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The human can project from any of the energy storage centres . There are three primary stones from which we routinely project ;

The 3 Tan Tiens or Primary Stones of the Human Energy Body

At birth , inside each human being there are at least 3 main storage centres .These are called by various names . Medieval Alchemists called them stones . Asian mystics call them tan tiens . Each of these larger energy centres surround 2 spinal chakras at birth . Hermetically each of these stones stores and in effect creates a different form of energy . Mantak Chia and Robert Bruce are among the metaphysical authors whom have written about these main storage centres .

The red male tan tien also called the earth stone is at the base of the spine and surrounds the red and orange chakral areas . It stores sexual and generative energy called ching .

The yellow sun dan tien also called the sun stone is at the solar plexus surrounding the yellow and green chakral areas . It stores vital essence called chi .

The Blue female tan tien or moon stone is at the head and surrounds the blue and indigo chakral areas. It stores psyhic energy called shen .

In time the 8th chakra ,which Robert Bruce describes as having four vortices of energy descending from it , will become a pink stone and the purple chakra will grow and manifest a purple stone above the head .So the stones continue to manifest but actually they are all present at birth  and will light up with development as the magician raises their vibration .

These are important to the mystic as areas to store energy which spills out when needed to further develop the energy body or be used in energy work ie meditation , healing and projection .

larger image here
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Earth Stone

The  Earth Stone is also called the Male Tan Tien . It lies over the red and orange chakras on the spine and is  clairvoyantly seen as a salmon pinky orange red colour . The energy generated from the prana we breathe is converted into ching here . Ching is an asian term for sexual energy or generative  essence . This is also the energy of creativity . The main "kanda" of the human body is on the perineal area , upon which we sit , at the base of this red stone .  A kanda is a salad plate sized alchemical structure which enables the kundalini energy to rise up through it and acts upon it like a transformer stepping it up or down in power .

Hermetic Elemental Gender Differences

To understand the nature of this stone we need to examine the gender differences in the human energy body . Franz Bardon et al have written that ;the right side and front are : red , male , electric  , warm , moist , heavy , dark , earth energy and that the left and rear ; are blue , female , magnetic , cold , wet , heavy , dark , water energy .

Advanced techniques of OBE through the Earth Stone

Thus  to facilitate this projection one method for females is to lean forward in an armchair exposing the back at an 60 degree angle . Another is to lie on the stomach if female and lie on the back if male . But perhaps the best position for the vibe out /peel off of the astral double is to lay in a fetal position with the legs drawn up to the gut and with both lower legs touching each other lengthwise  closely .

featuring John Lennon and a friend from Annie Leibowitz's photo archives
In this case the male lies on the left side and the female is advantaged by lying on the right side . An alchemical structure in the mid shaft of the lower leg develops over time which is similar to the kanda . When this structure is present the vibing out of the etheric /astral body is so much easier . Lying in the fetal pose opens this structure up so that the male right mid shaft centre  reacts with the female one on the left leg .

To revise, the human being has both gender qualities within them but a female will vibe out easier from the rear and left and the male will vibe out easier from the front and right of the body . After opening in protection , sit upon the edge of your bed or couch .

Raise energy up from the earth into the insteps of the feet . Raise on the right side red energy seeing , feeling and willing the leg to bring up and through it red , male , electric  , warm , moist , heavy , dark , earth energy to the knees then the hips and into the male kanda at the base of the red stone . Similarly , raise on the left side blue , female , magnetic , cold , wet , heavy , dark , water energy up to the male kanda .

The legs will begin to shake internally and this is called vibrations . After the vibes have begun lie down slowly into the fetal position . Energy is generated much easier with the bare feet on the floor making contact with mother Earth . But it is easier to project from this stone , lying down . So to repeat , protect , raise energy , roll into the fetal position gently and slowly . Lie with the eyes closed and the body still and allow the vibes to continue and increase in intensity . Continuing to raise energy through the insteps of the feet to power up . 

Astral Sight

When the astral double begins to peel off allow the eyes to move with it . I find that opening my eyes now makes me retreat to the body again .Similarly , looking through the third eye in the mode I use for meditation also makes me be aware of the physical body so that does not work either . I have found that if I close my physical eyes and also close my third eye brow centre I do best .  I keep all eyes closed , until I feel the peeling away and then  I look with the astral eyes also called the eyes of the dragon  to a routine spot from my bed and flow out of the body into that area of my room .

I chose a spot as far away from my body as I could see while lying in the optimal fetal position . The astral eyes are on either side of the third eye brow centre and these are used instinctively by all projectors . Robert Bruce says if you find self in the dark say "clarity now " or "astral vision on ". There are aspects of these parts of the brow centre that are superior for projection to the third eye . Interestingly many people who do not demonstrate clairvoyance in meditation yet are able to see in dreams and in projections just fine .

Linking to a person . I choose where I will go while alert before I lie down . I 'will' myself to that place  I wish to go to , or to that person I wish to be with . I see the person in my mind or hold an object of theirs . If I want to connect with my husband while he is away , I smell his pillow case and then hold that pillow to my heart . In this way I have been  able to enter his dreams or appear to him in etheric projection . If you intend to connect to a friend  you might  generate a temporary cord of energy to them . This is done by sending a temporary link of energy to their heart with their permission . The link is felt by them and sent on an arc like a pendalum swinging back again to you . Continue to do this until you fall into their auric space .
OBE from the Earth Stone

When we project out of the Earth Stone , we exit as a gender specific body .That is that the male projector issues a life size blue silhouette from the right and front of the human energy body and the female projector issues a life size pink silhouette  from the left and rear of the human energy body . This is a paradox because the female is more water but projects as earth and the male is more earth but projects as water . The human retains their own genders essence and what pulls away into the etheric body is like a glove of energy which is not unlike Peter Pan's shadow in that it is able to look like us but in one colour and it can move independent of us . The projection that is issued has been called the astral double or the etheric body  .

