".  This is the reason why the Hermétisme is "a violin of Ingres"; it contributes to spend the time more intelligent manner than the one that consist in to look at continually the television and to submit our habits to the progr ammes of the one - here.  Thus, the things go - they so far that the people adapt the hours of their meals to these programs for they are afraid of in to leave to escape one, even advertising.  As the specifies my friend, Lumir Bardon, the son of this Big Master, the latter possessed a television set but never looked at it. 

It is important to favor the imagination of the children and accustom those - here to understand the lesson that give the Stories of Fairies so that they can develop in them the difference e xistant between "the good" and "the evil", etc..  As said the Master:  "Gladdened - you of the good things and pulls lesson of what is bad".  This is an innate feeling with the human being that to wish to become perfect or to approach the most possible one of the Perfection.  This determination is transmitted by previous lives and shows itself, as a rule, during the puberty.  We have then envies to know ourselves ourselves - even, to evaluate our forces, and we even can go until to want to know the maximum weight that we are able to carry.  We try to surpass ourselves as do it those that carry metallic weight to the feet at the time of the training to the volleyball - ball.  This is proceeded it adequate!  And if this enthusiasm is maintained jusq u'à an advanced age, the Divine Blessing will not lack to be given.  II is necessary to strive us to fill our life of happiness and of not to lose, while working, the sense of humor because we win thus more than while grumbling.  We do not stop j ouer because we age but we age because we stop playing.  We should preserve for the whole existence the quality of the child that considers the life as a big miracle.  No one should leave to pass the luck to live this miracle.  Life belongs us; leave - we therefore to savor it in the middle of the conscience and fill every second of joy!  Our farm conviction places us to the - over of all bus we have the assurance of not never nothing to meet that can necessitate forces that we have.  How can -one to recognize a general practitioner studying, Follower or Mage of the Hermétisme?  Certainly not to his exterior aspect! n lives, works, eats, sleeps and behaves as all the human beings but it is at hundred conscious percent!  It dedicates every second of his life to his witty development and or well only - using its close ones as well as to the poor ones that the DivineProvidence sends on his way. This is with joy, curiosity and same enthusiasm that it do t its exercises and carries out its magic operations.  All that it accomplishes in his daily life, it does it as if it was a matter of a magic act.  If it walks, sweetens his coffee, adds grasses and other ingredients to its placement, it does it in accompl issant a magic act, while taking account of the circumstances and Law of the Numbers.  It shows that every drop of what it absorbs is loaded with a given virtue and never doubts discounted effect.  Thus, play -t- it, such a child, conscious of dear one that thought, of every movement, of every one not, and even before to go to sleep, it works by beneficial suggestions on oneself - even or on others.  It sincerely rejoices and with enthusiasm of the least taken success.  Thus lived - we, the Master and me - even, when we were together.  It laughed often of my crazy ideas although it this often was been a question of serious subjects. Where is - it prescribes that it be necessary to cry when one does its exercises?  Or that with a too big harshness, even towards oneself - even, must o n evaluate the results?  NO!  Never this Big Master criticized not me; all to the more, it related me the allegorical history of a Mage that, respecting such or such condition, failed to its experiences; or well it said me which error it ava it committed him - even, which some had been the consequences and how it is necessary for him to rectify them.  To the era, I did not understand that it was of me that it spoke and that it gave to me thus warnings on what I will do in the future.  It never said me directly what I had to do or not to do; when I questioned it, it explained me the principle of the action and which had to be respected but, as for the implement detailed, the one - here depended on me.  By this procedure, I j'appre is born to not to fear the error and to act at last correctly thanks to failure and to the fact to recommence several times it same thing.  Do and remake are the foundations of Wisdom.  Consequently, do not lower the head and have confidence in you - mêm e; assert, as do it the French:  "Helps - you and the Sky will help you."  The one that weakens and that no longer has faith in its clean forces, the one - there alone stretches towards petty goals.  This is not our case for we, we travel towards fine gran dioses.  Nothing that the fact to be reading these words, testifies that you carried in you, even if for the moment all this still remains Unconscious, the wish to stretch towards the Perfection.  This small exposition has for goal to guide you and of you hold nir by the joy and enthusiasm.  At the age of nine years, in third year of the primary school, I had the impression to have another to be in me because I knew in advance the questions of the teacher and immediately after the responses.  This was at a point such as I see to the instant the faults that she did sometimes while writing to the picture.  In order not to point out me and to avoid the difficulties with my entourage, I must to keep this secret capacity.
2°. Curriculum vitae

