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    Throughout the past 2 months or so that I have been here at Veritas, I have recieved a slew of questions.  The content of some of these questions is probably better left between me and them, but there are a great deal of questions that I answered which I think would be of great help to the community here at Veritas, as I'm sure similiar questions have crossed through other people's minds at some point and time.  Hopefully this article, which is an arrangment of questions and answers in the typical "Q & A" format, will help clarify a few matters for sincere Aspirants.  There are will be several Broad categories that some of the questions relate to, and when needed I will write a small introduction to some of the Questions or categories that they are in, which will be in Italic before the question with an "*" before and after it.  The actual Question and its Answer will be in regular type with a big "Q" or "A" next to it.  I have recieved a large amount of questions, but I have tried to choose those which I think will benefit the reader the most, and as such, many of the questions are from Oriens Lux Lucis and Julianus, both of whom ask excellent questions whose answers help to explain some of the fundamental teachings behind Hermetics.  So then, let us get right to it. 

Q & A article

Questions concerning our Evolution on the Tree of Life, and the Holy Guardian Angel

Q: What is spiritual enlightenment from the magical perspective?

A:  There are different levels of Initiation. The highest is usually considered as Kether by those who gobble up all of the Goldan Dawn's teachings. In reality, there is a reason why Kether is "unknowable"....because that is exactly what it is. Thus, the highest attainable manifestation on the Tree of Life in the spiritual evolution of a person is Binah. Thus, from the magickal perspective, enlightenment is a permanent union between the magician and the Neshamah,more specifically, the Chiah and Yechidah, which are the divine seeds of the soul. thus, once this union is achieved, the magician has established a direct union with divinity. However, I prefer to say that he has reached his true potential as a full human being, like Adam in the Garden, or Moses.

Q: When a person is enlightened, are they generally aware of it happening immediately, or do they only realize it afterwards?

A:  It would be quite hard to not notice the most beautiful experience that the soul has ever been through.

Q: How many different levels of enlightenment are there?

A:  That depends on who you ask, and what spiritual practices they partake of. The yogis acknowledge quite a few, but as a magician, we only acknowledge 3. 1)The passing into Yesod, in which the Nephesh is aligned with the Ruach. 2) The passing across the so-called Veil of Paroketh into Tiphareth, in which the Nephesh is sacrificed a burnt offering to the Neshamah. 3) The pasing of the Abyss, in which the Ruach is wholy consumed by the Neshamah. These are, of course, very quick and simple explanations to very complicated subjects that can't be treated at full here.

Q: From what I understand, once a magician has at least reached Step 7 of IIH, he/she should begin to invoke which deities of Tiphareth? First the god-name, then the archangel, then angel, then lesser angel? Which spirits (as in what category and what order) should be invoked? Should all of them be invoked daily, and if so, how long until evocation can begin, and how will an individual know that he is ready for evocation of that sphere? Once done with all the invoking, what spirits (again, categories and order to be evoked) should be evoked for the magician to "master" that sphere and thus be able to move him onward? And after all spirits are evoked in a sphere, how long does it take for the initiation into that sphere so he can move onward? Is the initiation done by one of the ruling entities of the sphere?

A: The magician, along with all other people, start in Malkuth. Malkuth deals directly with the elements and the ethers. I am a particularly strict teacher, and as such, I hold that up-to step 7 of IIH must be obtained before advancement up the Tree of Life. As such, he would have complete command of the elements, along with the magickal faculties (clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.) necessary for successful invocation and evocation. Once this is done, he would start invoking the Sphere of Malkuth, namely, the 4 elements, until he had reached complete authority over them in the Astral Realms. Once this authority has been reached, then evocation can start without a problem, because the spirits wouldn't dare to ignore their calling from such a trained magician. in the journey of evocations, you will come across different spirits from the four elements that are good initiators into that element. This holds true with all the spheres of the Sephiroth. Once mastery has been achieved of malkuth, the magician works his way up to Yesod through the Path of Tav. He repeats the same process, starting first with invocation, then evocation, and so on for the rest of the Sephiroth up to Binah. The entire process should take at least 4-5 years, and the magician would have gained an unearthly understanding of the different spheres of operation (the elements and planets). When the magician, in his constant journey up the Tree, reaches Tiphareth, he performs the operation of the HGA. By this time, he most likely would have come into contact with it several times already. Follow through with the operation as prescribed by Abraham in his 3 books on Abramelin. He gives the names and offices of the deities that must be called in this sphere. Once the HGA operation is done, then proceed with the usual process of invocation and evocation of that sphere (solar deities), and so on up to Binah (Saturn).