Projections from  Earth /Water elements 

This is a heavy projection of earth and water energy hermetically that emits from the Earth Stone  . This projection has assets which include being the easiest seen should you want to visit a clairvoyant peer .This form can also be felt and this means the projector can interact in a more physical manner by walking , hugging or touching  .


The projector from the Earth Stone  is able to visit what is called the Real Time Zone or the RTZ , this is a projection to a remote location or another place during real time .So you might appear and sense a remote place . You can connect to the name , the face and the energy signature of a friend and work as a peer with them to map out each other's home layout . You can connect just as you did above .

Sensing a remote location

You will find that energy that is a different temperature than the air will be easiest to see . One can sense air conditioners , heaters , lamps , refrigerators and dryers most easily . Similarly , windows , doors ,stairwells ,  computers and televisions  are easier to see . Animals may be invisible so may unawares but a live human who is full in the energy body will be seen and what is eery is that you can also see their energy trace . So it is possible to see the footprints on a carpet recently walked upon or see a bum print on a chair recently sat on . Dining room chairs that are never sat in are cold and become invisible but the ones that are in the same room that are used daily are hot in energy and can be seen .

The site in RTZ is unlike any other realm . People that appear to us are monochrome . If we connect closely with them and can anchor our selves in consciousness there we are able to see their skin colour sometimes but eyes are generally invisible .When one initially appears in a remote location , the area may seem all gray and as the connection becomes stronger colours will begin to appear . The colour of the clothing is much harder to see than the colour of their energy body . Colours of walls are more difficult to see than colours of furniture . Try to walk or float upright through the room you find your friend along the walls noting where something can be seen such as a window or a door on your right side and continue until you find an obstacle . In this projection floating through walls is too easy . To navigate along the floor line and float through open doorways is much less stress upon the connection . Sometimes you will see through walls drawn to live projectors in other rooms or to animals or even deceased spirits that are near .

Exercise to improve clairient sense in RTZ

 Another advantage can be afforded by this projection done in bi location . In this manner , the projector can learn to remote view and bi locate consciousness with a partner by leaving in OBE during meditative trance and sensing while the mind is awake . Trance affords optimal recall that sleep robs us of . Working with a partner who is at the remote location , attempt to bi locate in trance so that you can with a little effort type a few words and then fly a bit see some more and type again  reporting what you sense ie . I am drawn to an area of light I feel it is a window on your right . Which you might type as ...' window right ' or as a full sentence if you can manage to slip back and forth in consciousness easily . Try to map the perimeter of the room ."

 Further down that wall I see a rectangle of coloured light I feel this is a tv  on the wall facing you . I am turning now onto the tv wall and I find an opening I see a bathroom here . Coming back to that wall I see a huge opening of light I feel this is a sliding glass door . I am projecting out of the door I see a pool on my right ." etc .

The partner makes short brief comments ie " Y" or" N "or  "no window but opening to next room ". Do not elaborate on what they miss and get wrong look to confirm any little bit that is right in this way they gain confidence but they also strengthen their link and sense better .


 One can also be with a loved one separated by distance .A form of good tantra can occur here . This is when you visit someone with permission and enjoy each other's company while out of the body . There is a form of sexual tantra which can be enjoyed and is not dangerous if one protects and acts in love with permission much as partners would in physical conjugation . There is another form of this tantric visit which is predatious in nature and causes harm to both a victim and the perpetrator . That form of unwanted visit lowers the vibration of the projector allowing for negative attachments and weakening both the victim and the perp and causing fear ,  illness , anxiety and depression etc. This inflicts a karmic debt . Shielding your bedroom is a good form of defense against such perps .
Entering Dreams

On the other hand , a visit to a relative in a nursing home or hospital is a kindness . One can appear at the bedside and show you care , enter the dreams of the sleeping one you visit and assure them of your loving support .To enter the dreams , we go to them in the astral and follow their energy signature back to the sleeping body and ask for permission to enter the dreamscape . Even unawares can be quite capable of refusing entry into their dreamscape and this privacy should be respected . But if you are permitted then this is a place to plead your case , try to reason with someone you care about concerning difference of opinions . I have used this technique to convince a beloved daughter to return home when she ran away to live with a boyfriend . Of course acting without permission or attempting to influence someone in a harmful way incurs consequences and karmic debt .
Totemic Plane

The lower realm called the totemic plane is another destination of the etheric body  . We can go to hear totemic animal advice ,  We purposely lower the vibration slightly by raising heavy water energy to fall into the realm below the earth and into the caves and tunnels of Mother Earth .Here is one journey to the Totemic Cave ;Sound 5 aumms or  stir a tibetan singing bowl  or turn it over and bang it upon the bottom bit as a bell , strum a celtic drum or bang two wooden rhythm sticks together . Just find the rhythmic sound that releases your subconscious memories and go deeper slower ...deeper slower and down into the ground below the earth to a cave where it is safe and warm .

 A solitary rock on  dank moist hardened ground is the only thing you see besides the gray rock walls surrounding you .But sit upon this large flat topped rock  and animals will approach you , as many as nine of them . Ask each one their name . Ask them why they are in your life right now , what is their wisdom and if they are totems for life or just this stage . These animal spirits will show you their message in dream imagery or if you listen carefully you may hear them speak to you . If you cannot hear them well just look to see what animal arrives and tell them you cannot hear them . Ask them to show you . This is an excellent place to begin mystic visions. A brilliant Totem interpretation site ;
Perhaps the favourite destination from the Earth Stone is the Astral Planes .

