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February 18, 2008, 01:43:56 AM
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This was a semi-lucid dream. I was driving on this long icy highway to a destination. I then realized that I was dreaming and immediately "projected into the astral plane". rather I dreampt that I was in the astal plane. At first things were fuzzy and difficult to see. I was inside a cave area by a well. It was where someone lived I could tell because there was a hardwood floor underneath me. I was very stiff and couldn't move much, and could barely see as if my eyes were barely opened. Instantly I snapped back into my body which was at the destination I was heading to earlier in the dream. When I got there, there were people everywhere, one guy with a beard was looking at me kind of weird as if he knew that I visited another realm. I passed him, and came to this older gentleman that just arrived. I knew my car wasn't there and asked how he got there. He said he took the highway 210 heading East. I was a little confused at first, but I proceded to ask him if he happened to pass a red pontiac sunfire on the side of the road on his way there. He said that he did, and agreed to take me back to my car. Just then the strange man with the beard offered me a ride, but I felt that he was a dark entity and I refused and said I already had my ride. As I was about ready to get into the gentleman's white SUV, in the back I saw an old man who I knew was also a dark entity. I was shocked and backed away. The man with the beard appeared in the back just afterward and said "you can't escape us". A black guy with a beard appeared in front of him, and another black man in a sailor hat appeared after I closed the door to the SUV. And there were blinds on the window which I closed as well, and some eyes peered between them. I felt stuck, that I was going to be engulfed by these entities no matter what happened, then I woke up.

In other words, I had a dream that I had a lucid dream/projection. This is often how I will have a lucid dream which becomes semi-lucid because I because to lose consciousness and buy into the dream more and more. This was a crazy dream for me though, the entities seemed so real. To your brain, a dream is real, that's why they seem so real. Pretty interesting.
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