This process is that of a self-initiatory process. In a magickal Order, you would be initiated in person into the different spheres so that you have the "access rights" so to say, to that sphere. Then you would proceed as given above in that sphere. In an Astral initiation, it would be done by one of the more powerful deities in that sphere who has the authority to initiate a person.

As far as the spirits to be invoked and evoked, the general rules are as follows. First off, you can/should only invoke god-like forces, such as the God names, Kings, or the planet/element in general. Evocation is for more concrete forces such as spirits, angels, demons, etc. The God-forces and kings are too abstract to evoke, even though in an invocation they can appear in the magickal mirror with a seemingly concrete form. As far as the Evocations are concerned, the magician should ask the elemental Kings and/or planetary rulers for some suitable spirits to evoke. They will give them to you, with their name and seale. Angels and intelligences also work well. I personally recommend the spirits given by Bardon in "Practice of Magickal Evocation".

Q:  My question is whether it is necessary that the adept do this operation in order to unite with the Neshamah (which actually is the HGA) or if there are any other ways that this unification may be accomplished.  And what if I, for instance, who has little to none magical experience dedicate six months to performing the operation? Does that mean that I am going to unite with Neshamah without having first united with Ruach or does the latter unification takes place while the operation of the HGA is performed?

A:  It is my personal belief that the entire operation (6 months) should be done by the Initiate to produce the best results possible. Of course, the HGA can be contacted by many methods, such as an invocation in the Sphere of Tiphareth, but the actual internal evolution that is aimed for can only be achieved magically in a magickal retirement such as what Abraham describes. The "withdrawal from the world" is necessary for concentration and purity of mind/body. A proper diet should be observed and daily adorations & invocations. However, we must keep in mind that Abraham wrote this operation for his Son, who probably had very little Occult Training. As such, the first few months are mental and spiritual attunements to the vibration frequency necessary for the experience. If a 6 month magickal retirement is absolutely impossible (as it tends to be in this day and age), then at least one month should be observed. Allegedly McGregor Mathers finished the Operation in just short of 2 weeks! However, he blended many occult practices into the whole procedure, which undoubtedly helped with the Process.

Does this mean the magician should aim for 2 weeks? By no means. The full procedure should be planned for if possible. Can a person, such as Abraham's son, go through the whole procedure with no prior training and still achieve the same effect? This is questionable. In one hand, if Abraham's son had observed for many years a strict moral and ethical code, which naturally stimulates the mind into higher levels of consciousness when combined with rigorous spiritual practices such as Worship and devotion. His son no doubt was such a person, and so was spiritually capable of the whole procedure due to his purity and consecration to the Lord. However, while he definitely attained the KCHGA, it is unsure as to whether or not the internal alchemy would have happened as well.

Another method of illuminating the Ruach with the Neshamah, as done in the HGA operation, is through strict Yoga practices, as a mystical approach to the whole thing. However, this is counter-productive to the magician unless the Yoga practices have been done since the start of his training, in which case it will only benefit him.

Q: A question I have though is if the one who does the operation in question should completely isolate himself from the rest, without communicating with anybody, without getting out of his house, etc.

A: Abraham the Jew teaches that the magician may have visitors, but very few if any. If there is a wife, they may either live elsewhere during the operation and visit at an appointed hour every day, or they may live in the house dressed in a full robe that is not in any way sexually suggestive. All small and idle conversation is to be avoided, and all sins are to abstained from. It is best to abstain from all sexual activities during the procedure. You may leave the house if necessary for such things as food and drink, but rarely. It is best to stock up as best as possible. Little food is needed, as fasting is done through a majority of the operation.

Why go through all of this? All of these things distract the mind. Complete and total control is necessary for this operation, and any distraction is absolutely detrimental to the success of the operation as a whole. The key-word of tiphareth is "Sacrifice", and that is exactly what must be done. Sexual activity stimulates the senses and lowers the mind from its exalted state that should be kept as much as possible throughout the operation. Food affects the astral body, and so it must be moderate and controlled, fruits and vegetables as much as possible, with little or no meat. Going into town surrounds the magician with people who are not enlightened Adepts, and so they have negative effects on his aura, as well as distracting his mind from the matter of attention. If any company is to be kept during the operation, it is best that it be a Guru or Adept who's presence alone can flood the magician with the Astral Light, and they can help instruct him during the procedures.