The Astral Plane is unlike the RTZ or the Totemic in that it can be without physical constraints . Vision here may appear dreamlike and yet more clear and real then dreams . Often the first sight in the AStral Planes is swirling psychodelic swaths of colour that seem to float by formlessly . There may be a noticable absence of the floor or any sky or ceiling either . Thinking of a person may cause a form of them to appear to you . You might see them show you imagery to communicate with you and recall this when they awaken . You can use the AStral like a bus station to get to a remote location and then enter a dream or power up into a full astral double . It is possible to send the astral double to a remote location and then re unite with it leaving the tranced or sleeping body completely . The astral can be a conduit for such play between the etheric plane , the real time zone , a dreamscape  , a mindscape and the astral .

Kundalini Cobras to find another in the AStral

In a certain kundalini event , a skirt of cobras will manifest on the chest at the sun stone and on the pelvis at the earth stone . The skirt is called the skirt of Vishnu and the heart cobras are on the Urn of Ganeesha also called the feathers of Garuda . The magician can link to an opposite gendered person or sexual partner using the pelvic cobras and link to a friend or same gendered person using the heart cobras . The cobras are named when they develop the centre one is for the lover on the skirt . The centre one is for the best friend on the heart . The cobras that are closest to your 180 degrees are for family members the ones at centre are non family members . A cobra can be renamed but it is best to name them well because the energy link to that person can become so  charged with their signature that it becomes difficult to rename it .

When the cobras manifest there are usually 3 cobras on kids and I have seen up to 11 on adults with a strong energy body . There will be an odd number always the one in the centre is balanced by an equal number of cobras on either side . To name a cobra hold it in your energy awareness hands and say the name with eyes closed see the person and link to them and go there in projection . One or two times should allow you then to use that cobra to find them and follow them anywhere . Again this technique should be with someone you love or care about and should be used only with permission . Robert Bruce writes that one can then think of the person and their cobra will point to that person and you can follow the snake through the astral to find them . Once the cobras are not needed they disappear . To call them up again merely protect , raise energy and will them to exit from the stones . See them feel them and they become extensions of your energy body .

Etheric Plane

An etheric replica of your home ,your city and everyplace on Earth occurs just above the physical actually beginning in the physical and flowing from it and into the lower astral . The etheric is heavier and lower than the Astral but lighter than the physical and drifts over it like an aura of clouds might . The etheric of a landmark city like Paris will appear with the major landmarks as one sees in the physical but there will be no traffic , litter , pollution , cacophony etc. A new building may not appear in the etheric yet . Buildings which are no longer there might not have decayed from the etheric yet . It is like hitting the pause on the remote control of a movie . The colours are vivid and real . There is no dreamlike quality in the lines and definition but there is lucid dreamstate flow and one can move into it from the dreamstate . You can see and hear people .  You can choose to meet people and communicate with them .

Using Core Image to find a location ie Akashic Records

One of the favourite sites to visit in the AStral is in the Upper Astral /Monadic Plane . This is called the Akashic Records . To get anywhere you want by will a core image of a place is often sufficient . Especially if you build up that core image yourself by visiting the realm . Once you have anchored a core image you can return by simply protecting , raising energy and sitting in meditative trance bringing the core image to the third eye and entering it until the realm phases around you . In this manner you do not leave your body but expand your consciousness in a Robert Monroe method . However using the same core image one can also choose to OBE and enter the realms .,367.0.html
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The Moon Stone

Shen is created and stored in the moon stone or female tan tien which is surrounding the blue and indigo chakras of the head . Shen is the energy of intuition and psyche . This stone can be seen clairvoyantly to be a platinum blue colour . The energy here is neither akasha nor water hermetically . This energy is sweet cold heavy magnetic lustrous like quick silver and moonlight .

Projection of Consciousness from the Moon Stone
Projection from the moon stone is called projection of consciousness or mystic projection of the mental body . The advantages of projecting from this stone are that this is less heavy having no earth within it . When we project from the sun stone the inherent nature of the hermetic fire there dries the projection which becomes all light . When we project from this stone we must take the consciousness up through the emergent air stone and thus the projection will issue in variant qualities of water and air .

So initial projections from this stone are like white milky moonlight eventually becoming silvered and finally becoming an ethereal green when the water is left behind . The milky white issue does not enjoy a visage and the silvery one is very ghostlike in appearance having no discernible body merely a head upon a wisp of cloud like ether .

Water makes the projection heavier . Air makes the projection lighter . A green projection is therefore sought after as this will allow one to ascend to higher realms . To attain the greenest projection merely dump red earth energy then flush with blue water energy and purge this also . Use the fire energy to heat the remaining air and you are off like a hot air balloon to go where you will .

To dump energy send it from the open  mouth and nostrils as breath . Purge it from the palms and the kandas of the front and back of the heart as a visualised colour of energy ie blue cold heavy water and red warm heavy earth .Complete the purge from the heels which issue stale prana instinctively . Once the energies of earth and water are purged  the resulting air will make oneself feel light but take fire now up from the sun stone  to heat the air  in the moon stone and the resultant projection is light air hot and rising air . Recall warm air ascends and cool air descends.

This form of projection of consciousness is ideal during meditative trance because the mind will be alert and awake while the body is sleeplike in trance and thus the projection can be recalled and controlled .

This banner from Astral Society shows a genie like projection . This is exactly what the mental body of an adept will appear like clairvoyantly after projecting from the moon stone . The face will have be recognisable but have a 'mini me ' quality because the entire projection is about half the size of the human projecting . The arms appear uselessly tucked into the flanks and the legs are missing as a vestigial wisp . But this projection advantages the projector because it is so light and it can attain the higher realms effortlessly .

