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Theatre of Magick - Ray Sherwin
Sex Secrets Of The Black Magicians Exposed - Ramsey Dukes
Sigil Magic Seminar - Irreverend Hugh.pdf

A Beginner's Guide to Runes - Kristyna Arcarti

Encyclopedia of Buddhism

Dictionary of occult hermetic,alchemical sigils,symbols

Melchizedek Drunvalo - The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life (Vol.1 and 2)

Albert Pike - The Book Of The Words

Michael Laitman - Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life

Lon Milo Duquette & Christopher Hyatt
Sex Magic, Tantra & Tarot: The Way of the Secret Lover

Lon Milo Duquette  - The key to Solomon's key

Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition: A Complete Curriculum of Study for Both the Solitary Magician and the Working Magical Group  ByChic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Neophite tools  By Chic Cicero

Ellic Howe  The alchemist of the Golden down

R.A.Gilbert  - A.E.Waite-Magician of many parts

Christopher Hyatt  An interview with Israel Regardie

A Kabbalistic Guide to Lucid  Dreaming and Astral Projection  by Mark Stavish

Astral Worship by J. H. Hill

Stephen LeBerge

William Buhlman
Adventures beyond the body

Robert Bruce
Astral dynamics


Pat Zalewski... Z5 book 1 Neophyte and book 2 Zelator also Inner order rituals of the Golden dawn

Qabalistic Tarot: A Textbook of Mystical Philosophy  by Robert Wang

Lon Milo Duquette and Christopher Hyatt  Enochian world of Aleister Crowley

Gareth Knight  Magical images

Gareth Knight  A practical guide to qabalistic symbolism

Johannes Kepler - Concerning The More Certain Fundamentals Of Astrology

Sepharial - Primary Directions Made Easy

Samael Aun Weor - Zodiacal Course

Tao Te Ching

Mantak Chia books
Awaken healing light
Bone Marrow Nei Kung
Chi self massage
Cosmic fusion
Cosmic healing I
Cosmic healing II
Dark room enlightenment
Darkness technology
Fusion of eight channels
Fusion of five elements
Awaken healing energy
Transform stress into vitality
Cosmic orbit
Tan tien chi kung
Greater Kan and Li
Sealing of the five senses
Inner smile
Iron shirt chi kung I
Multiorgasmic couple
Taoist secrets of love
The multiorgasmic man
Chi nei tsang I
Spiritual core of master Mantak Chia


Bhagavad Gita


Mahābhārata (Croatian version)

K.Amber-the basics of magick

Liber Al Vel Legis-facsimile edition from about 1937  116mb


Michael Kraig  Modern magick

James A Eshelman  The mistical and magical system of the AA

Joseph Lisiewski  Ceremonial magic: The power of evocation

Poke Runyon  The Book of Solomon's magic

Alison Butler - The Revival of the Occult Philosophy

The Aurum Solis Manual

G.R.S. Mead - The Hymns of Hermes

Fritjof Capra - The Tao Of Physics

Corpus Hermeticum

G.R.S.Mead - Pistis Sophia

Nostradamus and His Prophecies

Paul Foster Case, letter to Israel Regardie

Wynn Westcott, ''The ever burning lamps of the ancients'

Dark Room Enlightenment - Mantak Chia

The Sanskrit Hero: Karna in Epic Mahahabharata

From Alchemy to Chemistry - John Read

The Path of Knowledge by Hermetic Truth Society

William Cozzolino Meditation

Benjamin Rowe, "The essential skills of magic"

Yogi Ramacharaka - 14 Lessons in Yoga Philosophy and Oriental Occultism

The Rosicrucians: The History, Mythology, and Rituals of an Esoteric Order - Christopher McIntosh


AMORC - Mastery of Life

Campbell -  The Hero with a Thousand Faces: Commemorative Edition

Gershom Gerhard Scholem, Allan Arkush, " Origins of the Kabbalah"

The mystical and magical system of the Argentum Astrum (A.'.A.'.)

Kurt C. Krause - Enochian Magick

Donald Michael Craig, "Modern Magic"  2nd and revised edition.

Rosicrucian Order AMORC Positio - Most current Manifesto

The Rosicrucian Manifestos

Secret symbols of the Rosicrucians

dr John Dee: Rosicrucian Secrets

Rosicrucian Manual AMORC (1918, 1990)

Aleister crowley - eight lectures on yoga.pdf

Aleister Crowley-''Magic in theory and practice''

Aleister Crowley-''Moon child''

Aleister Crowley-''The book of lies''

Aleister Crowley-''Tao the king''

Aleister Crowley: TOTH Tarot deck images

Aleister Crowley: Rosa Coeli

The classic Golden Dawn Tarot

Aleister Crowley: Liber C vel Azoth, known also as Liber Agape

The GD Magical(Ritual) Tarot:

The Enochian Tarot Deck:

Enochian Tarot Handbook:

Coloring Guide for the classic GD Tarot:

Phil Hine - Prime Chaos

Formation of the Tree of Life

Samael Aun Weor - Manual Of Practical Magic (1954)

Samael Aun Weor - Logos, Mantram, Theurgy (1959)

Samael Aun Weor - Magic Runes


James Mooney - Sacred Formulaes of the Cherokee

A Reformed Druid Anthology

Crowley diary 1931-1947

Gerald Massey's Lectures

Samael Aun Weor - The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

Karl Hans Welz - Rune Magick

Karl Hans Welz - Rune Ceremonials

Karl Hans Welz - Basic Rune Course

Karl Hans Welz - Rune Yoga Course

Cayce Edgar: On Healing

Dr. Clark Wilkerson: Huna magic

King Serge Kahili : Mastering Your Hidden Self - A Guide to the Huna Way

Dictionary of Occult, Hermetic and Alchemical Sigils

Krishna Gopi "Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man"

Florence Farr - "Enochian Experiments of the Golden Dawn"

Michael Harner ''The way of the shaman"

Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski "Return to oneness"  :cool:
A new book from the creator of the Intnsive of enlightment and Excalibur exercises.



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