*This is a slightly more complex question and answer, and is perhaps the most complex in this article.  People who have a sound command of Kabbalistic terminology should benefit quite nicely from it.  This is the last question of this category, the rest of the categories are a little more fun and light-hearted than this section on the Kabbalah.*

Q: I would also like to ask you if you could explain to me the following: Are Chiah, Neschamah, Nephesch the Spirit, Soul and Astral Body, respectively? Also, what is Ruach and how is it related to them? You see, I am currently studying Regardie's "Tree of Life" and he uses some Qabbalistic terminology which would be very helpful if I knew it. Thank you in advance.

A:  Sorry for the delayed reply.
  So then, let it be known that the anatomy of the human being as a spiritual creature is 5-fold, making it the most complex spiritual creature in both physical and spiritual existence. These layers, in order of evolution, are: The Yechidah, the Chiah, the Neshamah, the Ruach, and the Nephesh. We shall start our examination from the order of involution, which is the reverse of the order given above for evolution. Why examine them in the involution perspective oppose to the evolution perspective? Because man is created in evolution, and perfected in involution. That is, the soul is created first (Yechidah, CHiah, Neshamah), and then the Ruach, and finally the Nephesh simultaneously with physical manifestation. But to seek enlightenment, you must start with the Nephesh, work to unify it with the Ruach, and then rise the Ruach up to the Neshamah, allowing room for the Yechidah and Chiah to be obtained. So then, we shall start with the Nephesh.

Concerning the Nephesh:
In the Tanakh (hebrew old testamnet) the term used for "living" or spirit when referring to animals, as seen repeatedly in the creation myth of Genesis, is the Hebrew word "NPSh" (Nun, Peh-soft, Shin), pronounced Nephesh. Thus, in the Kabballah, this is referred to as the "animal soul" or animal instinct so-to-say, making it the lowest form of the spirit inherited in a human. It is the soul that animals possess, and humans have it predominantly until the Ruach starts to develop at the age of twelve. However, usually the Ruach is suppressed by the animal instincts of the Nephesh, thus creating the semi-intellectual excuses for people that we see all the time, having sex with who-ever, procreating the earth, and dieing. Performing their responsibilities as an animal on this planet. Prophecy and I are currently working out exactly what happens to the Nephesh upon death, along with the Ruach and Neshamah. We actually know what happens to the Nephesh, it is just the Ruach and Neshamah and their role in Heaven that we are working on. Regardless, what does or doesn't happen is too complex for this article.

The Nephesh can be seen hermetically as the Astral body, or at least, the dense etheric body within the Astral.

Concerning the Ruach:
Next in our process of involution, we have the Ruach. This is seen also in Genesis, for example, the verse "And the Spirit of Elohim hovered upon the face of the waters" in chapter one. The word for "spirit" here is Ruach. It is also the "ruach" that God breathed into Adam to bring him to life. This (the Ruach) is usually considered as the "mind", and relates to the Air element. It starts to be really developed at the age of twelve, which is what causes children to start developing their conception of "I" in the Adolescence years. The Ruach has two divisions, the Conscious and the sub-conscious. The former is the dominating force in the Ruach until the sub-conscious becomes illuminated from the Neshamah as the result of an operation such as that of the "Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel". On the Tree of Life, the Nephesh can be seen as Malkuth, and the Ruach can be seen as both Yesod and Tiphareth, with the conscious being contained in Yesod, and the sub-conscious lying dormant in Tiphareth, waiting patiently for the Ascent of the conscious-Ruach from Yesod into Tiphareth, and the descent of the Neshamah from Binah into Tiphareth, resulting in the most beautiful experience that a man is most likely to experience in physical life.

It is the Ruach that is the primary concern of the magician, and he is wholly contained in its training and enlightenment, so that he may unite the Ruach with the Neshamah. There is much more that could be said concerning the Ruach, but this will suffice for now.