Strength of the Human Spirit to project  beyond the constraints of the Physical Condition
Any human can learn projection  in fact some comatose humans do this instinctively or with the help of spirit guidance . But marvellously , I have experienced many profoundly cognitively impaired children who were also able to  project in consciousness from the imprisonment of their invalidated bodies. In the past , I worked as a special ed teacher of severely impaired and multiply challenged students confined to wheelchairs . A student named Jessica who was 15 years old but only the size of a three year old in height ,was non verbal , in diapers, and could lift only the right arm stiffly , having no use of her legs . Yet this child could remote psi shout to her mother and she could issue such a high quality of projection that her hair and skin colour were apparent to clairvoyant peers when she visited us floating above our table in circle in uninvited and surprising projections . Jessica is a case in point , but i witnessed many students in my tenure as a special education teacher who were quite adept in their projections of consciousness and etheric body projections also . The higher self is not impaired , it is not non verbal or blind or unable to move on its own when the physical body is thus constrained .

Core Images to attain a destination
Core images may be utilised to achieve any destination you can think of above or below the astral . There is a library of core images in the Cosmology forum of River of Enlightenment .

Remote viewing in the RTZ
The  RTZ , etheric and astral planes are best visited through the earth stone though because one can interact and use the awareness body there. But the RTZ can also be achieved through a temporary link to a human in remote viewing or remote projection of voice called psi shouting .In this manner we send the consciousness to retrieve what is sensed back to the alert mind in meditative trance . To do this send a link of energy to their heart swinging back and forth like a pendalum from them to your heart until you are joined .

Ashrams  in Space
If we join this consciousness to an already projected etheric double we will have a strong link which can be seen by clairvoyant peers and which can sense like a robot an area too far away for us to go physically . This is ideal for sensing the ashrams or planets of sentient beings in other star systems

A  greek pillared temple floating in space is an ashram called the white lodge . But it  has two sides and can become the Blue Lodge if you gain entrance to the rear and invisible side .The white side is wide open you climb the stairs and often see higher self or a mother guide or Goddess ie Mary Isis , Pallas Athena, Quan Yen ,Khali or Diana  . The dais area has a round floor and the moonlight enters from above it serenely . Through the pillars one can see surrounding mountains in this mini Greek Island in Space.

From here one can become attuned to the vibration to sense other sentient beings which we call aliens . This will lead you to the other side which  is called the Ashram of the Arcturians or the Lord and Lady of Sirius which are sentient beings from another universe .

Sirius is our name for a star near Orion as one of his hunting dogs Canis Major and Canis Minor . No one lives on the star but humans have come into a habit of calling sentient beings by a star nearby which we recognise . We need more that 2 points , eath and that star , to navigate effectively .We need to triangulate so it is curious to me to call a pathway by the name of one star . Nonetheless this is the human way at this time . Thus mystics have named sentient beings met in mystic journeys as Alpha Centaurians , Pleaidians and Arturians and Sirians for example .

The ones which have been called arcturians from Sirius are the closest known sentient humanoid beings to our Earth and their planet is not in our solar system or even in our local universe  . These  beings are purple gray invertebrates with a skirt like lower body that moves like a jellyfish .They have 2 arms with three long fingers which are padded at the end. Thier heads look similar to ET . I feel that all the ones we meet in the ashram there are deceased . I have been there many times and recently enjoyed a tour with the online circle .

There is a portal on the far left  as you enter from the blue lodge side . There we found we could go to their planet to an underwater cave . We saw purple suns and aquatic people . We visited a school of these jelly fish like beigns all floating and hovering around a story teller . On a visit online we found that the underwater cave beneath the black rocky cliffs of the purple wolf dragon temple connect to this planet and also to the new purple ashram we manifested at the end of the pier there in the Dragon Temple Realm .
Here is an artist depiction of an "Arcturian " which I find aptly depicts those whom  I have seen there with peers . But I do not agree with most of the descriptions I read online about the aliens met in dreams by humans . I suggest you go straight to the source and discern for yourself as the secondhand regurgitations can become all muddled about . If you will go to the dragon temple and down to the beach beneath the black cliffs you will find an underground grotto which will lead you in a portal to this ashram .,18124.0.html
Larger Map Image Here ;

The Kandas of the Moon Stone are numerous
The primary kanda in this stone is like a yamakah  skullcap lying across the top flat portion of the crown gently hugging the scalp also resembling the papal scull cap . A mini kanda also exists on the third eye appearing first as a silver and then golden disk as described in Exodus so many centuries ago .

The Table of Divine Effulgence
Recently a table kanda has been manifested on the back of the head . When a person lies prostrate as we see the buddhist monks or muslims do at prayer so that the heels are under the bum and the opposing mini kandas of the lower legs mid shaft come into contact then this will in turn attune the greater table at the back of the human head . The arms cradle the head and also lying side by side . An emergent mini kanda is currently developing in the forearms . The palms should be upturned . This position is the table of the Godhead . Through it the light may permeate the mind in mystic visions that exceed Kether . When a mystic feels the purple stone become ripened and the pillars manifest themselves on either side of the jaw and on either side of the third eye then the table is ready to be spread reminiscent of the 23rd Psalm .

 Mystic projection is a term meaning to leave the body  to attend the higher and /or lower planes . The middle realms are Astral , Ethereal and Real Time Zone . The mystic can enter these in OBE but also go above and below the middle realms and across the abyss . There are various mystic paths that have existed anciently including but not limted to Hindu , Buddhic , Christian , Muslim , Jewish religious mystics .Mysticism is often braided into kaballah. shamynism , Hermetic Magick , Alchemy , Ceremonial Magick etc .

I find that working in a circle with others in meditation is a great way to begin as the energy is much higher than what you can produce yourself . More energy means being able to see and hear , project and understand better .

Thru mysticism , I have completed the !0 step Path of the Magician ,The Opus Minus , the Magnum Opus ,  the Emerald Tablet etc .

I have gone with my peers and visited the realms which are eternal but expanding and I am continuing to learn and to develop the energy body . If you have specific questions please ask .

