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April 24, 2008, 03:16:57 AM
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The Bad Side of Life

The bad side of life teaches you more about life than the good side.
We often overlook negativity for the sake of gaining something good.
We would rather be happy, than go through something horrible in life, like feeling pain, trauma or something else.
We would rather move away from areas of trouble, than be a part of them, feeling not so good about something we are dealing with.
When you look at pain, problems and suffering what can they teach you?

-   They can teach you about your value system in life.
-   They can teach you about how to respect other people.
-   They can teach you how to develop wisdom from problems.
-   They can teach you how to understand someone else who is in suffering.
-   They can teach you how to have compassion for issues in life.
-   They teach you how to listen to a situation, that isn’t pleasurable for the sake of understanding and development.
-   They can have you become a stronger person by being faced with something that is challenging and that takes effort to overcome.
-   They teach you how to problem solve and find the truth.
-   They teach you how to work hard in life, to outgrow things that hold you back and down.
-   They teach you about the limitations of personal and life development.
-   They can teach you what holds back business development and generally speaking how you work at things.
-   They can teach you how to have strategies to become something better in life.
-   They give you the strength to become something better.

With all these positive lessons which come upon reflection, why should a negative time in life be something to ignored or pushed away?
If anything, you should be happy that something hard and horrible has come your way, because it is a time like this that teaches you the most about yourself and of life.
The enjoyment of life is a simple thing, much like success and other good things.
They teach you how to be up and to revel in the great things in life – but the thing is this:

“You learn more from failing, falling down, and being not your best, than you do by being your best, succeeding and always being upright. If anything, we develop the most as people, for the betterment of ourselves and of society, when you learn how to overcome negative things in reality.”

There is nothing greater, than after a hard time, to stand up and talk about all the positive lessons you have learned, to be able to put those positive lessons into use and become something better in life.
The negatives of reality are something to be faced and welcomed, and the more of them you face, the stronger your problem solving ability, the stronger your resolve to better things can be, the deeper your wisdom can become – many a great thing can be born.
This is why we should understand that the negative of life is also a positive, and that positive, although hard, it may make us cry, be angry, hurt inside, lose something we love, fail in something we care about, but at the end of it all, we take on board all these lessons and powerful things, that not only shape ourselves, but through way of action in us, shape the lives of other people.
This is why negativity is so important.

April 26, 2008, 11:55:15 PM
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very good, but I think Tyler Durden in the movie "Fight Club" condensed all that you said with this, "How much do you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight? I don't want to die without scars."

probably not the exact quotes but close enough.
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