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The Middle Pillar Rite
A Joint Article by Koujiryuu and Prophecy  2004 Not to be reposted without permission.
The exercise, a brief description of Hebrew mysticism, and an examination of the Eastern parallels

<Prophecy> If everyone were to silence themselves, I might be inclined
to provide a meditation for awakening the energies of the middle pillar
more efficiently via a western hermetic view, as opposed to the eastern
yogic view, and in turn show you all how to use that meditation to the
ends of efficient healing, both of yourselves and others.
<SupernaturalGuy> :P
<Vitamyst> ...
<SupernaturalGuy> enlighten us prophecy
<Prophecy> So shall I proceed?
<Silver_Archer> Western kundalini ascension. this should be interesting
<Silver_Archer> Yes, please do :)
<Prophecy> Or would we rather talk about food.
<Vitamyst> Yes, that would be great. :)
<Rafnul> I hunger for knowledge alone, ;).
<Prophecy> Very well then.  Kouji may be able to provide some input at
various appropriate places as well.
<SupernaturalGuy> silence please...

Prophecy - The Middle Pillar Rite and the Qabalah
<Prophecy> First off, unlike the eastern yogic practices, Western
Hermetics acknowledges only five centers of psychic energy, as opposed to
the traditional seven.  Then five centers correspond to two things: The
Tree of Life, with the lowest chakra being Malkuth, and the highest
being Kether, and secondly, the five elements.
<Koujiryuu> Aye, 5 of them aren't used or are omitted?
* Koujiryuu has been reading up on qabbalah.
<Prophecy> In order from top to bottom, they are Spirit, which resides
on the top of the head(Eastern Equivallent: Sahasrara chakra), Air,
which resides in the throat(Visshudda), Fire, which resides at the
heart(Anahata), water, which resides in the pelvic region(muladhara), and Earth,
which resides jointly at the ankles.
<Silver_Archer> so the chakras at the feet are also considered
important over here unlike eastern yogic practices
<Prophecy> Now for our practice, we will begin the meditation by laying
flat on our backs, with our hands resting on our stomach with the
fingers interlocked.

<Koujiryuu> Hold on a second. Ankles, or feet?
<Prophecy> Ankles. Once it expands, it encompasses both feet.
<Koujiryuu> Ah, ok. In qigong, there is a point midway on the bottom of
each foot called yongquan, where qi enters and exits the body.

<Prophecy>  Begin by imagining a sphere of brilliant white light just
above the coronal region of the head.  As the sphere is forming, vibrate the word "EHEIEH,
pronounced "Eh-huh-yeh."  This center represents the I AM presence within.  The
vibration of this word resonates with the sephira Kether on the tree of
life, and rings synergous with this sphere which is called Spirit.
By vibrating it, what I mean is to say it slowly, perhaps
stretching it out for about eight seconds, and focusing on the vibrations
the word creates in your throat, pushing them mentally into the sphere.
 This is the technique to activate this sphere.  Repeat the
name several times, no more than seven.  Once done, you should be
visualizing this sphere above your head shining in great brilliance, and
should also be able to feel its resonating energy.
<Koujiryuu> Perhaps you should further explain where these centers come
from? E.G. the tree of life, qabbalah, etc. when you finish the
exercise, as this is incredibly esoteric and I doubt the majority of people
understand the root of all this.
<Prophecy> I will, Kouji.

<Prophecy> Once the mind has rested on the illumination of the Coronal
Sphere of Spirit for about five minutes, once it has grown and
resonated, visualize it emitting a white shaft downwards through the skull and
brain, and stopping at the throat.  At the throat, the white light at the bottom of this shaft
expands to form a second ball of light, which should expand to take up a
large part of the lower face as well.  This center is called Air, and
activates within the user those elemental properties, synergizing them
with spirit, which is the source of all elements.  Once you have visualized this energy center expanding and
glowing vibrantly, filled white, glowing energy, vibrate the name "JEHOVA
ELOHIM," pronounced "Yuh-hov-voh Eh-loh-heem."  Vibrate the name no
more than seven times, then spend at least five minutes focusing on this
sphere's brilliance.  JEHOVA ELOHIM means "The Shining Lord."

