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September 25, 2007, 06:17:53 AM
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Last night I wasnt sure if I was dreaming or awake.  For some reason, repressed childhood nightmares came back out of nowhere.  They no longer frightened me, but I went through them all over again, most having to do with giant rats (i hate hate HATE rats)  Then it felt as it there were rats crawling on me.  I just laid still and kept telling myself it was only a dream.  they werent real. 
The rats fadded, but the feeling of beling covered in something stayed. When I moved, it felt like my room was filled with a spiders web, like I'd been trapped.  It wasnt a regular thin white spider web though.  It was like thick black tar strung and tangled all over my room and I couldnt move without touching another thread of it, even though I was already covered. I was trying to fight it off all night but I couldnt.  And it felt like there were people there with me.  I'm not sure if they were trapped in the web too or if they were part of it.
Its like it held me in the state between dream and awake. I only woke up when my phone rang and I answered it.  I had to say something before I was awake.
Is it possible for something to trap you in the world between dreams and awake?
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