HAS this era, my mother fell seriously sick and I had to take care of her.  My cares went until to rid it urine and excrements for, suffering from a tumor to the brain, she lost from time to time conscience.  We were poor and before to have been able be combined the sum of necessary money to the medical examinations deepen, it was too late.  One the opera, nevertheless, two times but the scars generated of the you - dies and, before a third intervention, the one - here burst again and she mo urut at the age of thirty-one years, just the day of my birthday.  Thus began the thirteenth year of my earthly existence.  My brother was eight years old and also was for him very sick.  After a scarlatine, it was suffering from a disease to the kidneys, has vec of the kidney hemorrhages, a weakens, edemas and a purulent earache.  My father had to give him his blood every week.  The Second World War beat his full one then.  My father worked sixteen hours a day, under the supervision of the G estapo, as forgeron in a factory that made steel for the tank equipment.  We never knew if it was going to return evenings for every night one stopped someone for sabotage.  I had to assume the whole household, cook, wash, clean the windows and do the tail to obtain from the screws.  Between - time, I had registered myself to the high School but we did not have to go that once a week to look for the duties to do and return those that had been done because, to save the énerg ie, there was no longer any heating.  When the war was finished, I was fourteen years old and my father says me that, not more being able to nourish me, it would oblige me to be going to work in the coal expressions.  I implored it to leave me again to go to the school and I take the engagement of him to bring back as much money as if I worked in these expressions.  To count of this day, every morning, at three thirty, I went to the dairy one in order to transport cans of milk, tries for which one gave me the pe shooting to eat and cards of food rationnement for the screws were very rare in that time.  To the school, I did my clean ones have during the recreation in order to keep, after the courses, my time and to be thus able to give lesson of ratt rapage to some weaker students.  After the store closing, I helped the decoration of the windows and did, but during the night only - for some - one, their declaration of taxes and their invoice.  I accustomed myself thus to not to sleep qu e during three at five o'clock by night and to get going again, fresh and dispos, at three thirty, the next day morning.  Of this manner, the Divine Providence prepared me to my futures exercises witty.  She learned me to work a lot, to cross the obstacles with joy, to develop a big resistance, to not to yield and to always attain my goals.  This was while looking at, powerless, the sufferings of my mother and of my brother, that I promised myself to become Doctor, which was also the vow more dear of my mother.  During the school vacations, I left, in known of my others try, work in the coal expressions, to a depth of eight hundred meters about.  Once, we had taken under a crumbling and I have again today of the my rques of coal on my straight knee.  It was necessary eight hours to our friends to save to us death; a half one - hour of more and we had suffocated.  Nevertheless, as early as this era, I had not fear and was confiding in the Divine Providence.

Because I knew that I had to learn and do a lot of things for the humanity good.  I observed myself, such a foreigner
To Know, To Will, To Dare and To Keep Silent

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I left free course to my thoughts then apprehended them, judged them, classified them and did next of the projects of future.  To the â ge of ten - eight years, I had lost all fear.  This had therefore summer a good experience of the action of the mental one allowing mastery the position and of strength in to keep an overall view without yielding to the panic.  This faculty serves me always at the time of my tests, when I was stopped by the police, for example, or that I was pilots.  I turned myself always towards the sun that were my projects and left all the shadows behind me.  When I see] e Master, i] said nothing but, of] has hand, typed me] 'shoulder.  I had succeeded!  I] drunk these details for well to show that in] has life nothing arrives without reason.  The Master was used to say:  "Life is not a carnival party but a school.  Gladdened - you of the voucher and learns from the evil.  All difficulties are not a punishment but most of the time a test and often the grace that allows strengthening itself and to reinforce the virtues." 