<Solstice> elohim va daath ;P
<Koujiryuu> The methodology of 7 is intriguing, as it is one I use

<Prophecy> From there, let the air center thrust downward a shaft into
the solar plexus, continuing the original shaft.  There it shall form
the 3rd center of Fire.  At this point we shall once again visualize the light at the
bottom of the shaft, which is in the solar plexus now, expand outwards,
taking up about half the stomach and the pectoral muscles.  Here we
shall vibrate the name Jehova Eloah Ve-Daas, pronounced "Yuh-hoh-voh
Eh-loh ve-Dah-ahs."

<Solstice> huh, read it before as Va Daath.
<Prophecy> I'm using Golden Dawn terminology, so it may differ some
from A.A terminology, which is the other place where the divine names
commonly come from.

<Prophecy> After concentrating on that center for about five minutes,
we shall visualize the fire center thrusting a shaft downwards into the
pelvic region, forming the center familiar to some as the Hara, or Tan
Tien.  Here, we shall once more visualize the light at the bottom
of the shaft expanding and becoming a brilliant center of energy.  Once
done, we shall vibrate the name "Shaddai El Chai," pronounced "Shad-I
El Ki," with the "I" sounding like the "I" in kite, as opposed to chi. From here, we shall once again have that center(after
focusing on it for at least five minutes) thrust a shaft downwards, carrying
light with it, into the place where our ankles meet(for we are laying
on our backs with our legs extended, and foot over the other).
At that point, we shall again visualize the light of the
shaft expanding into an orb of brilliant light.  Once done, we shall
vibrate the name Adonai Ha Aretz, pronounced "Ah-doh-nI Hah Ah-retz."  Then
focus on this center for five minutes.
 At this point, we have five energy centers, with one long,
shining shaft of light going down through them all, connecting them.
 This is symbollic of two things: The union of the fruits on
the tree of life via the middle pillar(for there are three pillars on
the tree of life diagram), and secondly, the shining of the middle
pillar, which is the magician who stands between the two pillars of the
temple of Solomon, JAKIN and BOAZ.
<Koujiryuu> Perhaps you should go through and define what each "mantra"
said during the process means, in English?
<Prophecy> For a short elaboration of the latter, whereas the east has
the yin yang to symbolize the dual and non dual nature of the universe
by means of defining opposites, the western hermetic traditions have
the symbolism of the two pillars, one white, one black.
<Koujiryuu> Ah, interesting.

<Koujiryuu> Jakin and Boaz, would for all intents and purposes be yang
and yin, then?
<Prophecy> Correct.
<SupernaturalGuy> cool
<Prophecy> And the third pillar is the image of the magician standing
between them, uniting all opposites as the vessel of harmony within the
<Koujiryuu> The third pillar in this case would be synonymous with
yuan. Yuan being the perfect balance and combination of yin/yang.
Somewhat of a third polarity, it means "neutral" and is a relatively
unknown term in the present community.

<Prophecy> Now then, the meanings of the divine names used:
<Prophecy> EHIEH: I AM
JEHOVA ELOHIM: The Shining Lord          
JEHOVA ELOAH ve-DAAS: He is Deity and Knowledge        
Shaddai El Chai: Almighty God who Lives Forever
ADONAI HA ARETZ: Lord King of the Earth

<Prophecy> Those being the meanings of the divine names, we continue on
with the exercise(that's right, its not over).  When done with the last sphere, visualize the entire shaft
of silvery light, studded with five brilliant orbs.  Let this spiritual energy circulate, focusing on the coronal
sphere as it spins and pulls in the universal energies, making them
ready for use.  Exhale slowly, imagining that energy flowing down the left
side of the body to the sole of the left foot. Then, let it curve around and come back up through the right
side of the body, untill it connects again to the coronal sphere of

 Let this circulation flow evenly to the rythm of the breath
untill the circuit has been traversed 7 times.  Once done, send the
stream down the front of the body, then up the back in the same manner,
repeating this seven times as well.
The final circulation is here similar to a fountain which
draws its water upwards until it shoot out the top, scattering down on
all sides.  Throw the mind downwards to the Earth center, seeing it as
the receptacle of power where the traveling streams of energy meet at
once place; the storehouse of terminal and incoming power.
Imagine that this power is sucked upwards by the magnetic
attraction of the sirit center, ascending the shining shaft by magnetic
attraction to the spirit center.
Once it was reached the Spirit center, visualize the cycling
of that center sending the energy out in all directions within the
confines of the aura, creating the effect referred to before via example of
a fountain.
When it falls down to the feet, collect it again at the
earth center and repeat the process.  As before, this process should
include a rythm of inhalation and exhalation.  Those familiar with Qi Gong
have a step in the right direction in this area.

