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March 11, 2004, 01:25:15 PM
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I would have to say traditional kung training will get you there but from my experience multiple leg exercises with ankle weight such as suspended knee and full leg raises, kick boxing and a explosive jumps with a height set to reach will give you a higher vert. Simply increase the weight and/ or reps to intensify. It works incredibly well.

As was mentioned though, if you use the improper form or too much weight at once you will blow out or cause damage to the knee. I have had quite a few problems in the past but with form work I have gotten past it. So until you have a martial arts or general fighting background to get proper kicking or extension. I can foresee long term damage though but I intend to stick with it going into my 4th year and I can still walk. :p

The problem with regular leg workouts is you don't gain those smaller muscles required to stabilize for the explosiveness of a jump. The help overall but you need more than just that.
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