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December 11, 2008, 09:51:45 AM
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Priming Your Practice and Life Through Future Selection


As psions we are capable of many things that those without psionic training are not. Some very important psionic skills to note are our ability to observe the future and to alter events before they happen. It is important to understand what kind of an advantage being able to observe the future is and how to properly use it, and therein is the purpose of this article.

Suggested Practice/Skillset

This article is intended for skilled practitioners of psionics. A well developed understanding of the basic skills of a psion, specifically scanning and kinesis, is absolutely necessary to the proper use of the information in this article. It is also expected that before attempting to utilize the information contained within this article that you are capable of observing and altering the future with good results, otherwise you will not be able to properly apply any practices within this article.

Understanding the Practice

As a psions trained in scanning the future we are able to predict events before they occur with accuracy (depending on skill level of course). For instance, if you were waiting for an elevator in front of a number of them you could very well predict which one of the elevators would arrive first and stand in front of that one before it comes. Furthermore, as psions, we are trained in psychokinesis which allows us to influence things without physical interaction with them, such as influencing the outcome of die rolls before their occurrence.

What is important to understand about the above examples (and most any other example one can come up with) is that though our concerns are primarily related to the physical world our actions are not bound by physical limits. So often though we do not think of this and we change only that minute bit of world that is around us, still playing within the limits of the physical world, but this need not be done. The question then arises, "How do I properly use this advantage?".

Any action that creates the future likelihood of that action occurring again is most likely to continue to occur as time progresses. The best example of this can be seen in cellular division, where a cells main function is to divide and create more of itself, as such the very existence of the cell increases the likelihood of there being more cells in the future. On a macroscopic level we could say that, "As a psion any practice I do that creates the future likelihood that I will continue to practice (and practice well) is most likely to keep me practicing (and practicing well)". Therefore, if we alter and organize the future, priming it for future psionic development, we are more likely to experience improved and fluid development.

Below a few examples of how the above information can be applied.

Primimg, Three Examples

There are of course more than 3 ways to prime your psionic practices for success and the three detailed below should only serve as examples, though they are explained in the most general way possible. The most important thing about all these examples is simply the expectation alone that they will succeed, if you do not have this you may as well not attempt anything at all, including your intended practice(s) that you wish to prime.

All the following examples will employ the psionic method of future selection and if you are not familiar with that method it is up to you to become experienced with it before applying any of the examples.

Priming your individual practice - This can be a very simple and effective thing to do right before you do anything related to psionics. We often like to leave our kinetic effects very generally defined as they need little more to be fully effective, because of this the simple act of taking a moment to think about what you are about to do and fully expect it to work and be successful can be very effective in creating better effects with your practice. This is really just a matter of taking the time to relax and achieve the proper mental state prior to practice.

One of the major concerns with every practice however is the way our body and mind can distract us during our practices, making it harder to achieve success. Because we as psions have the option of future selection we can merely take the time (providing of course that we have it) to select a future state of mind and body that is more agreeable to our intended practice. The type of effect you generally want to achieve with your future mind/body state is one of relaxation, alertness, and focus. This pre-practice is a small thing that's very easy to do that will help to achieve greater success.

Priming your day This is just a wise thing for any psion to practice, and if you want to improve your comfort in scanning and altering the future this is the way to do it.

At the beginning of every day scan and observe the day that is about to happen, you can of course perceive it however you would like, such as sequentially or all at once. Observe all that will happen in the day and then identify the things that you can improve upon then future select the day to you intended improved state. As you go about your day take note of your effectiveness and accuracy.

On a personal note, I often like to set up events in the day that help me to develop as a psion. I don't define the events specifically I merely keep the intention that events that will help me develop as a psion will occur throughout the day whenever appropriate and I actualize this intent (as with any future selection) upon the future.

Priming your life - How can we apply future selection to improving our lives as a whole? In fact, we apply it very generally and very easily.

In the same way that we can apply kinesis in a very general and loosely defined manner we can scan for things (futures in this case) in that same general manner without having to observe every specific thing related to that future (which can become confusing at times without the full understanding of it). So if we wish to select a future in which we have consistent practice of psionics with good results from it we need only conceptualize that much and with the proper expectation we will be brought to that future at which point we can actualize it in the same way we always do.

When attempting to create a very specific future you would of course scan and actualize with very specific definitions. In the case when we are 'priming our lives' we are usually trying to apply more general concepts such as prosperity, success, and happiness for instance, which are things that do not always have specific effects. The fact is that if you you keep your intentions general in this situation you will find that your selection is applied in almost every place in your life at once, whereas as getting more specific may only create a future where the intended concept is applied at a singular event. So for instance if you actualize the future of 'Success in business' as it relates to your life, you would get only that in that one area. However if you were to simply actualize 'Success' alone as it relates to your life you would see it in many places including 'business'.

For this practice of 'priming your life' and for your progress as a psion it will be most useful to you to create a life with good, consistent, and focused training where you have many opportunities to use your psionic skills throughout it.


Understand that "priming the future" should only ever be a supplement to your training. Without normal, steady training not much can be gained from priming nothing. Most importantly you should focus on the fundamentals of psionic training and select futures that help these things more effective.

December 13, 2008, 11:43:53 PM
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Thank you , I like these suggestions for manifesting the future and authoring one's day .  :)
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December 14, 2008, 04:36:29 AM
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I loved this. It's probably exactly what I need to improve my practices. Thank you for writing.
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December 14, 2008, 07:11:29 PM
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Three cheers for the Law of Attraction. :D
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December 14, 2008, 07:23:56 PM
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Oh my gods, it's Storm.... :P

EDIT:  Nvm I see your post in the Hello/Goodbye forum.  Couldn't resist, eh?
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Three cheers for the Law of Attraction. :D

Yeap, it sounds like LOA, only thing different is that LOA suggests that you be very specific in what you want and not as general as suggested here.