So it is that by this time, we have two circular streams of
energy travelling, and one lateral stream which climbs vertically up
the shaft, and resonates back downwards to be recollected.  The two
circular streams are, as mentioned before, the one which circles down the
left side and back up the left, and the one which circles down the back
side, and back up the front.

While this is going on, we are also maintaining the
visualization of the sprinkling energy from the Spirit center, making, when all
visualized together, quite a scene. Once this has been completed, visualize the sphere of light
surrounding the entire body, with all these process going on within it,
so that you are in somewhat of an oval-shaped shield, with the two
circular circuits running along the proper sides of the shall, and the
energy pulled up from the each chakra travelling back down along the inside
of that ovular shell.

<Koujiryuu> Prophecy: Does this method ever cause your neck/back to
crack/pop loudly, and other joints at times?
<Prophecy> Yes, Kouji, that happened to me the first time.
<SupernaturalGuy> so it won't happen again?
<Koujiryuu> It happens frequently, particularly during discussion like
this- the energy is going quite bonkers currently.
<Koujiryuu> Right when you were talking about the ankles, my ankles
popped XP

<Prophecy> It is at this moment, after the process is complete and set
in motion sustained by your visualization, that attention should be
directed to any places in your body which require healing.
 Focus on the damaged/diseased tissue, bone, muscle, organ,
etc, and let it become bathed in a sea of light and power.  Such
energetic disturbances that cause things such as disease shall be almost
immediately saturated, broken down, and ejected from the ovular sphere.
 Now then, whe healing someone else with a serious ailment,
such as a diseased organ, have the patient assume the middle pillar
posture(given in the beginning), and seat yourself at their dominant side.
 Relax the patient, telling him to individually relax each
muscle from the head to the toe.  Once down, place your dominant hand on
the patient's solar plexus.  Go on and perform the exercise that has
been provided, activating all the energy of the spheres.  Connect to the
patient, so that the energies of your aura will influence the energies
of his.

<Koujiryuu> Quite similar to my personal kundalinic healing techniques
and usui reiki, Prophecy.

<Prophecy> Let your energy stream from your fingers into the patient.  
His energy will, by rule of thumb, sympathetically simulate your own,
and healing will begin by both the patient and the healer focusing on
the diseased part of the body.

And there you have it.  The Middle Pillar exercise, as well
as its application.  It will also note that any prayer done on the part of the
meditator when in this state is invaluable.  Its a good way of putting
that energy to use. As such, magical operations can be strongly charged by this
exercise as well.

<Koujiryuu> Perhaps, if I may intercede-

<Koujiryuu> Perhaps now would be a good time to elaborate a bit more on
the origins of this practice, the Tree of Life, and qabbalah. After
that, perhaps I can make some comparisons/observations between this method
and kundalinic awakening?
<Prophecy> And as a suggestion, save this discussion, as I doubt you'll
remember it otherwise.
<Enlightenment> I'm saving this, very informative ^_^
<SupernaturalGuy> same here
<SupernaturalGuy> lol

<Prophecy> Alright then.  There are nine fruits, called sephira, on the
tree of life. The tree of life is symbolic of two things in hermetic
traditions: The creation of the universe, which was done via the filling of
the empty fruits with the holy spirit, creating all things through
their emination, and secondly, the path of personal ascension for the
magician, from lowly sin-bound existence on earth(Malkuth), up to the
ascertainment of personal godhood and union with God(Kether).

<Koujiryuu> This all comes from qabbalah, which is an ancient Hebrew
system of mysticism that God taught to the inner circle of angels; when
some of these angels fell to earth, the story goes, they taught it to
man. Moses was said to have practiced this method during all his free
time in the 40 years in the desert...recieving personal instruction from
an Angel of the Lord.