Concerning the Neshamah, Chiah, and Yechidah
The Neshamah is the immortal soul. It is hidden and concealed within Binah, which itself is hidden beyond the Abyss with the three supernal sephiroth (Kether, Chokmah, Binah). Each of the three supernals is said to contain one of the three layers of the immortal soul. Binah contains the Neshamah, Chokmah contains the Chiah, and Kether contains the Yechidah. Of these, the Neshamah is the only one that is really within the conscious reach of the Human being, even upon enlightenment, in which case the Chiah can known in a subtle way, but the Yechidah remains wholly unknown, being so divine that it appears as a wholly seperate entity. It is the Yechidah of which Rabbi Shimon speaks in the Zohar, saying that upon birth a spark of the soul of God is received, and upon death, that spark returns to God.

The general view held by most authorities on the subject is that the HGA is the Neshamah, and I will cope with this until Prophecy and I can find a better explanation in the traditional kabalistic texts. The Neshamah appears to the initiate as a separate entity, because during the HGA operation, the magician has not passed the Abyss yet, and so is not fully united with his immortal soul. As such, anything beyond the abyss appears foreign, and such is the case with the Neshamah when it descends from Binah across the Abyss into Tiphareth to illuminate the Ruach. The Ruach and Neshamah are not completely united in marriage until the person can cross the Abyss, and achieve what is commonly termed as "God-hood".

And so there you have it. I have provided you with a more practical explanation of the 5-fold soul than Regardie ever provides in any of his books. And what I gave is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more that could be said about the different layers of the Human spirit and its anatomy, but this will suffice for now. As far as a simple terminology goes for you, when regardie refers to the Nephesh, he means the Astral body or animal soul. When he refers to the Ruach, he means the "mental body" or the Mind, and when he refers to the Neshamah, he means the divine soul proper. I advise you to take notes on what I have just taught you, and commit it to memory.

Questions about the Invisible Masters:

*these questions concern the teachings of the invisible Masters, and as this seems to be a little known topic on Veritas, I thought it could provide some help to those who are willing to learn.  I will give some of the more elementary questions I received on this topic, along with their answers.  I wouldlike to add as a disclaimer that some people, especially those who are particularly religious, not only don’t believe in the existence of such beings, but are offended at the idea of the Invisible Masters.  This is fine by me, but for the purpose of constructive teaching and feedback, please limit any negative comments about them to PMs instead of posting in reply.  I will do my best to clear up any misunderstanding you may have.  For those magicians who don’t believe in them, your opinion will change in time with practice and experience, as most magician will inevitably encounter such a being or find proof of its existence in their Path.*

Q: Who are the Invisible Masters?

A:  Concerning the Invisible Masters: Throughout human history, there have been different epochs in human evolution, both physical and spiritual. Each Epoch is under the dominant influence of a new celestial ray that allows the Astral Realms and our spiritual bodies to achieve a higher step of evolution. I could further explain this whole phenomena, but Max Heindell has allready so intelligably stated it in his "Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception", that there is no point in repeating something that can't be said more beautifully than it allready has. Mdm. Blavatsky and Dion Fortune have also covered it somewhat extensively in their own books as well.
These Invisible Masters are the highest and most evolved human beings (initiates) of the Epoch previous to them. When they died, they became the Invisible Masters for the new Epoch that proceeds them. The invisible Masters that incarnate on Earth as religious leaders are the most powerful of these Masters, and are appointed to Usher in the New Epoch by presenting a religion that will raise the standards of spirituality and morality in the New Epoch, to better encourage spiritual evolution. This does not necessarily mean that the religion of the Old Epoch becomes Null-and-Void, but it does make it outdated as far as spiritual maturity is concerned. Each of these new religions functions on a slightly higher spiritual level than the previous.
The Religions and Masters of each Epoch are the embodiment of the Planetary and Zodiacal Ray at that time. Jesus Christ ended the ray of Aries, thus is he called the "sacrificial lamb" to denote the end of the Arian Epoch. He Ushered in the Piscean Epoch according to the Astrological Position of the Sun in the Vernal Equinox. For this reason one of the most famous symbols of Christianity is the Fish. He also Started the Influence of the Solar Ray upon Humanity, and became Master of this Ray upon his death. As the Sun rules the sign of Leo (The Lion), so is he called the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" by the prophets.
Within the next few hundred years, a new religion will spring up teaching a higher stage of human evolution. As Christianity was the evolution of Judaism, so will the New one be the Evolution of Christianity. This may perhaps be the Second Coming of the Christ. A New Religious leader will also appear in the East to lead his people to the Truth as well. This is all, of course, if the Day of Judgment does not come before. "It shall come as a thief in the Night".
Christ, being the Master of the Solar Ray, and the Solar Ray being the Highest among the planets, thus Christ is Highest among all the Invisible Masters of both Past and Future. Christ contains many secrets.