Basic Method
* choose a core image
* read the description
*  look at the provided artist's image which resembles that realm
* open in protection
* sit in a comfortable armchair in dim light
* in a hermetically balanced space
* close the physical eyes
* deep cleanse breathe
* dump heavy warm brick brown red earth energy,  visualise it leaving
* breathe out  from every effluent centre ; heart , palms , heels , mouth
* dump heavy cold blue water energy ,visualise it leaving
* from every effluent centre ; heart , palms , heels , mouth
* raise hot golden orange bright light fire energy
* draw it in from the insteps and souls
* breathe in fire from the nose and mout
* enter a trance
* tune into the brow centre
* anchor the core image by  intention
*  vocalise where you are going aloud
*  lift up the consciousness to the moonstone  energy body head
* bring consciousness into the third eye
* as if you are sitting there looking out through the window of the soul
* anchor the core image by visualisation , see the realm in the third eye
* project in mystic consciousness;  lift out from the moonstone
* separate a mental body from the crown
* exit ; through the crown or third eye , as you feel
* lift up to the roof
* visualise self entering the colour stream
* visualise the realm opening around you
* enter into it like you stepped from a bus into a new place

Revising the technique , it is best to sit in circle with mates in a balanced temple in dim light ~ ie fountain , incense , candles , potted tree plants ,etc. Open in prayers of protection .Deep cleanse crown down. Then  raise energy from the feet up . Sit in light meditative trance entered through practiced breathing techniques. Close the eyes and look thru the third eye and see if mahatma have appeared .If teaching spirits are present,  attend to their lesson and follow them to the realms. If no teaching spirit  is present when you open , you might evoke a teacher or use a core image of the last destination and follow on from there exploring ....

.......~*~Love, Light & Laughter~*~
~*~Meditation & Mysticism is Magick!~*~

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The Sun Stone or Dan Tien
Within the solar plexus in a large area encompassing the yellow and green chakras there is the large yellow sun stone which is the home of the chi . This is vital energy which sustains life . The sun stone or Dan Tien is the strongest Tan Tien and contains two kandas at birth  . These kandas are as big as a salad plate on an active fully energised adult . They are parallel to each other and appear clairvoyantly as a breast plate and a shield behind the heart of equal size . This sun stone when activated will be larger than a beach ball when it begins it is the size of a basketball . Although present at birth it must be energised through raising energy and kundalini events .
Kanda static and active   
Predictably the front will operate first . The beginning of stirrings may be felt as the flame of agni which may appear clairvoyantly over the heart as a stationary akashic flame but over time this will become an eternal flame of perpetual motion that soon becomes golden and silver as amoris and akasha . The energy heart like the physical heart is the pump but not for blood. The energy heart which beats within the sun stone pumps prana into the limbs and the stones revitalising the energy body . Proper breathing techniques and advanced speciaty techniques such as taught in kriya yoga will allow for frest prana to imbibe the energy body maintaining a positive energy body full of love and light .

On this site you will see a martial arts technique to bubble up energy through these major centres too ;
"true men breath from their heels while others breathe from their gullets," which means that a true man breathes with his whole body, a high level of achievement in breath and chi training. Once the breath is felt through the whole body and the student is able to move their energy by way of the mind, one has achieved what is known as the "Grand Circulation".

To reach this skill level one must learn to breathe through and be aware of select points on the body. These points are some of the 365 acupuncture points. We will concern ourselves with two of these points.

Key note: From the Lower Tan Tien there are two flows of Chi upward to the palms and two downward to the bottoms of the feet. These exercises are a key ingredient for advancement in the internal and martial arts for power and strong chi flow. Bear in mind, the student should be able to store the chi in the Tan Tien before trying these exercises.

There are four gates or cavities on the limbs which are well known in Chinese medicine and Chi Kung as areas that regulate the body's Chi state. Two of these points are Laogong (P-8) located at the center of the palms the other two are Yongquan (K-1) located at the front center of the soles on the bottom of the feet (refer to diagram).

In the Chinese martial arts and internal healing arts, learning how to lead the Chi from these points is essential in order to acquire the necessary skills to build strong root and generate enormous power from the hands and feet. Yongquan breathing: Yongquan means "bubbling well" referring to the area on the soles of the feet that absorb the earth's energy as if it were "bubbling" up from below.

After you have stored an abundance of Chi in the Lower Tan Tien, when you inhale, lead the breath from the Yongquan point to the Lower Tan Tien, and when you exhale, lead the breath from the Lower Tan Tien to the Yongquan cavities. Practice for several minutes until you generate a grounding sensation at the bottoms of the feet. With enough practice you will feel the chi circulating through your legs.

This exercise builds strong root, allows the chi to flow smoothly through the legs and can lead the way to developing strong power. This is a Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation) exercise.

Four Gates breathing: This exercise uses both Yongquan and Laogong points, allowing awareness of chi flow between the legs and hands. When you inhale, use your mind to lead the breath from the Yongquan and Laogong cavities to the Lower Tan Tien. When you exhale, lead the breath from the Lower Tan Tien to the Yongquan and Laogong cavities. When you practice, place the hands in front of the body palms down at the Lower Tan Tien level with the middle fingers extended slightly upward so the Chi can flow smoothly to and from the Laogong points.

Besides the obvious benefits to the legs and torso, this exercise helps train the "Ching" needed for what the Tai Chi classics call the skill to "root the energy in the feet, transfer it through the legs, direct it by the waist and lead it through the hands". This too is a Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation exercise). "

The raising of the dragon is a specialised techinque .
larger image here ;
To do this first examine your feet and ascertain how many centres are open there .

 NEW energy methods by Robert Bruce will help stimulate these vitally important influent energy centres in the ball and instep and the effluent centres also in the instep and in the heel .
Larger Image here ;

Initially the ball will open as an influent source and the heel will open as an effluent source . But over time the instep will develop a core which is a mini kanda and kundalini will rise through the feet from Mother Earth into the major kandas . When you begin this technique it is good to try the balls of the feet only as rose on right and aqua on left . Later try to bring up 2 additional cobras of energy as amber on the right heel and purple on the left heel . Four cobras make a splendid hermetic set and opens the body brilliantly .

