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October 28, 2012, 01:24:05 PM
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Jim E

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First, thank you for all your posts and articles.  I have found them to be extremely helpful and inspiring.

Regarding kechari mudra, should it be practiced without the guidance of a guru?  In other words, if the tongue can be brought back into the nasal cavity without cutting of the frenulum, can kechari mudra be practice by someone without a guru?  If so, how would you recommend incorporating it into a sadhana for somebody working on the steps in Bardon's IIH book, but has also incorporated the other exercises discussed in this article?

Again, thank you for all your help.

October 28, 2012, 05:02:43 PM
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Thank you very much for the article, as for stretching exercises that help towards Padmasana, Rawiri has posted an excellent link in his article:

I was also wondering if you have any techniques to clear the nostrils before practicing Pranayama.

Nadi Shodhana (alternate Nostril Breathing)
Its a very good method for slowly over time opening of the shushumna and also the l sidechannels, yes your nose will open like that :b

Jim, yeah ofcourse but can you really bring the tongue up, that high, without "tongue modding" (:D)?