Q:  What is an invisible master?

A:  The being is the Archetype, because they obtain a God-Like status. Christ especially, being an Expression of God himself. The Masters of the Epochs (rays) can only be approached according to their own religious systems, unless they decide otherwise. The Lesser Masters (though they are not necessarily lesser) are the only invisible masters that can be properly invoked and saught after for contact. They are the members of the White Brotherhood, Also called the Brotherhood of Light, the Elders, or the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. It is said of the Rosicrucian brotherhood that their influence spreads even up to the Throne of God. Whether this is true or not, I don't know. It is these masters who instructed such initiates as mdm. blavatsky and Max Heindel. Crowley saught them in vain, and only found a deity of the Old religion. They choose initiates here on Earth to perform certain task to help humanity. There is much more that can be said about the Brotherhood.
 *The Members of the Brotherhood of Light are all illumined sages, full Adepts of this stage in our evolution.  It is arranged thus: 1 supreme head, 12 elders, 72 Masters, and 360 Adepts.  The Head oversees the 12, the 12 over see 3 Masters each, and each Master oversees 5 Adepts.*

Questions concerning Spirits, Evocation, Invocation, the works of Franz Bardon, Orders, and other miscellaneous subjects.  

*These are general questions that I believe will aid the reader.  This section concluded the article, and the last Question and Answer will be about healing, which I believe everyone can benefit from.  In reply to some of the questions, I have mentioned Prophecy as an example, which should be of some interest to those who learned under him.*     

Q:  Are there any "complete" systems of magic, which, like Bardons main three books, teach magic progressively to the student?

A:  Any magickal Order teaches in a progressive manner that allows the student to acquire the needed magickal faculties at a comfortablepace, while still learning the knowledge neccesary as well.  As far as books go, no.  Not like Bardon's anyways.  His step-by-step system is the best in print by far, because he was strictly concerned with practical magick.  As such, his system provides the practice that most classics are missing, and the classics provide the Theory that Bardon's books are missing.  They balance each other out, and I believe he wrote them for that purpose.  This does not imply that Bardon lacked any knowledge, as wee see in the post-mortem "Questions and Answers", which contains some of his personal teachings to his students durring his life, and demonstrates an almost unfathomable understanding of magick that he had.

Q:  Are all of Bardon’s Qabalistic writings revolving around the Tetragrammaton formula, or are other formulas involved?

*There is a manner of relating Bardon’s attributions to the Sepher Yetzirah that was done by Rawn Clark, but it is still quite a stretch.*

A:    To the topic at hand: there are some complications with Bardon's system of Kabbalah that have to be examined first: To begin with, he only deals with practical working of the YHVH formula of pronunciation, and he says that there are other kabbalistical keys than just the Tetragrammatton formula. I tried for a LONG time to tie Bardon's system of the Kabbalah to anything else possible. I worked out formulas for the color attributions and note attributions he gives to the letters, and cross referenced them with as many authorities as I could. the conclusion I came to was that whether or not it is the same as the Kabbalists of Old, i'm not quite sure, but it is definitely its own system as far as today is concerned. None of his elemental, color, or sound attributions match up with any of the hebrew Color Scales and attributions. the biggest difficulty Is that he uses the German alphabet, oppose to the Hebrew Alphabet (even though he hints that he knew the Hebrew Kabbalah). So then, the evidence suggests that the German Alphabet has different attributions than the Hebrew. there are some similarities between the two, but not enough to say they are related. however, as for the FORMULA employed by Bardon to Kabbalistically pronounce something, i do earnestly believe thta it is the same formula employed by the old Masters. The Sefer Yetzirah is the key to Kabbalistical pronunciation, but it is extremely cryptic, and deals only with the Hebrew Alphabet. I am convinced that as far as the color, element, and sound attributions go, Bardon recieved the system from a spirit. Prophecy has been working with some spirits, particularly some higher ranking elementals, who have been systematically giving him some of the Latin letters (the script english uses), with their correspondences, but they are doing it quite slowly, and Prophecy has been too busy lately to work with them. The good thing is that the elementals are revealing attributions very similiar to Bardon's, which lends credence to the idea that he recieved the teachings from a spirit(s).