3°.  The Master, its habits and his personal burden

as well ashis son said it, the Master smoked cradle ucoup and drank very strong coffee.  Of time in time, it took also a beer but, except the one - here, it did not absorb any alcohol.  This is only today that I understand what it heard by the expression "in a hurry all the forces of his body"; this allowed for him to accomplish all what fell for him to do and this, in the taxed delays.  It worked hard and without never to stop itself.  The night, it did not agree that some hours of sleep.  As it had not the right to obtain, by the e ntremise of the Magic, additional forces, it did it in following them proceeded that have just been described.   It suffered, of more, of a hypothyroïdie that translated itself by fatigue, drowsiness, a slowdown of the reflex and an am oindrissement of will.  In order to fight against this disease, it took the hormones that I prescribed for him. It had calculations biliaires but did not follow almost any special system and took only allopathic remedies, medicines o rdinaires intend for the common one mortal.  It was obese but refused to express the desire to slim; it generally said:  "The Divine Dear Providence goes can - to be to use it for me such a manner that I prefer to abstain about it:"  Thus did - it allu sion to an any tumor or other unpleasant disease that could have been sent to him.  At first, I did not seize the direction of what it said; it is only little by little that I understand and then I did all to improve his health and facilitate the burden that it had taken on him as "Franz Bardon", in order him to allow accomplishing the gigantic tasks of his incarnation was me. equally that discover the cause of his dead arising, Derision, in the same Hospital where I trava illais to this era; but no civil one had not access to the neighborhood of the prisoners and I had even idea that it himself there was located, can - to already be in a comatose state.  And nevertheless, this was me that predicts him his arrest, which no other one knew.  I had, in fact, a vision of him, clothed of a combination
of dishwasher; grids, well net, impeded the eyeshade of glass of the helmet; visibly, it did not can itself go out some.  When I say it for him, it appeared astonished - it pretended the being and became trist e.  To be frank, I had no conscience, to the era, meaning of this vision.  When I asked for him why it sank in sadness, him that always was ready to do some good jokes, it replied me:  "Can - you to imagine to which not at all the ingratitude of those that j 'so helped does me poorly?"  I thought while a so Big Master had to be at the - over of all that.  Now that I know, the last and identical words of the Christ return me.  Of more, I already had seen it beforehand dived in black ideas; when I asked some for him the reason, it replied that the Karma of the true one Franz Bardon of which it had taken the physical body bothered it enormously.  In this time - there, of similar problems affected me little for, being only an embryo in the way of Hermétisme, I believed that I never would be obliged, me also, of some to assume a day.  Today, I would want to have well the timeliness to divide its sufferings for better mastery this question.  A pilgrim éta it sit, for thousand years, in front of the door of the Paradise but, overcome by sleep, it closed the eyes an instant; it is just at this point in time - there that the door opens gently to close itself immediately... 

4°. Perseverance, patience, mastery and serenity of the mental one

I returned once with the Master and desired to open a bottle of beer.  Too lazy to look for the décapsuleur.  I wanted to play man strong and attempted to open it, despite its counsels, in the
door lock.  The neck of the end eille, well evidently, broke and almost the half of his content poured itself.  I wished, to this instant, to find me to hundred feet under earth in order not to confront similar shame.  But the Master and his assistance - domestic stopped not laugh while I nett oyais the ground of poured beer.  Then the Master related me its experiences of "Chéla" (11) to the Tibet.  His Guru had sent it to carry an aiguille with a friend remaining very far.  Once arrived, this friend sent back it without even to have thrown an eye on the aiguille.  Astonished, it shrugged and set off again.  When it returned with his Guru, the latter the return immediately towards the same friend which did some immediately as much.  Tired, my Master got angry for it continued to do this shuttle his ns that whoever showed a special interest for this stupid aiguille.  It is only when his anger transmuted itself in submission, perseverance and calm, that it had the right to stop itself after carrying out sixteen times this journey.  "Nothing to the world arises without reason" says the Master, finishing thus this history, and I wondered if the event with the bottle of beer had not been "prépa - ré" to give me a lesson. 

5°- The Conscience The Conscience is an Attribute of the Divine Provide nce, Akâsha.

When we have remorses, that means that something is not in order in our life.  Most of the time, this is by the thought that we become aware of our errors; sometimes, the explanation is given some by a dream, that even can be premonitory, we warning of this to what it is necessary to pay attention.  But take keeps!  The dreams are not subjected to the notion of "time" and an event, perceived thus, is not obliged of itself

II) Ndt.  "Chéla", in Tibetan "said sciple" of a Witty Master.  This "title" is heavy direction and of consequences. 

Produce the next day.  The dreams reflect the work, the content and the desires of the subconscious one.  Themselves they happen in a mood done flames and of light, this goes ut for first warns - lies.  It is necessary therefore well to reflect and review
one to one, evenings, before to go to sleep, the day events, in order not to lack the possibility to anchor the characteristics corresponding in the subconscious pa r autosuggestion.  This fact, we must be extremely honest towards ourselves - even for it is not worse imposteur than the one that is mistaken deliberately oneself - even.  If we are located of the excuse, if we conceal or weaken the reach of our mauv comforts actions, even of the one that are only unfair, the remorses arise.  We should take the habit to go to bed all the evenings with the quiet conscience. 

6°.  The haste In truth, the haste does not serve to anything.