<Prophecy> Good addition.

<Prophecy> It a system which is believed to have originated in one of
the first human cities of Mesopotamia, Ur.

<Koujiryuu> I believe the teachings were passed down during the
"nephilim" period before the flood, when angels actually roamed the Earth...or
so they say..

<Prophecy> That is the theology, yes.  For those interested in the transmission of divine teachings
to man, read the Book of Enoch.

<Koujiryuu> For more info on the history of it, I suggest you read this

<Koujiryuu> From that site: "The Qabalah may be defined as being the esoteric Jewish
doctrine. It is called in Hebrew QBLH, Qabalah, which is derived from the
root QBL, Qibel, meaning 'to receive'. This appellation refers to the
custom of handing down the esoteric tradition by oral transmission, and
is nearly allied to 'tradition'."

"The Qabalah was first taught by God himself to a select
company of angels, who formed a theosophic school in Paradise. After the
Fall the angels most graciously communicated this heavenly doctrine to
the disobedient children of earth, they furnish the protoplasts with
the means of returning to their pristine nobility and felicity. From Adam
it passed over to Noah, and then to Abraham, the friend of God, who
emigrated with it to Egypt, whe

<Prophecy> The Middle Pillar exercise is symbolic of the middle pillar
in the diagram of the tree of life, and the five fruits therein, to
which have been assigned elements. Those five fruits being Kether, Geburah, Yesod, Malkuth, and

<Koujiryuu> Why are only 5 of the fruits used, as opposed to all 10?
<Prophecy> Because only five exist on the middle pillar.
<Koujiryuu> Ah
<Prophecy> Three exist on the left pillar, JAKIN, which is the pillar
of severity, and three exist on the right pillar, BOAZ, which is the
pillar of mercy.
<Koujiryuu> I've yet to read the majority of those PDFs, I've been
quite busy rereading the zhuangzi, liehzi, daodejing, upanishads, yoga
kundalini sutra, etc.
<Koujiryuu> I see, noted.

<Prophecy> Now then, the bringing down of the energies from the Spirit
Center above the head is symbolic of bringing downwards the divine
light of Kether, slowly drawing it into our world of Malkuth.
By assimilating more of the divine energies of Kether, we
can begin to ascend up the middle pillar of the Tree of Life.
This process is symbolized by the circular revolution of the
energies, passing from Spirit(Kether) down to Earth(Malkuth) and back
up to Kether.

<Koujiryuu> Hermetic tradition is incredibly symbolic when contrasted
with the more direct, down-to-earth approach of kundalini and xi shui
<Solstice> There's a latvian chant in an Enigma song about the tree of
life and it's parts.
<Prophecy> Indeed it is.

<Prophecy> So then, with all that having been said, I await any
questions you may have.

<Solstice> Who are the "brave and wise men" that hang swards on the
World Tree?
<Prophecy> Those would likely be the choirs of angels assigned to each
<Solstice> Awsome.
<Solstice> and the horse they "came together" on?
<Prophecy> That horse would be Sleippner, the horse of Odin, who
himself hung upside down on the tree of life for nine days, starring into the
darkness with his spear, gungnir, in his side.
<Koujiryuu> !!! Norse mythology is even wound into it? How remarkable.
<Solstice> Yeah, I was thinking that was wierd.
<Prophecy> However, that is legend within Asatru mythology, which sees
the Tree of Life as an actual tree located in Asgard, as opposed to the
symbolic representations of the Hebrews.
<Prophecy> Odin drank from two wells of wisdom at the roots of the tree
of life, which correspond nicely to the two primary springs of life at
the bottom of the Hebrew tree of life.

<Koujiryuu> Wow, the parallels between this and kundalini are

<Prophecy> The price of drinking one of those was his left eye.

<Koujiryuu> Seriously, I had no idea how similar our practices and
methodology are, at least within this realm of thought.

