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November 24, 2008, 12:14:36 AM
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I’ve set a bit of a new goal for myself as of recent, that goal being to take a more active role in producing and spreading useful information related to Psionics. The following meditation/practice I’ve found of great use to me.

All Things Involved


Great effort over great time (the translation of the words ‘Kung Fu’ not ironically) is the way to achieving success in anything we wish to achieve. With this great effort and time comes, hopefully, new ways of thinking and understanding ourselves and our world.

What the practice detailed within this article aims to achieve is a constant meditation (a mantra in ways) that helps us to better understand our world and allow us to better effect it as a psion. It is a method of using the fundamentals of psionics in our daily lives so regularly that we come to understand that all our actions are aspects of the souls will.

Really, this practice is just a new way of thinking.

Suggested Reading/Practice

This is a practice that involves great focus on the physical world, and as useful as it is it is best to counteract this connection with meditations that emphasize disconnection from the physical. The past, present, future mediation I have presented is suitable for achieving a disconnection from the physical, but any practice where we seek to better understand our souls unrelated to the physical or conceptual domain will do.

Understanding the Practice

Firstly, it should be stated that this practice should be done by those that have a firm grip on the principles of psionics, as a beginning practitioner may become confused or overwhelmed with what will occur. That being said I highly recommend this practice to anyone believes themselves capable of it.

This practice/meditation/mantra is very, very simple and the whole of it can essentially be summed up in one sentence, “I am all things involved in the action”, though this of course requires further explanation.

Everything we do in psionics is in some form or another scanning, and, more to this point, what we scan we become. So if we decide and expect with our soul to become everything involved in whatever we're interacting with, we are actually scanning the things we touch, see, and even think about automatically and without extra effort.

What this means is that at all times you are gathering information about everything you interact with in the physical domain. Understandably this information is valuable to whatever you're doing, but more importantly whatever the soul is it can control and change. Meaning that you have control (at least to some extent) over everything you're interacting with while in this state of mind.

To further clarify, properly preforming this practice, properly achieving this state of mind, means that scanning and kinesis are no longer skills but a way of living.

As always the belief and expectation of success in this practice are fundamental to achieving success with it.

Method and Utilization

The utilizations of this practice are best understood as “small to big”. We know that on a conceptual level that there is no difference between moving a large or small object, however the information we are able to efficiently process in a useful way and the skill with which we are able to meaningfully alter the physical world develops with time and experience. Because of the developmental nature of the soul it is best to start of with finite things and work your way up to the bigger.

For example let's take the action of handwriting this article. When practicing this you would want to think something like, “I am the ink that comes from the pen that writes on the paper”. Which with growth and experience with this practice can become, “I am the hand and the paper and the pen and I am the action of writing”. Which can become, “I am the article and all concepts within and I write myself upon the page”.

It should be stressed though that when practicing you should not so much say these things as accept, understand, and expect them. A soul needs no language, it is only what it is. Physical definition of the soul only restricts it.

In the previous examples we see various versions of the same thing. In the first example we are the ink bleeding into the paper. We are the ink and we intend to move ourselves in a nature that promotes the work of the hand, and we, as a soul, shape ourselves and everything that we are to better make this occur.

In the second example we have become many things, however as a soul we are only ever one soul effecting matter. Our intent is to write well and all things we have come to be aware of (all the things that are related to our work) work harmoniously for the singular purpose of writing by our intention and expectation that this will happen

In the third example our intent brings us past the physical and into the conceptual. Understand that whatever we intend to do or create already exists in a conceptual nature in its completed form, and because of this our intent to become all the things involved in what we are doing has taken us to the completed form of what we intend to achieve in the conceptual domain. When we fully understand the conceptual form of the article we can then use it as a template and alter all things needed to become it in the physical world.

What is important to understand is that in all these examples we have to be clearly aware of our intent and be constantly working and shaping ourselves and whatever we interact with to become it.

With good understanding of this state of consciousness, when we do preform kinesis we not only influence the object, we influence all things around it as well as their paths in the future and we do this as a singular focused action.

The real intent behind all this practice however is to decrease reliance on the body to the point where we may take away the hand and write with pen and paper alone.

Practical Applications

The applications of this practice are of course not limited to writing articles (it would be a severe waste   of time if this were so). With enough time and experience you will find that this practice is actually a controlled method for achieving what is called 'Flow', or more commonly known as being 'In the Zone'. Flow is an experience of heightened awareness that allows a person greatly improved performance in whatever they are doing.

Normally flow is achieved only in actions that the person who has achieved flow has great, great experience in (it's most commonly observed in sports players). However, the practice detailed above circumvents this in many ways as it uses scanning and kinesis to alter the present and future simultaneously to the users will. The point is that if you are able to fluidly scan for and obtain all important information around you while at the same time observe the future and alter it to your preference, you will never need to be experienced in anything but this one practice as everything will fall into place for you no matter what you do.

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