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September 23, 2008, 01:20:09 PM
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Last night I had a bunch of dreams back to back. In the last dream I was married. It wasn't a happy marriage though because my husband was trying to kill me. lol

In this dream where I was married, my husband and I were...I guess you could say magicians. He was trying to destroy the world and I was trying to stop him. The setting was like... the end  of days and he was something like the anti-christ.The dream started with me running away from him. Even though we were both powerful, we were still fragile. Especially me being pregnant. I was able to get him off my back(with a bolt of lightning from my hands. lol) and ran into a temple for the the goddess Gea. When I was in the temple I performed a spell asking for my baby to be removed from my body until I finished fighting with my husband. The baby is taken out of my body and I resume fighting with my husband. We banged each other up pretty bad, but I end up killing him in the end.

Once the fight was over, my baby was returned to my body and I went into labor. After two midwives delivered my baby I laid in this huge canopy bed (that was either in the water or just outside) with the baby lying next to me. Anyway, lightning and thunder is all around us and I tell my baby girl Jomili, that her daddy did that (the thunder and lightning). The dream ended with the baby having a toy in her hand and me saying something about not letting her watch tv...

Anyway the dream isn't what I'm asking about. I wanted to know if anyone is familiar with the name Jomili. I thought it was a weird name and wondered why would I name my baby that. I decided to google the name and came across the book "Pagan Christs" by John M Robertson. I don't believe in coincidences; only synchronicity. I think there may be something in that book that I need to read. I know that my dream is pretty much compiled of my imagination and things I've seen on tv, but I can't recall ever coming across the name Jomili or this book. I'm not saying I could have never come across it, but I'm pretty sure I didn't. 

So, is anyone familiar with the name Jomili (jo-meal-ee) or the book Pagan Christs by John M Robertson? I won't have a chance to read the book until  later this week, but I think the book is basically about all religions being myths or something.
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