<Prophecy> Afterwards, in his infinite wisdom, he decided it would be a
good idea to stab himself in the side with Gungir and hang upside down
on the tree of life for nine days.
<Koujiryuu> Gungnir was a pretty large/wicked lance, as well. Ouch.
<Prophecy> However, there was a reward.  Just as the fruits on the tree
of life resemble all the forces in the world, on the ninth night in the
sand below him, the runes materialized, alongside with their meanings,
which encompass all the forces of the world.

<Koujiryuu> Prophecy: Have you heard of the "Spear of Destiny"?
<Prophecy> No.
<Koujiryuu> Well, supposedly it was the spear which the roman centurion
impaled Christ with as he hung on the cross, and holy water spilled
<Prophecy> For future reference, the tree of life is called Yggdrassil
by the Asatruar.
<Prophecy> Ah, yes.
<Koujiryuu> It is said that whoever possesses the Spear of Destiny
controls the fate of the world.
<Prophecy> In the same side that Odin stabbed himself.
<Koujiryuu> It exists today in an Austrian (?) museum somewhere.
<Prophecy> What is more important than the physical existence of the
Spear of Destiny is its astral existence.
<Koujiryuu> Supposedly, all major world rulers/dictators possessed it
during their reign, including Hitler and Alexander the Great.
<Koujiryuu> Kind of an interesting aside.
<Prophecy> Indeed.
<Prophecy> There are many complicated facets of this world we live in.

<Koujiryuu> Anyway...any more questions for Prophecy?
<Koujiryuu> Agreed.
<Prophecy> When they arise, it becomes obvious that there is some value
to those things called "Occult."
<Prophecy> I do not believe so.  As such, I give the stage to you now.
<Prophecy> If anyone has anymore questions, PM me.
<Koujiryuu> However, it should be noted that the authenticity of said
spear is rather doubted, in a similar veign to the Shroud of Turin,
Excalibur, etc.
<Prophecy> Anyways, I'm out for the night.
<Prophecy> I look foward to seeing this posted with Kouji's comments.  
Take care.
* Prophecy/#VAcademy is glad he could help get some actual discussion
-:- SignOff Prophecy: #vacademy (Quit: Prophecy)

Koujiryuu - Eastern Parallels and the Alternate Nostril Pranayama
<Koujiryuu> Alright guys. I'll now elaborate on the parallels between the Middle
Pillar rite and kundalini/kundalinic awakening.

<Koujiryuu> To begin with, kundalini revolves around the paradigm on
the chakras. I assume most here are familiar with them?

<Koujiryuu> Yea? Nay?

<Azazen> not sure
<Lightbringer> I am familiar with them
<DreamingSaint> Sort of, yes.
<Lightbringer> maybe a bit of an overview is in order...

<Koujiryuu> Well, the chakras are energy centers, similar to the
sephira, that exist in the body and correspond physically to nerve plexi and
the major glands. There are seven of them- the root, spleen, plexus, heart,
throat, brow, and crown. Or in sanskrit: muladhara, svadhisthana, manipura, anahata,
visshuddha, ajna, and sahasrara. They each have a specific color that corresponds to the
visible light spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and
purple respectively.

<Koujiryuu> Kundalini yoga manifests itself in an awakening to
God-consciousness, and an awakening of the dormant energy in the root chakra at
the base of the spine.  The energy exists there symbolized by a sleeping serpent in
3 and one half coils.  The goal, then, of kundalini yoga is to awaken this dormant
energy and raise it to the top of the head, often done in a manner
similar to the Middle Pillar rite.
<Koujiryuu> Of noted interest are the 3 nadis.

<Koujiryuu> The middle one, "sushumna", is quite similar to Prophecy's
"middle path on the tree of life". It is this channel that the energy
descends down, and then rises back up.
<Koujiryuu> Nadis are energy pathways in yoga.
<Koujiryuu> Synonymous with the qigong concept of meridians.
<DreamingSaint> Ah
<Koujiryuu> Normally, when a human is born, this channel is weak and
sealed off. Similar to the sephira malkuth, symbolising the world of man,
being distant from kether, the inner heaven at the crown. The two nadis that coil around sushumna begin at each
nostril, and end at each testicle/ovary. They are ida and pingala, yang and yin, solar and lunar,
hot and cold, respectively. Quite similar to the concept of Jakin and Boaz.

