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Energy Loops to Remove Blockages in the Human Energy Body


Aunt Clair:
Energy Blockages
Energy travels up and down the spine through the chakras . The stones aka tan tiens or energy storage centres fill up with excess energy and must become full up themselves before we can develop beyond the chakras to manifest more stones  .

The newly emergent chakras however will starve a flow for a short time . The flow merely becomes blocked as the newly emergent centre is filling up . For example , there are new chakras that manifest in the moonstone  notably the mouth chakra moves up and makes way for an aqua chakra in the throat . This new centre appears when the voice begins to become active that is the ability to evoke or to speak in projection .

Many people born after 1980 have all chakras open on the spine as they begin .Thie is  typical with indigos .But this is not always the case .

The colour of the energy body colours up in predictable stages . When development goes smoothly the entire body colours up in one colour and moves to the next colour . But there are notable exceptions

The energy body on some people may appear as  purple trees having abundant energy branches above the heart and very little flow in their legs . Others appear as  red leggers . These have full flow from soles to the heart but little flow above it .

If the flow is not moving through an area we need to gently and slowly remove blockages .Blockages can also be caused from phyiscl injury and from a variety of other reasons also .

Here are some methods to open the legs ;
1. read the free NEW tutorials .
2. Sit on the floor and place the flat palm on the sole of the opposite foot .
Pull energy into the crown to the heart down the arm to the palm and push it into the sole . pull the energy around to the heart and repeat until the energy runs clean , fast and clear . Then reverse the flow making it run down the leg to the sole to the palm back up the arm . Run this until clean, fast and clear . Then switch hand and leg and repeat the exercise .

3. form a psi ball and place it in the opposite leg

push and pull it with energy hands while eyes are closed in meditative trance . pushing the ball up the leg slowly to the hip and then roll it slowly back down . Always do an exercise slowly at first backing off if you feel pain . But if it goes well , continue until the energy runs clean , clear and fast .

4. Purge energy daily from the heels .

 Stand in the vitruvian man pose like a star arms apart in aV legs in a /\ pulling in energy from heart mouth , nose , crown and push this down to the ground out both heels with each breath .

5.Open from areas of strength towards areas of weakness .
Open from the crown down . Feel the centre above your head open like an os and feel self become drenched in energy pouring down . If you have trouble feeling this then try opening in a shower , or under full moonlight standing in the vitruvian man pose , or open during a rekii healing while a healer places hands on your crown.

6. Set aside time to daily work with energy .

Deep cleanse in one direction then power up in the other direction ie from feet to crown then crown to feet .

Here are some methods to open the body above the heart .

1. Place the palms flat against each other .

 Begin to bring energy up from the ground through the soles to the ankles , knees , hips . Fully exhale . Now suck up the pelvic floor and suck in the abdominal wall to the heart push this energy over the heart to the shoulders like the hood on a cape . As it comes up also breath in suck energy down from the crown to the heart make it roll down the right arm to the palms across and up the left arm to the heart . Repeat until the energy runs clean , fast and clear . Now reverse the flow and repeat .

2.Try to separate the palms as far as you can and still feel the flow pass
the psi from one palm back to the other . As you inhale bring energy from the stronger part of your body , in this case from the ground to the soles up to the heart and down the right arm across the palm and whip it back to go back up the same arm . When you can do this clean and fast reverse your flow causing the left arm to send and recieve energy up and down like an elevator .

3. Where there is a blockage, place the right palm flat over the spot
on the other side of the body place the left palm , send psi from the area most open in this case up from the feet (otherwise down from the crown ) to the heart and out the right palm and through the body to the other palm to catch it and cause it to go to the heart and round again . Continue to loop energy until it runs clean , fast and clear . When you are done reverse the process coming down the left hand first . After that reverse the position of the hands . Work slowly and gently when you feel resistance , work fast and fresh when you feel no resistance .

4. Lie on the floor and pull energy into the chakras one at a time

 from the strong open chakras first working upwards to the blocked ones .

5. Open from areas of strength towards areas of weakness .

If your legs are strong but the area above the heart it bliocked then open from the feet to the heart . Raising the Dragon is a good method for you .

6.  Set aside time to daily work with energy .

Deep cleanse from the strongest part to the weakest then reverse flow to power up . So Open from feet up to crown then power up the other way from crown to feet .

Here are some links; Try 1-4 for now .

Energy Loops to Remove Blockages in the Human Energy Body
The Human Energy Body develops blockages with dis -ease , stress , and even naturally with new development . Daily Deep Breath Cleansing is a prophylactic method to reduce blockages .

Energy Loops are a proactive method to cause flow to move through a blockage in the Human Energy Body .

Energy Loops
Work in dim light

Sit in Asana such as a throne pose or standing star to facilitate flow

Open in protection

Deep Breathe Cleanse Crown to Toes

Raise Energy Toes to Crown

With each inhalation draw breath from crown to heart

The Energy Body Heart is the pump of thhe Energy Body

Prime arms and develop strengh of flow and flare

Place palm to palm

Direct flow from crown to heart down dominant arm across palms

Redirect flow back to heart inhale again drawing in new breath

When the flow runs clean , clear and fast , reverse the flow

Then practice passing energy from crown to heart and out both palms

Now that the arms are primed place the dominant hand over the blockage and the non dominant hand on the other side of the blockage and pass energy through from the strong hand to the other palm through the blockage

With each inhalation draw new energy down through crown to heart to the palms to the blockage

This all sounds very much like the 'old school' methods of centering and clearing with some added posing for flare. That and this strange bit about creating new chakras...

What sort of things do you suppose these new main energy centers will control? More soft toned feelings like melancholy and scorn?  :P

The best way to remove blockages is not to deal with them directly. Blockages form for a reason, generally a flaw/vice in character or mind. The best way to remove them is simply through a breathing meditation where you increase your overall flow (by focusssing on the Dan Tien for example) and consider yourself. Eventually the flaw will pop into your head and you can deal with it there or the blockage itself will break open.

Aunt Clair:
Secondary chakral growth manifests naturally .Dr. Joshua David Stone , Diana Cooper et al suppose that the new centres continue to manifest as the human energy body builds up the light quotient expanding the aura , increasing the power of evocation , manifestation , healing , projection and bringing us closer to source . I think that is true . I feel that the body continues to grow evolving slowly across time through the centuries .

I agree Raitaro, on many of your points here . It is proactive to cause flow up and down the ascension channel and through the body reducing blockages.But blockages can form naturally through newly manifested centres or existing ones just opening or developing old centres . Blockages do occur because of negative ego too , I agree . And sometimes even gentle energy through a blockage will exacerbate pain . So no method is effective alone rather a holistic approach to
*continue to transmute  the negative ego
*do daily energy work including full body circuitry
*gently unblock areas that are causing pressure and pain in the physical body
*examine the energy body for new growth centres and open them gently
is productive .


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