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September 19, 2008, 03:17:37 AM
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I was running on a treadmill in my house.  I finish, and head out the door, which turned out to be a bathroom in my school.  I complain that its hot and that I feel faint and need food.  I go into my math teachers room (which is now my kitchen, I don't know why) for whatever reason and ask her for a dollar to buy food.  She hands me a handful of coins, fake sheriff badges, and bottlecaps.  I sort this out and say that there was only 50 cents, to which she says that I was the one asking her for money so I should be happy with what she gives me.  I see a bag sitting on the counter full of cereal boxes.  I take out the one I liked the best and then for some reason walk into my room.  The lights were on (I never leave lights on) and there was a crucifix, specifically the one that used to hang in my room in my old house, with the long part cut off so that the cross was equal armed and that jesus was cut off at the torso, standing upside-down so as to defy gravity, on the lower left part of my bed.  I involuntarily grab this in my right hand and start laughing uproariously, possibly because I might've found the display amusing, but were it not a dream I would ask "why is this here and why is it defying gravity?"  Once I had grabbed it I started rolling around on the ground involuntarily, starting to feel faint again.  For some reason at this point I knew I was dreaming and willed myself to wake up.  My body was quaking as I tried to stop my muscles from moving erratically.  Once I was more awake, I realized that the quaking was not in my physical body.  This was very disconcerting and I would appreciate help to try and figure out just what this means, if anything.

June 10, 2009, 05:28:40 PM
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Obviously some kind of moral implications, and upside cross symbolizes evil, or at least sacrilege.
so don't take government money (teacher), don't eat cereal in your room? lol
Also this seems to be mildly about end times as well, but maybe not fully. At least theres some bad faith in your life, and you need
to ask yourself some moral questions, and do good. (or maybe you'll have a heartattack, deathseizure or who knows)
Otherwise it could be more symbolic of some kind of situation currently in you're life.
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