The old proverb that enjoins "Hastens - you slowly" has its reasons to be.  We often obliged to recommence what we did with hastens because we committed errors.  If you do not dispose any enough time to accomplish something, it is more better not the in treprendre right away.  Organize your day and your matters of such sort that, without wasting no instant, you have available time.  Only the weak ones await the timeliness to act while the forts create them - even these occasions and von t right to the goal.  The impossible one is only what we did not dare to do.  This is not without reasons that most of the magic operations begin to midnight.  This is not evidently because this is there the hour of income but rather because the calm reigns surrounding.  The Master went to bed, sometimes after taking a bath, doing next Its Evocations and its Magic Works, in the good mood and according to a well preestablished plan.  If to the house risk us to be disturbed, we look for a removed and calm place.  The cemeteries themselves there lend enough well but are not appropriate places; the common one of the mortal ones avoids them, be by fear, be by respect, are thus - we sure of not there to be inconvenienced.  For a Mage visiting a such secure had in a determined goal, the force can be increased by the tension that there is generated.  Nevertheless, repeat - the again, this is not a necessity and the natures more weak would have better about it to abstain. n exists, even in the numerous families, an armchair that, after putting to bed it of all, be available and in which we could sit to meditate and do our witty exercises; if someone comes to pass, we can say that we relax our back.  To the Tibet, the day comm ence at four o'clock in the morning.  One awakens, rested, fresh and dispos, and the environment is calm.  If one has access to very little time, one has first to review the try the day and the witty exercises to carry out then to attribute in writing of the encoded words to the envisaged program so that no one can understand those - here if it comes to find them.  Thus, prepare -t- one a day sequence without fault.  One creates also in the conscience of the mnemonic and, once begun means, the program continues as released by a computer.  The latter is nothing other that the pale copy of the human thought even if it accomplishes others try at the same time and in a manner quicker and this, because the mental impressions and the thought s that show themselves during the human reflection do not interfere themselves in the process. 

7°.  The curiosity

once, while the Master had left the house to carry out its Evocations, I helped the domestic assistance to do the dishes.  This fact, I myself put to him to put all sorts of questions that I never had dared to put to the Master directly: which it did, that it received, etc..  These questions were not important; they raised simple curiosity and I thought that the response would help me more better to understand the Master.  The table was ridded; it did not remain that a match can.  Sudden, during my questions, the can began jumping in the air, to ten centimeters about of the table.  When I stopped myself, the phenomenon c essa.  "You see", reproached me the assistance - domestic, "here the result!  And when it will return to the house, I will take some also for my rank!"  I went to bed.  The next day, after raising it, I expected reproaches from the Master but it says alone ement "Have - you had a pleasant discussion?" it smiles of an air heard: and seemed not to await response.  Happy, I was done as small as a mouse.  Can - to be, after all, was not - it intervened him - even, its spirits - serving having put a frei n to my curiosity?  As a precaution, I asked not the domestic assistance if it had spoken some to him.  "The one that speaks does not arrive to anything.  The word is money but the silence is of now!" 

8°- THE introspection or the knowledge of oneself

 - even THE introspection -or the knowledge of oneself - even is recommended by most of the religions.  Thus some is - it, for example, confession.  This knowledge consist in to apprehend the traits of our own character, to move away us from those that impede our existence and to cultivate the good and positive aspects in order to do the latter the foundations of our personal value.  If we do not succeed in life, the fault not some always falls to the figure "13" but to the Fact that are unaware of us our character.  It was a time where I was ashamed of my defects then the Master lit up me on this subject: this is not so the total number of the defects that is important but the relation that each of them maintains with the Elements (12); for example, 211IÉS to the Fire, 20 to the Air, 19 to Water and 18 to the Earth; it is more better to have as much qualities than.  12) Ndt.  See "The Way of the True Magic Initiation" of Franz Bardon, Degree 1, magic Formation of the psychological body.  Support- you on your qualities e t act on your subconscious one by autosuggestion before to put to sleep you; load - in your foods and your drinks; breathe - the and impregnate - in all your Automatism, when you walk, for example.  Show, while shaving you and leaving for the toilets s, that your defects detach themselves of you. (13) once, the Master asked me if I could enumerate him the number of forms that can take the joy.  Then, it mentioned some him - even a number as thirty - six.  Such are the subjects of which one can have fun oneself to debate in the study of the Hermétisme.  To have fun itself and again to have fun itself, with enthusiasm and with joy, even if it is a matter of serious things.  Repeat - the again: it is necessary to increase the force of the positive traits of our character!  Something else again: as early as qu e will wish to you to strengthen one of these traits, as soon as you will begin working on you - even to this end, the Divine Providence will send to you tests so that, by obstacle clash, this consolidation take place.  The Akâsha, the World of the Causes, is as an arch to the rest; but as soon as we express a desire, the latter becomes an arrow that, because of rope tension, leaves towards a given direction.  The inherent force to the desire on the mental plan constructs, in the astral world, the desired position so that the one - here can realize itself in the material world.  The sincere Mage and to the subtle sharpened direction recognizes immediately the obstacles by which these the Divine Providence offers him the timeliness to improve, according to his persévé goes rancid.  This is in smiling that we seize the stretched hand to help ourselves and that we are happy to to have advanced a little more towards the Perfection.  The street man expresss sometimes thousand desires but when the possibility to realize them him is offered e, it screams to the injustice facing the obstacles that erect themselves in front of him.  We not we must shout:  "Lord; does not induce me in temptation but liberates - me of the evil!"  . 

13)NdT.  Vair the given technique in "The Way of the True Initiation Magiqu e" of Franz Bardon, Degree I and It. 