Begin with 3-5 deep cleansing breaths in your own time . With each deep inhalation ,pull light from the crown down through the body pushing energy and stale prana from the rear of the heart through the palms of the hands and out of the heels .

Throughout this exercise do not exhale fully .Merely exhale half your breath when necessary and inhale sharply .As you raise this energy see and feel the cobras as partners conduits subservient to your will to raise the energy from the prana through these activated channels into your sun stone . Will pull and tuck the cobras up to the heart .

The maha bandha lock is a method which will faciliatate this rise of energy through the kundalini circuit . This will not precipitate a full kundalini event but it will raise the dragon and allow a greater energy body for the duration of the session for a moment the first time and up to 45 minutes after you develop control in  meditative trance . 

From the right foot call up the rose earth cobra at the ball and the amber fire cobra at the heel . Feel them rise as warm energy up to the knee and hold them there by will as you raise then the aqua air cobra from the ball of the left foot and the purple water cobra from the right heel .

This method will not cause the first flame to ignite . This is a method to raise energy so that it ignites in the "perfected secondary circuits" of the human energy body to manifest kundalini . This is not the same as a kundalini phenomenal event .

1.As you inhale,pull energy up. Call the cobras up from the ground .We connect to the energy of mother earth and command the cobras to be formed by will and enter into our insteps .They will rise as a rose cobra through the right leg and an aqua cobra through the left leg ,thick ropes and warm like bath water up each leg until they come together in the male tan tien .In time you can raise rose in front amber at the heel of the right foot . On the left foot aqua in the front and purple at the heel .

Exhale only half your breath when you need to breathe in again . Here ,swirl them widdershins (counterclockwise) and upwards by will ,breath control ,and muscles to lock them from falling back down and away .

Pull up the pelvic floor muscles to raise the perineal area. Draw your pelvic floor upwards as the cobras begin to rise into the hips,contract all muscles in this area.  Contract the anus too and forcibly push like one is giving birth but upwards into the body and not outwards from it . Push the heavy snake upward and inward . This is a modified Maha Bandha lock and there are inks to understand this better, below .  Pull the guts inward to the back and upwards into the abdominal cavity towards the heart . The cobras will be rise feeling as warm energy on the right cool energy on the left they will braid together in the earth stone and rise up to the sun stone by your will . Swirl them widdershins and with control so they  rise slowly and deliberately to the sun stone .

2.As you inhale again , draw up this kundalini cobra as one into the groin , exhaling only half your breath . The abdomen draws in now , up under the ribcage holding the larger conjoined cobra in the guts now . Try to push the stomach walls up to the heart.

3.Inhale and draw the energy up through your heart , exhaling half your breath only.The breath is controlled so that the muscles push the kundalini up gradually and the breath inhaled maintains the place until the next breath raises the large cobra further up the spine.The heart is a resting place for you and the cobra you may choose to take a moment to pause .

Choose One ;
Exhale half your breath. The chin drops to the chest and draws back until the cobra becomes a dragon erupting upon the shoulders .
4B .you may choose to split off the pair of cobras and send them coursing down each arm and splitting into tiny snakes as they pool outward from the fingertips , if you can .This is more difficult but it should be tried when you feel comfortable with the basic method .
Advanced -
4C.Once the cobras come to the sun stone you will feel them like a heavy dragon as felt during a kundalini event . Whip the cobras by will to race down both arms to the fingertips and back again to the heart . Do not allow them to exit from the fingertips . As they plunge into the sun stone again whip them now up the shoulders and shrug into the hood of the dragon . Feel it come over your brow centre now and fully exhale . With the eyes closed dwell in the brow centre and enter meditative trance .'

Aside :If you find it difficult to move energy in and out of the arms through the fingertips then take time in meditative trance to explore techiques such as Robert Bruce's NEW energy .

The fingers and the toes of the dragons remain unanimated in most sitters . This shows we are not paying attention to these vital areas . Another method to open the arms is to use pranic knots sending spheres of energy from one hand down the arm thru the heart to the opposing hand . Yet another is to form the ouroborus and send energy pulsing from the heart around the circle formed by the hands joining at the palms .

5.Inhale and bring the dragon up to the shoulders.Release it,exhaling half your breath.This should feel heavy and warm and an orgasmic like release in a shudder of energy as the dragon erupts on its own.Unable now to be contained,it forms itself upon the shoulders and head of the magician .You see through the dragons eyes and you see more clearly.

Aside : on the first successful raising of this dragon of kundalini the feet of the dragon will be on the magicians shoulders and the dragon will be weak and unable to fly . It has no wings . When the technique is perfected the feet remain over the magicians own feet and we climb into the winged dragon as it manifests around us . Another interesting stage is when an energy orb forms on the nose just as the dragon is ready to manifest flame and sense through the nostrils.The Dragon forms more fully with each successful rising .

6. Pull the energy finally up to your crown and fully release your breath . The dragon will come over your head as a hood of energy .You may get a shivering sensation and see auric colours as the brow centre activates . Sitting in meditative trance , the dragon may be awakened for up to 45 minutes.

Initially, the cobra may fall down and be difficult to raise . Do not be discouraged . If you feel the energy as a snake you are making significant progress . In subsequent efforts , you will train your channels to recieve this energy .Intuitively , each of the magician's efforts will be superior to the last, effecting purer and longer sustaining energy . We have found that this heightened state allows for better clairvoyance , clairaudience and further projection of consciousness .

Flashes of energy may be seen in the minds eye . The mind becomes more lucid and subject to divine effulgence so that there is a knowing and a state of joy from connection with all , a form of bliss .

