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About the number 666?

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--- Quote ---The number 11, which is that of the letters of the word, combines the unity of the initiate with the denary
of Pythagoras, and the number 66, the added total of all the letters, form kabalistically the number 12, which is the square of the triad and consequently the mystic quadrature of the circle. We may remark, in passing, that the author of the Apocalypse, that key of the Christian Kabalah, composed the number of the beast, that is to say, of idolatry, by adding a 6 to the double senary of ABRACADABRA, which gives 18 kabalistically, the number attributed in the Tarot to the hieroglyphic sign
of night and of the profane – the moon, together with the towers, dog, wolf and crab – a mysterious and obscure number, the kabalistic key of which is 9, the THE TRIANGLE OF PANTACLES 25 number of initiation. On this subject the sacred Kabalist says expressly: “He that hath understanding” that is, the key of kabalistic numbers – “let him count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred three score and six.” It is, in fact, the decade of Pythagoras multiplied by itself and added to the sum of the triangular Pantacle of ABRACADABRA: it is thus the sum of all Magic in the ancient world, the entire programme of human genius, which the Divine Genius of the Gospel sought to absorb or transplant.
--- End quote ---

Eliphas Levi, Transcendental Magic, Part II (Dogma et Rituel, Part II.)

Most Christians say that 666 is the number of the beast, the number of Satan, or something along those lines. What does the occult say of this and the mentions of it in the Christian Bible?

I hope this answers some of your questions.  taken from http://www.ordoantichristianusilluminati.org/documents/number.htm

Ordo Antichristianus Illuminati


Number of the Beast

by Joshua Jacob Seraphim {Frater Annuit Coeptis}

copyright © 2002 all rights reserved.


It is revealed unto us in The Book of the Law:  "Every number is infinite; there is no difference." (Liber Legis I;4) The Number of the Beast 616 is the most Exalted Number of the Sun.   616 is the Arcane Archetype of the solar-phallic-hermetic Lucifer, the Black Seraph of G.O.D., Ancient Horned-Serpent , Morning Star, He who bade "Know Thyself!" and taught Initiation, the Great One of the Night of Time whom begets men and demons, but who, rebelled against Jehovah and loved Lilith the Queen of Hell, and was banished from the Empyrean Throne unto the abominable lands of Nod, and with him a third of the Angels of the Kingdom of Heaven, and who is now the Dark Lord of all Kindred who shall reform the world in his unholy visage and abolish the dead religion of Christianity.  The seal of Occult Antichristian Initiation is the Number of the Beast, a hieroglyph of arcane perfection.  In the Kindred Arts and Sciences of Magic(k), the Holy Number 666 is consecrated to a Eucharist of the Sun, initiating a Solar Sabbath of Ra-Hoor-Khuit the Sun.  Last of the Mystic Numbers of the Sun, 616 unveils to Potentates the Arcane Mysteries of Magic(k), Mysticism, and Religion in Qabalistic portals of wisdom sanctified unto the Great Architect of the Universe.


The Qabalah can further elucidate upon us the Mysteries of the Exalted Number of the Beast 666.  The arcane number 666 is symbolized by the Hebrew letter Shin, which characteristically consists of three Hebrew Vavs, so that its essential magickal nature is 666.  The Hebrew letter Shin is the 31st Path entitled the "Perpetual Intelligence" on the Tree of Life, linking Hod with Malkut; it implies the Holy Angel descending in tongues of flame.  666 is the arcane and mystick sum of the Qabalistic Veiled black spheres of Initiation.  The Mystick Number of the Beast Qabalistically translates to Vav (6), Mem (600), and Samekh (60).  The Tarot Atu of Thoth embodied with these Hebrew letters are Atu V the Hierophant, Atu XII the Hanged Man, and Atu XIV Art.  The initiate will unveil in working with the Sacred Qabalah innumerable ways to unearth the unexpressed solar-phallic archetypes of the Ancient Mysteries of the Abominable Number 666.


