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May 12, 2008, 03:24:56 PM
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I've had a lot of PM's and chats regarding martial arts form, various skills and techniques among other things. One problem I had was that common terminology seemed to be warped somewhat. Let me just clarify using an example everyone can understand.

A skill is the goal of a bunch of techniques. An example of this might be a lay-up in basketball.
A technique is the things you perform in order to accomplish the skill.

In this example, the "technique" would be multiple things just as jumping the right distance, putting enough spin on the ball and releasing at the right time.  Techiques is often inter-changeable with words such as "sub-routine". A mark of a trained, competent athelete is often how much attention they pay to the "technique". In martial arts, this is marked by perfect form executed quickly and effectively.

 Just thought I'd share.
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