A Mage expresss the following wish:  "I want the Force and the Knowledge to overcome the evil!"  And it knows where it can find the one - here. n knows that it must not back up in front of anything, without exception no.  All which read i arrives has a reason, linked to his witty development.  Exist -t- it a virtue that was not tested by the temptation flame?  The Master always rejoiced when obstacles stood up in front of him because it knew as well as the Div ine Providence had not forgotten it. 

9°. The concentration

When we obtain witty maturity, our desires realize themselves very quickly.  C 'is why, an Initiated, well conscious one of that, never will express a likely wish to harm autru i or to disturb the Universal Harmony otherwise, it would carry the entire responsibility.  The thought check, the introspection, that must become automatic, contribute to this formation.  A musician, a virtuoso, does not begin playing immédiatemen t the piece mistress of his catalog but it exercises beforehand its fingers, student and replays the passages more difficult.  All the same, we must begin this basic exercise that is the concentration by the creation, in we - even, of a feeling d e empty.  We must leave to pass the thoughts that arise of them - even, without there to imply our mental one and we to feel foreign facing them.  Some an income of multiples time: they reflect our subconscious one, full of of thoughts, of desires, of fears and of fantasies; those - here we invade when we awakened, we inconvenience, we do root canal work on and remove all effectiveness to our action.  But when we remain indifferent to the thoughts, we avoid a loss of energy because this fact, the thoughts exhaust themselves of them - even, weaken themselves more and more, until they burst in the different Elements that the compose and dilute themselves, losing thus their Power on us.  We attain then this state of emptiness, of mental peace, called also mental passivity.  Ten minutes suffisent generally to create this state and finally the feeling of emptiness establishes itself; we no longer let us feel nothing, see nothing, let us test nothing, let us drip nothing,

Let us test nothing.  The body, in position – Asana (l4) - sat, is located very relaxed, very relaxed.  We can, at present, we to concentrate intensely and go really straight to the goal.  We concentrate, for example, only on a color, without leaving us to invade by im pressures exterior and we can, to determine the exercise length, use an awakening.  If something emerges from our subconscious one, we hunt it, without for as much to divert our color attention, as if, around the one - here, had established itself a magnetic, absorbent field, such a vacuum cleaner, all disruptions.  The secret of this exercise lives then in the refusal to carry our attention - and thus our force and our energy - to these emergences and, on the contrary, in consacran t all our energy to the appearance of the wished color.  We play thus to condense the energy, until the one - here shines, under spherical form, in a colored sun, until she gleams or becomes fluorescent, such a tube of neon or an opal, concentrating or diminishing the color intensity.  We can equally give several forms to the colored ball and, to the awakening beep, five or ten minutes later, we the dissolvons.  This dissolution can be done in a single time, such a detonation, which reestablishes instantly the feeling of initial emptiness; or well, we leave the condensed energy to dilute itself in the Universe or, again, we return it to the Element corresponding without previous load.  (15)

14) Ndt.  P ositions of the studied body in the practice of the Hatha Yoga. 
15) Ndt.  See the correspondence between colors, sounds and Elements in "The Key of the True Kabbale" of Franz Bardon. 

A virtue to obtain can be strengthened with success by a concentrati one reiterated on the fitting visualization.  We determine first the source of the effective energy in the given virtue
then we assign for him all at once or separated - lies - the color, the sound, the feeling, the taste and the odor.  For example, we p ouvons to show the color in the form of a fire fog, cloudy and diffuse or well as a drop or again under the aspect of a wire, of a ray.  We attract, at the same time, the concerned Element in the body, by the intermediary one finger correspondan t left hand (little finger = Air, annular = Earth, major = Akâsha, index = Fire, thumb = Water.)  Then, according to what we want to obtain, be we direct it in the party corresponding body (the head = Fire, the thorax = the Air; the stomach = the E to the, the legs = the Earth) be, we condense it to the exterior one body, under a certain form, while the projecting -or not - on a given plan (Akâsha, mental plan, astral plan or physical plan).  To dissolve the operated on condensation, it suffices to evacuate the concerned Element from the
body corresponding, to leave it to slip by the finger that corresponds for him equally upright hand and at last to dilute it in the Universe.  What all this process becomes a habit:  1 - energy source; 2 - plan unive rsel concerned; 3 - energy concentration; 4 - determination on the part corresponding body; 5 - absorption; 6 - dissolution.  Thus, cannot be committed any error.  A first attempt does not create the habit but already constitutes the one - here.  And it is good to do this small ritual because more work us intensely with the energy, more we must respect the Universal Correspondences them.  If, for example, we condense a given energy and that we forgot next to dissolve it, c eci will carry harm to our health and this, with the same power that the one that was founded our initial concentration.  Repeat again what was said in the Preface of this chapter: if we do not want to use this energy for our own profit but to help others, we do not leave this energy to come into contact with our body but the condense to the exterior one of us - even.  It is counseled to do all the exercises of concentration, of mastery of the thoughts, etc..  Always to the same e ndroit, in the same position (Asana) and to the same hour.  The place purifies itself thus little by little emergence of our depths and loads itself, bringing a quick success, the latter also being able to arise by the chance fact. 