<Koujiryuu> <@Prophecy> Odin drank from two wells of wisdom at the
roots of the tree of life, which correspond nicely to the two primary
springs of life at the bottom of the Hebrew tree of life.

<Koujiryuu> These two "springs of life" remarkably parallel the sex
organs, and their place at the bottom of the tree of life. Now, normally throughout the day, prana ("qi") flows in
either ida or pingala, shifting it's focus about every two hours.
<Koujiryuu> One of the prerequisites of kundalinic awakening is a
balance of energy between these two channels, before the light can descend
down shushumna, activate kundalini at the root chakra, and rise it to
the crown center ("kether"). This is done through breathing techniques (pranayama)
focusing on the nostrils to regulate the flow of energy between the two
channels, or pillars if you will.

<Koujiryuu> In Prophecy's technique, the focus is on a descendance of
God/Light down through the crown center and down to the feet, eventually
forging a connection between Heaven, Earth, and Man. In kundalini yoga, the focus is similar but different, as
this pillar of light begins at the root chakra and flows out of the
crown, and the Light descends to awaken the energy, however the energy
alrready exists in the body, but is dormant and sealed off.
<Koujiryuu> The awakening of this primal energy can be done a couple of
different ways, depending on the style of yoga used:

<Koujiryuu> Repetition of mantra, the Grace of the Guru (shaktipat,
divine transferrance as SC noted), fasting, prayer, visualization/energy
techniques, breathing techniques, etc.

<Koujiryuu> However, kundalinic awakening is a very gradual process, as
opposed to Prophecy's method which assumes that the technique works
right away.  It took me 27 days of chanting for 3 hours a day, while
trying to force the energy to arise, before I had the revelation that you
need to relax and not force the process.

<Rafnul> Is it fair then to say that Prophecy's method reflects a state
of mind, and yours reflects a state of being, then?

<Koujiryuu> Right when I realized I must concede control to the energy
descending into me, I then achieved awakening of the energy.
<Koujiryuu> No, Rafnul.
<Koujiryuu> Well, actually, on second thought, that would be a fitting
<Koujiryuu> While his technique focuses more on a descendance and
cycling of energy thereof while in a specific state of mind, and may work

<Koujiryuu> Kundalinic awakening focuses more on a harmonious
descendance and arousal of dormant energy, reflecting in a state of being, yes.
<Rafnul> Yes, such was my thought.
<Koujiryuu> It should be noted that kundalini also causes the upward
flowing of sexual fluid and energy. E.G. within the Qigong paradigm, it is called Xi Shui Jing,
"Mind watered essence" commonly referred to as "brain/marrow washing".

<Koujiryuu> I would assume that Prophecy's method would have a similar
effect, with time.

<Koujiryuu> Kundalinic awakening causes a transformation of raw sexual
essence into a flowing spiritual energy of the highest calibur.

<Rafnul> That would explain why I've seen the concept associated with
several Tantric practices.

<Koujiryuu> Aye, yes. Kundalini can also be aroused through "partner
practice". Hint hint.
<Koujiryuu> Alright, now I'll detail two basic techniques for arousing
<DreamingSaint> Here we go
<DreamingSaint> Got back in time. :)
<Koujiryuu> The first is alternate nostril breathing, to balance the
fire and water, yang and yin, within the channels of ida and pingala.
<Koujiryuu> Begin thusly: place your left hand in front of your nose,
and support your left arm with your right hand by resting the left elbow
in the right palm.
<SupernaturalGuy> alright
<Koujiryuu> Using your right index finger, close off the right nostril,
and breath in prana (energy) for the count of 3 "oms" through the left
<Koujiryuu> er, disregard that.
<DreamingSaint> o_O
<DreamingSaint> Will do
<Koujiryuu>  Using your left index finger, close off the right nostril,
and breath in prana (energy) for the count of 3 "oms" through the left
<SupernaturalGuy> lol
<Lightbringer> lol, knew something was wrong there
<Koujiryuu> Hold it for 6 oms, while visualizing the energy descending
to the root chakra and energizing it. Feel it spiral down around
sushumna. Now, using your thumb, close off the left nostril while
unplugging the right one, and exhale for the count of 3 out of the now
unclosed right nostril. Now, you must do the opposite. Breath in the right nostril
for 3 oms, hold for 6 oms, visualize the energy descending the pingala
channel. Lift the thumb, Unplug the left nostril, seal off the right
nostril with the index finger, and exhale the breath out the left nostril
for the count of,

<Koujiryuu> That's the technique. "Alternate Nostril Pranayama".
<Koujiryuu> Repeat this cycle no more than 10 times total.
<Koujiryuu> Any questions?