Since the dawn of the human spiritual epoch, the Mysteries of the Number of the Beast have captured the futile and obsessive imagination of Christian eschatology.  The false waning religious institution of Christianity was born of eschatological hope and expectation, promulgating the Great Lie of Sin.  The Book of the Apocalypse correlates the Mystick Number 616 with the identity of the Antichrist, supplying fundamentalist hordes of apocalyptic zeal with an all-obsessive clue to the identity of the awaited "Beast."  Secular debates rage at present to the identity of the scribe of the Apocalypse.  In about e.v. 135, Justin Martyr concluded that the Book of the Apocalypse was scribed by one, "John", one of the original mythic Apostles of the Christ.  The theological scholar Irenaeus decided the Book of Revelations to have been scribed by John, son of Zebedee, whom he also alleged wrote the fabled Gospel of John.  The literary style or theological terms employed in the Book of the Apocalypse fail to link any connection with any earlier mythic scribe of the profane Gospels.  The Greek term apokalypsis means an unveiling, an uncovering, a revealing of what is normally concealed.  As applied to the Book of Revelations, and the Number of the Beast 616, it means the unveiling of a dimension of human history that is ordinarily closed to the worldly view.  Concerning the revelation of number of the Beast, the Book of the Apocalypse states: "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:  And that no man may buy or sell, save he had that mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the Beast; for it is the number of a man, and his number is Six-hundred and sixty-six."  (The Apocalypse XIII; 16-18)


For nearly two thousand years, this Mystick Number 616 has been the prophetic obsession of an unending breed of paranoid hordes of persecuting Christian fundamentalists and soothsayers of the Advent of Antichrist and his hieroglyphic number.  The false religion of Christianity intertwines the identity of the Antichrist with that of a mythic figure of Satan, a human incarnation of ultimate evil, a malicious devil invented by priests of the obsolete church adoring a vulgar image of Baphomet consecrated to insidious forces of ruin and desolation.  The Abominable Number of the Beast 616 has been assigned unto various historical personages and archetypes, often with the most deplorable paranoia and misperception.  616 originally was thought in history to be associated with the Roman Emperor Nero, translated into Greek as Neron Kaiser (Nero Caesar).  The numerical value of this title in Hebrew (NRVN KSR) adds up to six-hundred and sixteen, and as  alleged Roman persecutor of the early Christians, this fitted convenience with history.  The Mystick and eminent Number of the Sun transcends the vicissitudes of time and religious tribulation, assigned to such personages as American Presidents, scholars and statesmen, religious figureheads, and is even unveiled by obsessive Christian hordes to be in such places as the U.S. One dollar bill, pervading the ascension of information technology.  The number of the Beast, be it 616, or the more infamous 666, has even been employed in the fanatical identification of the historical Antichrist with the Vatican Papacy, revealed by the profane masses as the sum numerical value of the official title of the Roman Catholic Pope - Vicarivs Filii Dei.


The Exalted Number of the Sun, also is the arcane number of the occult Hexagram, the hieroglyph of the Sun, as a single line of a Hexagram essentially constitutes three interdependent parts, each of which may be symbolized by the numeral 1, thus every line in the Hexagram signifies characteristically the occult number 111.  In the Hexagram is contained six lines so esoterically, we arrive at the Mystick 666 via 111 x 6.  Upon the Hexagram each angle measures to 60 degrees, as 360 is the sum of six angles of 60 degrees upon the occult Hexagram (60 degrees x 6 = 360).  Sixty is the value of the Hebrew letter Samekh, which correlates to the Infernal Fallen Angel (called by Aleister Crowley the "Holy Guardian Angel") in the Magick of Thelema, or the solar-phallic force of the Sun.  The number 360 is the sum value of the Hebrew letter Shin spelt in full.  Shin embodies the Sun and its Unholy Number 666, it is the Mystick and Magick archetype of Resurrection hidden in Death.  Concerning the Sun and its Dominion of Life, the Occult nature of 666 relates to the procession of the Zodiac.  The Zodiac is divided into twelve signs, or Houses, each thirty degrees with sixty minutes constituting the cyclic time of each degree.  Again is seen the solar interplay of the Sun's sojourn throughout the heavens, the Resounding Tides of Life - wherein the Qabalistic nature is 666, as the 12 Houses of the Zodiac x 30 degrees again is the sum 360, the value of the Hebrew letter Shin in full.  A length of sixty minutes in each degree again arrives upon the value of the Hebrew letter Samekh (60).