10°- The Yoga

In the past, the Master had equally practiced the Hatha -Yoga.  It prevented not anything of its students to do the exercises belonging to some discipline that this was.  Me also, I studied Asanas according to a manuscript that it had lent me and, today again, I in adopts some a.  It specified me that provoked tensions in the body by the concentration exercises are readjusted by he Asanas but that for the Western one it suffices to take the seated position on a chair, well straight back, thus q u'il described it in his first work.  If one takes pleasure to a certain position, there is not to some to repeat but one must choose it regarding to be able to maintain it a long time.  Nevertheless, every type of Yoga corresponds to a single one Elements:  Hatha - Yoga = Will = Fire; Jnâna - Yoga = Knowledge = Air "Bhakti - Yoga = Love = Water; Radja - Yoga = Conscience = Earth, Every System of Yoga constitute therefore that ; it can take, , towards but it does drive towards erfection ,Yod - Hé - Waw- Hé, Quadripolaire, they represent only to The Basic study. 

11 ° - The mental one; the states of the mental one; the development of the mental one.

The mental one, the capacity to think, clothe different aspects s.  The normal process of the thought unfolds itself thus: the thoughts pass, scattered, and fly of an object to the other, of a problem to the other, as a butterfly; they rarely are interrupted not decisions and resolutions depending on the action of will.  In order to overcome this dispersion, we must develop the following faculties:  . The concentration:  Energetic condensation; mental unification; maintenance; perseverance.  . The meditation (observation by the thought) :  Think intenséme nt, reflect, deliberate.  Observe an object or a problem, consider the different aspects of the latter until one begins understanding it very clear manner.  . The contemplation:  Unity; merger; identification; intuition; adaptation; éq uilibre.
 To the TIBET, a disciple (a Chéla) had received the order of his Master to reflect on some familiar object in following these steps: concentration, meditation and contemplation.  This student having been shepherd, chooses, as exercise support, his year imal favorite, a Yak.  The Master came from time to time to inform itself progress accomplish.  Some time passed, then, a day, the Master returned visits to the student in the solitude and ordered for him go out of his rock hut.  The student replied that its corn are had become so huge that it could not cross the door and go out; next, it launched bellowings.  We have there an example of a successful contemplation but it imports that we could rediscover our initial state as soon as we the souh aitons in order mastery the body of the process.  The other states of the mental one are:  . The ecstasy (or rapture) : the demonstration in we - even Universal Principles:  Will and Faith (the Fire); Intelligence (the Air), Love (Water) and the Consc ience (the Earth). freezes It:  Projection of the mental one on a given plan and in objects choose, not only in a manner passive that is to say while observing - but also of manner activates, while acting, while creating.  The normal process that follow our thoughts p had to be compared to the physical light of which the photons shine, sparkle and vibrate in all the directions.  These photons are constituted of all the Elements but it can be decomposed by a prisme which reveals then the primary colors.  Of more, with a cut rock of limestone of Iceland, one can provoke a light refraction on a given plan; one can polarize it.  Thus, the light is not - she more diffuse but concentrated.  By this concentration, one can obtain from the effects particuliers. 

If, for example, a ray of very excessive light is projected on a precious rock take a ruby, it creates himself a kind of ray laser that then can act, by a fitting orientation of the energy, on all the composing from the mati era.  By this procedure, one provokes modifications of the structure of the matter, similar to the transmutations alchimiques or to the one that one knows, such atom disintegration in the central nuclear power and the destructive bombs that in so nt diverted.  The Master asserted that to era of the "legendary" Atlantis, the world-wide catastrophe, called "Flood", was provoked by irresponsible Mages that, by their experiences, made unstable the axis of the Earth. n itself followed a vibratio n and a swing that released this cataclysm: continent destruction, again massive mountainous archings, creation of marine pits and collapse of the Atlantis. n is necessary therefore to always be prudent when one!  "All is so simpl e" was used to say the Master in smiling. 