So,simply put, Bardon uses the same formula, but not the same attributions as the ancient Rabbis.

By bardon's "third book" I'm assuming you mean Key to the True Kabballah. he gives very little theory, as is typical of Barden, but an immense amount of practice. He says that it is a MUST that the magician has worked through his entire "Initiation into Hermetics" before even attempting the true Kabbalah. It is the highest form of True Magick, and should only be doen once the magician has mastered all of "initiation into Hermetics" and is a Master at invokation and evocation.

In his third Book, he is teaching the means of Kabbalistically pronouncing a Word according to a certain formula he gives, which is YHVH. With this, he says that the Kabballist will be able to speak the "creative word", that is, bring things into effect directly. the "Direct Magick" sect tries to share its ideas with this ability of the magician, but they fail to realize that YEARS of training are required before attempting direct magickal effects (to the scale that Bardon performed them) without ritual work. One of Franz Bardon's students was in a Nazi Concentration camp in WWII, being tortured. Using Bardon's system, he murmured a word under his breath, and all of his torturers fell paralyzed at the ground. It was also with this system that Bardon himself managed to escape the concentration camps, when on the selected day for his execution, a U.S air raid "just happened" to pass by and bomb the hell out of the facility, leaving almost everyone dead....except Bardon.

*This question followed a comment about one of Prophecy’s first experience in evocation, in which he was recognized as an “old friend” by one of the elemental kings, and given back some of his former familiars from past lives. I have provided it here because the whole matter is quite interesting and unusual.*
Q:  In evocation, if an individual has communicated with certain ruling entities in past lives, he may go to them once more and they will recognize him and grant him whatever familiars he had before, and teach him whatever he knew before?  Or was Prophecy's case an exception, and the magician, even if he knew the entity, must at least become friendly and trustworthy again? 

A:  Prophecy's case seems to be a rare exception.  In the past lives that he can succesfully recount (up to 5 right now I believe, with proof of more) he seems to have led a spiritual life in almost every incarnation.  Of these lifes, several of them were as magicians, which would show that the spirits are probably more accustomed to working with him.  However, the spirits do seem to be less hostile to older souls, which shows that they may have worked with the magician in a past life.   In most cases however, the magician will have to reprove his worth and earn the friendship and loyalty of the spirits again, regardless of soul-age.

Q:  In the Practice of Magical Evocation, does Bardon outline evocation in a system of invoking and evoking all the spirits of each sphere of the Tree of Life like above?

A:  Bardon deals strictly with evocation, not invocation.  Yes, he gives spirits from Malkuth to Binah (The 4 elements and the planets), along with the Zodiacal spirits as well.

Q: You said that a magician who has attained Tiphareth could destroy any black magician because no black magician could ever attain Tiphareth.  Does this mean that no matter who the black magician in question was, he would be able to take care of him?

A:  A magician who has obtained Adepthood (Tiphareth) has more authority and power than a black magician, who can never make it past that of an "initiate".  However, if the two were to fight, it becomes a matter of how the Magician can do against the demons employed by the Sorcerer, seeing as how the Sorcerer will not dare fight the magician directly, but indirectly with the help of Demonic and infernal aides.  However, for every demon, there is an angel that binds it, and the Adept knows this quite well, and so is not worried.

Q:  What orders are good for Hermetic and Qabalistic teachings?

A:  Concerning good, authentic hermetic and Qabalistical teaching, You usually have to be approached by one of the much more "secret" orders out there. These have no website, and the public doesn't know they exist. However, concerning some of the more popular Orders out there, I recommend two: The Rosicrucian Fellowship, which was founded by Max Heindel, and The Servants of Light, which was founded by Dion Fortune. The Rosicrucian Fellowship is completely free, and they will mail all your lessons to you. SOL is quite expensive, but holds frequent workshops, and teaches ritual magick, while the Rosicrucian Fellowship does not. Websites are: and

*The Following few questions are about Grimoires*
Q:  What is your opinion on the Keys of Solomon?