<SupernaturalGuy> my mind is full with questions
<SupernaturalGuy> just can't get them out

<Koujiryuu> This technique may cause an intense tingling of the
genitals, or great feelings of warmth or cold. That's normal, it's a side
effect of the energy being balanced between the two channels.

<Koujiryuu> Supernaturalguy: Please take a moment to think, and ask
<Koujiryuu> That goes for everyone else- if any clarification is
needed, please speak up.
<Koujiryuu> Until I get some kind of response, I'll wait before moving
on to the next technique.
<Samael> Why should the student waste hirs time researching the
symbolism and then trying to find it's significance (in accordance to the
* SupernaturalGuy/#vacademy is thinking
<Samael> *if they plan to make use of it
<SupernaturalGuy> I'm trying to piece it all together
<SupernaturalGuy> then I will ask my questions
<Samael> As far as I'm concerned, symbolism is subjective and only
useful when it's understood and applicable to X.
<Koujiryuu> Well, the symbolism in kundalinic awakening isn't as
predominate as it is in Prophecy's technique. To what are you referring? The
chakra/nadi system?
<Samael> It seems like an unnecessary component; one which will (in
time) cripple the mystic.  Volition upon reality, using energy as the
medium of change, would seem to be of more relevancy.
<Samael> Understanding an arts history is good in its own right, mind
<Samael> *Researching and understanding
<SupernaturalGuy> hmmm
<SupernaturalGuy> i have answered my questions lol
<SupernaturalGuy> with my own conclusions
* SupernaturalGuy/#vacademy says it's good to answer your own questions
<Samael> I'm reference to all the symbolism made referrence to in the
aforementioned lesson, specifically yours.

<Koujiryuu> As the chakras have biological basis in the glands and
nerve plexi, and shushumna corresponds to the spinal cord. The twisting
nadis of ida and pingala are synonymous with two nerves which coil around
the nerves in the spinal cord....therefore, it's neccesary to know as
it actually reflects human biology, and since we are working with
"bio-energy" so to speak, it's more than applicable.

<Samael> "[01:56] <Koujiryuu> Now, you must do the opposite. Breath in
the right nostril for 3 oms, hold for 6 oms..." All this technicality
seems like more work then it's worth.
<Samael> I haven't been paying attention the entire time, as I've been
doing research and studying.  However, when I glanced back every now
and then I found myself looking and hoards of symbolic references and
information that wasn't necessary for practice.
<Samael> Are these truly the fundamental elements of your art?  If so,
can they not be broken down into their bare essentials.
<Samael> ?*
<Samael> *at hoards of symbolic...
<Samael> Perhaps your lesson was more so aimed at the history of,
rather then the application of.
<Koujiryuu> Samael: None of these references are neccesarily symbolic;
they are highly neccesary to successful arising of kundalini. "Om" is a
mantra, and is the sound of creation. Each chakra has such a sound,
with Om being the sound linked to the crown chakra, where the aroused
energy will eventually flow out of.

<Samael> If so, I retract the question.
<Samael> Yes, but 'om' is symbolic, not some objective fact.

<Koujiryuu> Well, I personally prefer a simple "om" to all the myriad
names of God that Prophecy spoke of ;)
* Samael/#Vacademy shrugs
<Koujiryuu> By repeating/vibrating the mantra while the pranayama is
done, it serves to clear out distractions, focus the mind, and stimulate
all the chakras.
<SupernaturalGuy> awesome
<Samael> Yeah.