12° - The wishes

When one has a wish, one must well reflect to the profitable ones, to the consequences of his realization and especially to the Fact that the one - here can produce itself to the detriment of others for if, of adventure, one commits an error, one will have to assume some the whole responsibility and all discount in order.  Each can draw examples in his own life.  As well as I already mentioned it, the Master perdit once checks it of him - even and hurled d are unfortunate words of which it was obliged to repair the negative effects.  Ace matter, it specified me that one always must know if one acts as the common one of mortal or as Hermétiste; the desires realize themselves according to the procedure implemented and the evaluated consequences on the chosen procedure will equally have to be assumed.  In the novel "Frabato", Urgaya did to the Master some reproaches because from time to time the one – here gave a "small blow of thumb" to the action of the Universal Laws while preventing the evil expression, indeed while the punishing, while the time of this punishment again had not arrived.  The Hermétiste should be founded its wishes on this injunction:  "I want to become better and more perfect in order more better to be able to help autr ui."  This should be a nagging refrain.  The negative desires will always have negative effects; this is not a threat but a warning.  Take another example: to help a needy person, that this be on the plan more witty, more mental or more same equipment.  The decision belongs us and can be governed by the following rules:  1. If this assistance request did not concern us, we would not have met this person.  2. as Hermétiste, we must be able to know if which undergoes this no one is not a lesson of his Karma.  If such is the case and that we eliminated the distress position, we simultaneously must ask the Divine Providence that She replaces this lesson by another.

The Master related me that it had laughed ford a day a very attained girl of lung tuberculosis.  Nevertheless, the disease resulted from the fate or Karma of the interested; it was therefore considered as person in charge of this change of position and dut to confront terrible tests so that it was obliged to cancel this cure.  While hearing that, I was seized respect. This appeared unlikely but that is possible for an authentic Follower can exercise the full Power from that time that it observes the Universal Laws and that it weighs sufficiently the reach of its acts.  When one attains a certain degree of witty development, one must take the decision to express the essential wish that will be founded his following incarnation and continue to work, for the whole seco ndes, minutes, hours, days, month and years of his existence, regarding this accomplishes - lies.  More one possesses knowledge and of capacities, more one has, once the taken decision, accomplish difficult obligations.  Well evidently, one dévelo ppera the necessary faculties: to draw actively in the idea world, intuition, implement forces and a power that surpass by far the imagination of the ordinary human being.  One never will speak of these obligations, one not some will boast, because, on one hand, one would weaken thus the reach of the force director and, on the other hand, one provisionally would lose the capacity to relieve the sufferings of others; this is the punishment it.

Heavier for one do not can, from that time, po ursuivre the accomplishment of the mission of his life.  Nevertheless, while having attained a degree of sufficient maturity, one will succumb only rarely to similar temptation.  One can, nevertheless, speak with those that follow the Way of the Initiation in order their appo rter courage and humor and to help them as for their future Way as well as the clerk at the time of the introspection: it is preferable to work on a single trait of negative character, of some to rid and to render positive it once for all.  It is certain that the Divine Providence tries to strengthen our qualities while erecting in front of we various obstacles and this, with as much more harshness than our desire of transformation
intensifies itself.  This is the reason why we must welcome with to smile all the épre uves necessary to the acquisition of the Perfection.  We must envision them, to recognize them as such and even some to be happy but we must never complain or to blaspheme or even to feel us injured because of them.  4. Another domain is the one of our unconscious wishes or rather dreams that stretch sudden, with a big force, to realize itself.  These wishes nourish themselves forms - thought, of "schèmes" or of larves16, that possess, in a way, an instinct of conservation and that prowl in the environment of persons of which the nature vibrates on the same frequency that them.  One will be can - to be surprised to see a day that the desired person at the time of a dream, unknown beforehand, but corresponding trait for trait to our desire, itself t ient physically in front of we.  At first, we not some are conscious but, little by little, we begin understanding that it is some well thus.  An Ondine (17), for example, can materialize itself in front of an Initiated advanced one in order to contribute to the réalisatio n of its wishes, while adopting the physical forms and the character traits corresponding to those that she had in the dream.  Evidently, this can constitute for him a hindrance to his development or same to move away it from the latter, as well as Master Bar gift described it in "Frabato" and "The Practice of the Magic Évocatoire". This was what arrived to a friend and I can assert that the position can become as harmful as the Master says it.  Such a creature can read the thoughts and to adapt itself thus to the fantasies more intimate; she never is unpleasant and goes to the in front of desires and,

16) Ndt.  See "The Way of the True Magic Initiation" of Franz Bardon, degree VI, "magic Formation of the physical body". 
17) Ndt.  Feminine Élémental of Water