The Infernal Number of the Sun 616 is the Number of a Man, it is His Unholy Talisman.  In the Magick of Thelema, 666 is the sum equivalent of the enigmatic Aleister E. Crowley, the historical personage of the Apocalypse whom is ThRIVN (Therion = 666), the Great Beast of the Sun, who was ANKH-AF-NA-KHONSV (T).  The Arcane Number of the Sun 666 also is equivalent to the sum of OMMV SThN (Ommo Satan) the esoteric Sabbatic triad of Typhon-Apophis-Besz; also SVRTh, the Spirit of the Sun and the Qabalistic value of ShMSh IHVH, the all-pervading Sun of Tetragrammaton.  The Last of the arcane Numbers of the Sun is bonded unto the mystical nature of ShM IHShVH, the name of the mythic Christ-Jesus as solar logos.  Thus, the Occult nature of the Number of the Beast, 616, refers the Initiate to incalculable and arcane Mysteries of the Sun, its earthly emissaries, esoteric noumenon and involution of solar-spiritual consciousness.  The Holy Number of Our Lord the Beast is Sol Invictvs, the "Unconquered Sun", a source of creative solar-phallic Illumination, the primal isolation of Life in the Macrocosm, and inner passion.  The obsessive identifying of the Mystick Number 616 with insidious images of Lucifer as ultimate evil incarnate in Man, a malicious devil adoring a false countenance of Baphomet consecrated unto vile and profane forces of ruin and desolation, has, in short, been the rallying cry for Christian crusades of hatred.


O' Brothers and Sisters, the Arcane incalculable Number of the Beast 616 has no place in the slavish hordes of religious fundamentalism, laws and lies of restriction, nor is the Unholy Number of the Sun to be found in subservient behavior developed from a failed philosophy of inner guilt and repression, which is the Great Lie of Sin!  An end to the masquerade of the Old Ćon!  The Exalted Number of the Sun, of His Bride the Serpent-Beast, 616 is a hieroglyph of arcane perfection, psychological equilibrium, and Initiation of the Thelemic current.  616 is an inestimable hieroglyph of the Sun and a Eucharist of the Knowledge and Conversation of our Infernal Fallen Angel.  The Path of the Beast and His hieroglyph 616 leads the initiate as an intermediary before the perilous Black Flame, in the shadows of which we partake of the Sacrament of Lucifer the Lightbringer, consecrated unto the Arcane and Unholy Number of the Beast-Serpent!

to the best of my knowledge the number 666 became anathema when the emporer Nero began to persecute the jewish community. every letter in the old jewish script has a numeral correspondent and if you take the numbers that correspond to nero in the jewish script and add them together in some specific way it equals 666. therefor the number of a horrible man and the jews way of smack talkin (power to the people) without getting killed for treason.

Shin: I believe this elaborates on what you were saying:

--- Quote from: Joshua Jacob Seraphim (Frater Annuit Coeptis) ---616 originally was thought in history to be associated with the Roman Emperor Nero, translated into Greek as Neron Kaiser (Nero Caesar).  The numerical value of this title in Hebrew (NRVN KSR) adds up to six-hundred and sixteen, and as  alleged Roman persecutor of the early Christians, this fitted convenience with history.
--- End quote ---

Star: Actually, that doesn't really help :P I don't quite understand what it is saying, but is there some occult view that the Fallen Angles and some Unholy Lucifer is actually a divine thing? Is that a veritable source? I hope I'm not too ignorant here.


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