<Koujiryuu> As "om" could be seen as a name of the Divine, in itself.
<Koujiryuu> Good question, I should have clarified why that was focused
<Samael> Well, that's up for debate.  One which I'd prefer to avoid..
<Samael> *.
<Samael> ^the om being god's name, bit
<Koujiryuu> Well, why should "jehovah elohim" be a name of God, while
"om" is not? It's essentially trying to apply a name to the unnameable-
I didn't create the mantra or the tradition, I simply use it.
<Koujiryuu> :)
<Samael> I wasn't debating the various names of god.  Simply stating
it's a discussion I'd rather avoid -- far too cumbersome.
<Koujiryuu> The thing is, each chakra responds to a certain auric
vibration, which not only matches the mantras, but matches the musical tonal
scale as well.
<Samael> Assuming such an entity exists.  That's another topic I try to
* SupernaturalGuy/#vacademy has enjoyed the seminar!
<SupernaturalGuy> very informative
<Solstice> Chakras make up the spectrum of your aura; as that was the
impression I was given.
<Koujiryuu> Well, God in my sense is not an entity, but the universe
itself, as it exists and has existed, by it's own power. That power flows
through us, and that is what I make use of.
<Koujiryuu> Aye, Sol.

<Samael> I take it you're fond of the universal energy paradigm, then?
<Rafnul> The Brahma?

<Koujiryuu> I was going to detail a further technique, for the actual
arising of the kundalinic energy. However, I think I will save that for
the eventual article I'll be doing on all this, as IRC seems to be not
the ideal place for such teaching.

<Koujiryuu> Brahma, God, Dao, Zen, etc. All different names for
something that cannot be named.
<Rafnul> Yes, thank you.
<Rafnul> That clarifies my question.
<Koujiryuu> Samael: You should know that I subscribe to that paradigm
by now, if anything.
<Koujiryuu> I will now get to work on editting and posting this log.
<Samael> Koujiryuu: Better to ask then assume.
<Koujiryuu> Yeah.
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May 19, 2005, 09:00:26 AM
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What happened to the rest of the discusision?

June 21, 2005, 07:55:19 AM
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A very good discussion. For students wanting to learn more try compairing the Middle Pillar Ritual to the qabalic parts of the soul. See how they line up. Now what does that tell us?
Numen Expecto Reputo Occultam
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June 11, 2009, 12:58:45 PM
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Both the LBRP and MPR are often used as basics for Ceremonial training. Just to clear this up is the LBRP more of a container and the MPR is to pour in energy.

Basically, the LBRP increases the capacity of our Auric fields and the Middle Pillar is what draws power into those fields.

Could anyone clear this up for me. (I don't think I conveyed the point I was making as clearly as I could but I hope I got the question across)

June 11, 2009, 11:31:27 PM
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The LBRP is used to remove external influences, primarily. In this way, you might consider it washing a dirty container before pouring fresh water in. Israel Regardie recommended something along the lines of 6 months of LBRP daily before the Middle Pillar Rite. (The original golden dawn manuscripts recommend the LIRP in the morning and the LBRP at night). The Middle Pillar can then be considered, as you say, pouring in that water. (Although in actual practice, I believe you will find it is actually more like an 'upwelling' rather than a pouring there is a well underneath the container). :)

June 12, 2009, 02:14:41 PM
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A very succint description, Rawiri, though I would compare it more to a container full of dirty water being filled with pure, clean water until the dirty water is eventually removed by the influx of the clean.  As I just posted this video on another post, I thought I'd also share it here.

Middle Pillar Ritual
The glory of the spiritual journey is the same as its irony: You acquire full power only by realizing that you
have been using that power all along to thwart yourself.
- Deepak Chopra

September 29, 2010, 10:39:32 PM
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Israel Regardie replaces Yhvh Eloha V'Daath (sp) with IAO (pronounced ee-aah-ooh), is this a tenable substitution?

Also, why is the above mentioned centre to be visualized at the solar plexus instead of at the heart centre (the traditional position of tiphareth (sp) as far as I understand it)?
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September 30, 2010, 01:26:52 PM
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The Middle Pillar rite as is comparable to Kundalini Awakening, is some sort of Awakening of the energy channels?

September 30, 2010, 01:52:46 PM
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A great book to understand the middle pillar is "The Art of True Healing(Kabbalistic Meditation and Magick); A Treatise on the Mechanism of Prayer and the Operation of the Law of Attraction in Nature." by Isreal Regardie.
And how!