Interior Body Locks Used in Yoga-An introduction to the bandhas - interior body locks used in yoga. There are three bandhas - Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha and Jhalandara Bandha. Each bandha is a lock, meaning a closing off of part of the interior body. These locks are used in various pranayama and asana practices to tone, cleanse and energize the interior body and organs. When all three bandhas are activated at the same time, it is called Maha Bandha, the great lock.
There are many variations on the maha bandha .
Metaphysical author Robert Bruce suggests focusing on the full body circuit
to balance and enhance chakra energy prior to any efforts to raise your next kundalini flame .He writes a "hope for humanity is for more people to achieve this level."
Qi Gong

Projecting out of the Sun Stone
The sun stone is the chamber  of the soul . It is possible to project the higher self out of the sun stone . Once the higher self is united to the Guardian Angel , a projection from the sun stone will reflect this union . To do this is like the projection of consciousness . Protect , Raise Energy , Sit in Meditative Trance  , Dwell for a moment in the brow centre at the chamber of the third eye at the centre of the forehead seeing it as a window to the realms . Then split the consciousness so that the greater part of the awake mind slides down the spine to the sleeping body and into the sun stone . See the kanda as a beautiful lotus blossom in bloom and burst forth from it like you are diving into a swimming pool .

As you exit the self becomes yellow and white and glows so beautifully . Clairvoyantly your face appears 28 to 32 years old and your body is fit and healthy . You will be dressed in auric colour  s that appear like a gown and behind you will be seen white swan like angel wings . Within this projection you can effect greater distance healing and work as a shaman . You can enter a form of effulgence here that is second only to Kether . If you will sit with peers and watch as they come out of the heart through the window of the sun stone it is wondrously beautiful .

This image came  from ;
.......~*~Love, Light & Laughter~*~
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The Stars rise from the Stones
A. Saturn in the pillar
Form the pillar around the table
send loops of Energy to  the magician across from you beneath the floor and back to you . a Sphere forms within the pillar . When it begins to oscillate in sync horizontal bands will form at the centre of it .Call energy into the bottom of your heart and out your third eye . Send this energy like a torch to the centre of the bands causing the bands to split .

A wheel of energy will rise and a wheel will descend . The top wheel will cut thru the brow centre and the bottom wheel will cut thru the navel .

B.Projecting as a star being .
The top wheel spins slowly thru the brow centre enhancing sight and hearing . The bottom wheel cleanses and improves the vibration in the dirty abyss of the intestines .

Hang upside down .That is,  project your consciousness into the Hanged Man or what is the roots or reflection of the Tree of Life beneath the feet of the magician

Deep cleanse 8 ways around each chakra crown down
That is , cleanse out 8 cardinal and bicardinal paths from the core of each centre

Deep cleanse again 8 ways around each stone
raise energy up 4 quarters like a banana peel ,front , back ,right & left
but not falling back and over
just open the top in a crux above the head
as if an x cut split open the pillar space
like from a torpedo tube
push out the heavens stone

it emerges as a gold  stellation
like a hedgehog tactile ball but all flame energy as a star being of fire

then the moon rises up & out
and then the sun comes too
but let the earth stay in the belly

send the stars thru earth
come to the ocean
cold and wet
come out of the ocean to space
cold and dry
see the akashic film at the end of the universe bending in its centre
now pierce it
see an unformed mirror earth unpopulated clean
see the silver pyramid
enter it for initiations
leave it to enter the city for lessons
leave the city moving across the desert to the far distant mountain
go down into the desert
into a tunnel beneath the mountain into the Halls of Amenti
in the central chamber find the clock
2 wheels
12 numbers of  am day God above
12 numbers of pm night Goddess below
find your number
find the tunnel of the throat
see the female angel upon the white horse follow her
to the mouth of truth
look in your mirror
find your truth

C.4 stars around the sun fed the moon .Bring energy into crown swirling it down in a stirring action to the earthstone , causing it to continue to swirl , breathe in again and pull it into the sunstone , swirl it around , breathe it down to the moonstone , gather energy again into the heavens stone. Now while
these are all still swirling gather up cold energy from the feet and bring it up to the belly and push out the stones like many fingered stellated spheres from the top of your body like a torpedo tube or a candy dispenser .

Finally the earth stone fire comes up and lodges as if stuck in the head .This swirls around now and comes partially out of the eyes and ears and out of the nose and back of the head . The other four stars become satellites like 4 moons around the head .Now as we breathe up from the earth ,the energy rushes up like lava to the heart and also up the shoulders in two equal streams of fire /earth .

When you see a magician in this exercise breathe in two streams of light come up the abdomen to the heart . The flow becomes stronger not trickels up the legs but like pulling up pants larger than the legs wider and stronger red gold energy . the intake looks like banded Saturn coming up and into the sun and bursting blending in an alchemical marriage .

The banded planet is female energy . The stellated sphere is male energy together these flow looking like 4 moons on exhalation and 2 hourglasses on the inhalation . The shoulders support this structure on each inhalation .

Related Resources :concerning Star beings , Rising Stars from Stones , projections to

Halls of Amenti

Simon the Magician , Priest Toth Tablets of Thoth , Halls of Amenti,1819.msg5052/topicseen.html#new

Akashic Records ~ Hall of Learning,999.msg2517/topicseen.html#msg2517
The Akashic Records exist in many places which are connected imo on a colour stream . These include spiritual buildings on higher planes . For example there is a European Hall of Records which can be accessed thru a core image of WWII bombed out street scene . Once attained a door leads thru to the Halls of Learning and the White Manse of Shamballah resembling Taj Mahal . Above that White Manse on floating islands are the Temples of Wisdom which include a Museum of the Worlds . Under the Akashic Hall of Records are tunnels which lead to the Halls of Amenti . There are diverse and multiple locations of akashic wisdom which occur on the vibration of a colour stream which is silver in nature .