Master did it for me.  All the experiences are not good to relate to all public because they escape the comprehension and to the faculty to judge persons to the ordinary witty development.  3 - We should not aim too many goals at once.  The force disperses itself and their realization can do itself to await a long time or well never to arise.  To this matter, a big error is little by little, she attracts slyly the Mage far of the Way that in reality it wanted - and that it d evait, according to the Law to follow.  Thus, in the Greek Mythology, the witch Circé voulut - she to keep Ulysse on his delighted island and to prevent it from return at his place.  I pulled my own conclusions of all this and I observed the whole sequence of my thoughts in order to liberate me and to purify me of all the unconscious wishes.  Since this time, I always am on my guards and reflect three times before emitting mentally a desire. This is not without reason that these things are described in the drunk l of the Master, even if one eventually can think:  "Has me, that cannot arrive", as well as I had done it me - even.  The Master related only it had equally known an Ondine that was for him pleasant strong but of which the partner, a Triton, some became jealous; the one - here was causes many problems and the Master put an end to his work with her.  To the era, it insinuated nothing other.  I had begun also, in that time, the visit of the Sphere of Venus and of its Intelligences without that that affected not me.  It was why, I was so sure of me... until it arrived me which happened a day to an of my patients that reçut a tile on the head:  "Here fifty years that I Turn every day to the same corner,.  Never it not me anything arrived and today, suddenly...  Can - you to explain me that, Doctor?"  A summer evening, I took a walk with the Master by car.  C 'was just before it sunset; we enjoyed a lot of the perfect harmony of the nature.  Lost in my thoughts, I was sat next to the Master that drove.  Sudden - such a flash arising in the serene sky - it says me:  "Choose your personal God!"  That resounded as a gong!  In even not a minute, all my flowed life and all my projects march nt in my head; and the choice was done:  Source.

13°- The Personal God

of Energy, Name, Aspect or Principle, Form, determination of the delays and ritual gestural, the all accomplished one in a nothing of time.  The Master inclined the head without saying a word and we cont inuâmes our walk in peace.  I heard a student to say:  "I hate my body!  It impedes my quicker advance on the Way of the Hermétisme.  It is full of desires and I must waste time to nourish it and take care of him.  I will prefer to consecrate this time to my mental development!"  Nothing, in this world, is without reason.  The physical body contributes to the perfects - lies the whole structure of the human being.  In him, unfolds itself the entire process of the development.  Without him, nothing will go t.  Here - low, the thought is linked to the brain cells; life, without lungs and without the breathing, would not be possible; the somewhere else body allow living in this material world. 

14°. the body; asceticism;

the sport Thus have - we to take care of our body, as that is described in the TEN (Steps of the first book of the Master.  We must include ourselves with him as we would do it with a brother or a younger sister.  It is necessary to take care of him with love, without too to spoil it or t rop to deprive it, otherwise our health would suffer as a result some.  The one that takes pleasure to do the sport should continue thus in a reasonable way: while not aiming a maximum yield, while not taking any risks but while balancing mental tensions and physiq EUS in order to strengthen health, increase the resistance, the endurance, tenacity, the determination, courage and the initiative spirit.  The bodily movement gives pleasure, satisfaction, enchantement and envies to eliminate  the obstacles. 

15°. The Destiny - the Karma

A Latin proverb says:  "Astra inclining sed non-necessant" ("the stars influence but they do not oblige").  We chose, on the mental plan, before our birth, a certain family, a given place, a determined length and all the other conditions, for the life that gets ready; we chose for the Destiny or the Karma corresponding to this choice in order to be able to follow our development or our mission.  We are of course, been born, under a certain astral configuration but this does not mean that we must remain passive, while advancing the following excuse:
"I am not for anything."  On the contrary, by our own will and by the fact of which knowledges qualities were attributed us, we must try of some to obtain more.  As well as Beethoven said:  "I want to seize the destiny to the throat,.  I do not can m 'there to submit completely!"  We must greet, with respect and gratitude towards the Say - vine Providence, all which we arrive in order to pull events the max imum, had consideration to our forces, our experience, our witty development, our maturity and to the circumstances.  We must rejoice at the good things and pull lesson of the tests, as well as that was said.  We must learn to ask ourselves questions and find the responses.  Why do let us meet - we this or that, this person - here or this person - there?  What is - which that means?  What can - one to do for someone?  What can - one, besides, teach to such other?  Of this manner seulem ent,  We will return our interesting life and accept the one - here with rapture.  We to put to bed every evening in having the quiet conscience and, by the thought, before to put to sleep us, see how we again more better will be able to do tomorrow.  Do not cry on the passed or the difficulties that we had to confront; not to fear the future but to live, for always, joyous and happy, in the big PRESENT "No remorse; more better to do the next time!" is a motto.  A day, we will succeed, even if that is at the end of the fifth time.  Never lose the faith in the attained goal.  Know, Dare, be quiet itself, constitute the four pillars of the success.  Do not suffer but to guide others. 

ILLUSTRATIONS AND DOCUMENTS....... (they can be found in pdf form from above links)

Enjoy :)
To Know, To Will, To Dare and To Keep Silent

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Wow, thank you so much Tomega! I had been looking for "Memories of Franz Bardon" in PDF form for quite some time now.
Words cannot explain how happy I am to see this. :wink:
Now I have a good reason to brush up on my French. And the translation you thoughtfully provided will surely help with that.  :biggrin:
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To Know, To Will, To Dare and To Keep Silent