Manifesting a pillar of Light then a sphere of saturn within,1816.msg5045/topicseen.html#new

Circle Projections to Halls of Amenti
Online circle 1st time w/ projection stars from stones to Amenti,

Home Circle Saturn in the pillar,star being projection,Amenti Carnival,

Home W 1 Aug 07 Halls of Amenti , Star Beings ,stellated balls floating light,1787.msg4987/topicseen.html#msg4987

266. W 10 Aug 05 Back to Halls of Amenti,1785.0.html
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All these articles you keep posting belong in the Theories, Articles, and Philosophy section

the Magick section is for discussion, not mass dumping articles.
(insert something suggesting knowledge and wit)

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Aunt Clair

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I am sorry . It was suggested that I post methods here rather than links and I did . I do not consider these last few posts articles I  posted some methods  .But I will refrain from posting in this manner .I had supposed that articles were solicited by staff and not posted by members without permissions . I remain unsure ,Accordingly , moderators may delete or move as they will , I can not shift these now  .
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Ok. So, this is just another spam in my eyes. I saw that about 10 new topics on the magick forum are by you, Aunt Clair, and that you're basically dumping things here that one could easily find in books or articles on this very site. I completelly agree with Mickey-P. I doubt that users like to be taught on this forum, which you are trying to do in my oppinion. If you feel the need to share your stuff, ask the staff if you can create articles. This is not the right way in my eyes, since it's simply unpleasant.
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I chose a spot as far away from my body as I could see while lying in the optimal fetal position . The astral eyes are on either side of the third eye brow centre and these are used instinctively by all projectors . Robert Bruce says if you find self in the dark say "clarity now " or "astral vision on ". There are aspects of these parts of the brow centre that are superior for projection to the third eye . Interestingly many people who do not demonstrate clairvoyance in meditation yet are able to see in dreams and in projections just fine.
I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but it needs to be said.
Ever hear of a "memory model"?  This has nothing to do with projection.  The reason why people do not see so clearly, and appear to only do it from a fixed area, is because they are receiving a distorted sensory-impression based on a mental construct.  You can read more about it here;
All of the distortion can easily be explained by a physical mechanism.  In fact, this only makes the argument for other psychic events stronger, because why else would they be clearer than this one particular supposed psychic event?  If you want to test this, which you can do for yourself, is set up an experiment where you attempt to use your "astral sight" to view a physical area that's blind to you any other way.  If it's clairvoyant, then you wont see to see through your eyelids, because you'll be seeing from the exact intended location instead.
Tell all the Truth but tell it slant: Success in Circuit lies.  Too bright for our infirm Delight. The Truth's superb surprise. As Lightning to the Children eased, with explanation kind.  The Truth must dazzle gradually, or every man be blind.
Tefeari: The Giant Impact Hypothesis is a theory

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I was asked to post here directly rather than link to other sites , that is why there were a few posts at once that were related to methods . But I understand your point and will ask to submit such material to articles in the future . As I can not shift threads I can do nothing about that. I am sorry .

I chose a spot as far away from my body as I could see while lying in the optimal fetal position . The astral eyes are on either side of the third eye brow centre and these are used instinctively by all projectors . Robert Bruce says if you find self in the dark say "clarity now " or "astral vision on ". There are aspects of these parts of the brow centre that are superior for projection to the third eye . Interestingly many people who do not demonstrate clairvoyance in meditation yet are able to see in dreams and in projections just fine.
I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but it needs to be said.
Ever hear of a "memory model"?  This has nothing to do with projection.  The reason why people do not see so clearly, and appear to only do it from a fixed area, is because they are receiving a distorted sensory-impression based on a mental construct.  You can read more about it here;
All of the distortion can easily be explained by a physical mechanism.  In fact, this only makes the argument for other psychic events stronger, because why else would they be clearer than this one particular supposed psychic event?  If you want to test this, which you can do for yourself, is set up an experiment where you attempt to use your "astral sight" to view a physical area that's blind to you any other way.  If it's clairvoyant, then you wont see to see through your eyelids, because you'll be seeing from the exact intended location instead.

Solstice,  I do not understand this sentence which I feel is integral to your perspective but which is not what you intended to write ;
"If it's clairvoyant, then you wont see to see through your eyelids, because you'll be seeing from the exact intended location instead."

Thank you for your replies .
.......~*~Love, Light & Laughter~*~
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June 14, 2008, 06:22:18 AM
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As an aside, I detest the use of "Dan tien" to denote multiple energy centres. It is an obvious mark of a New-age belief system. Dan Tien is a concepy from Qigong and there is truly only one "Dan tien".
  That's all.
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I agree that is a good point . There are variant perceptions regarding the term tan tien and dan tien . I used to say that the dan tien was the sunstone and the earth was the male tan tien and the moon the female tan tien as I had been taught  . But others say that tan tien and dan tien are merely different ways to speall and pronounce the same term and that we should not distinguish any one centre as "The" Dan Tien . It does not matter in the end . But which centre do you distinguish as the Dan Tien , Raitaro ? Do you call the centre of the heart and chest "the " dan tien too ?Or another one ?

Robert Bruce calls these energy storage centres . Taoists call them dan tiens or tan tiens . And Alchemist call these stones . Within each stone are a pair of chakras . The remaining chakra is above the crown . Between each pair of chakrs comes a flat round spaced kanda or energy plate . In the space direcly between the centre of two chakras comes a smaller energy centre called the core of the stone . The understanding of each branch is that the energy of each core is distinct.

For example , Taoists call the energy of the moonstone shen which is intuitive and psychic . In Hebrew Shen is fire . The moonstone is water energy and its reciprocal energy is fire which is the energy of its core .

.......~*~Love, Light & Laughter~*~
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