A:  Concerning the Keys of Solomon, love them. An excellent series of Gromoires, particularly the Lesser Keys, which give an account of the angelic and demonic hierachies and their sigils. As far as the Greater Keys are concerned, I have used several of the Talismans very effectively, and some of the Pentacles of Mars have helped me on more than one occasion. The angels and demons given with their offices are genuine and true. As for some of the typical "gromoire" lingo of animal sacrifices, and using the head of a bat, tail of a lizard, etc...It is all a net for the uninitiated. We need to remember that Solomon did not write the Keys. If he did, they were lost until reprinted in the middle ages. As such, the whole system was either passed down orally within certain families, or it was given to a magician by Michael or Uriel (who both played a large role in Solomon's receiving of Wisdom), who then recounted to the magician the magick of Solomon the King.

Q:  Are the Abramelin squares actually effective, or mere Grimoire-usual blinds for the unworthy aspirant?

A:  Concerning the Books of Abramelin, the kabbalistic squares are quite true. However, one must keep in mind the wording for a Jew of the time period it was written. To "Fly" anywhere is simply a talisman-induced Astral Projection. McGregor Mathers, one of the Three founders of the Golden Dawn, was incredibly Adept with the Abramelin Squares. He carried them in his pocket quite frequently. The Old Testament Prophet Elijiah most likely used a similiar system of squares to make the Ravens bring him food. There is an Abramelin square for that.

Q:  How does one use the Abramelin squares?

A:  an Adept who reaches Tiphareth can't use the Abramelin squares until he has done all the preliminary invokations and evokations as prescribed by Abraham after you have achived the KCHGA. The Abramelin squares, as you may know, consists of the names of demons, and of the Angels that bind those demons. Thus, Abraham instructs the magician to evoke the ruling spirits of the Squares, and makes them swear their service to him.

*The Following Question is about Dhyana, which is a Yoga term, and more or less refers to a meditative state*
Q:  What exactly is dhyana, and what happens to an individual once they achieve it? Is it similar to adepthood?

A:  There is no reason to say in my own words what has been so simply and perfectly said in someone else's. As such, I will use a quote from Crowley's "Equinox: Book 4" in which he (crowley) quotes a Guru named Patanjali who says "Dharana is holding the mind onto some particular object. An unbroken flow of knowledge in that object is Dhyana. When that, giving up all forms, reflects only the meaning, it is Samadhi." Thus, the answer is no, Dhyana is not similiar to Adepthood. It is the flow of information or knowledge of an object (say the pentagram) from the object itself due to an ecstatic union. However, the union is not complete until the Ego is annihilated and Samadhi is achieved. Buddha did this with the God-Current, establishing ecstatic union and complete annihilation of the Ego (self). The best way to describe an experience in Dhyana as a magician, would be if the magician, in ritual or meditation, rose up to the sphere of Mars, and upon quite a long time of contemplation therein, you suddenly feel like you "understand" it. Somewhat like an initiation perhaps into that sphere, now that I think about it.

*There are many more questions and anwers, but as this is already quite lengthy, I shall terminate this article with a subject on healing*

Q:  You mentioned your studies into various healing methods and I wanted to know if you would share some pointers or suggestions that I could study and put into practice. Anything regarding helping chronic illnesses and alleviating at least some of the pain that comes with them would also be appreciated.

A:  To begin with, to adequately heal someone, there are a few prerequisites, some of which are just recomendations, and others are must-haves.
1) Complete control of his own prana/chi or the Vital Force within himself
2) Control of the elements and magnetic/electric fluids is recommended, but not necessary
3) Elemental equilibrium is recommended. He should be at peace and harmony with himself and his surrounding.
4) He should be able to transfer his consciousness at will into anything he desires
5) He absolutely must be able to condense the vital force and project it at will from any body part. It is recommended that he be able to condense it to such a degree that it starts to physically vibrate under the skin. When the vital force is projected out of himself into the patient, the same vibration should result in the patient
6) A MUST-HAVE for any true healer is Clairvoyance to a very strong degree. While this is not necessarily needed to heal, it provides such an advantage that it is rediculous to attempt healing without this faculty. You need to be able to actually examine their subtle and spiritual bodies along with the aura in order to properly diagnose the problem and compose an effective cure.
7) He should be knowledgable in the spiritual anatomy of the body. He should know where the major Nadis (astral currents), Meridians, and most importantly the Chakras, are at any time.
It is highly recommended that he be able to fortify his aura and impregnate it with the vital force to such a degree that as soon as he enters the room with the patient, they allready start to feel a relief of their symptoms.

   So there are a few recommendations and a few necessary requirements. While many illnesses are still incurable by the incompetence of modern science and medicine, the Divine science of Occultism knows of no such defeats. All illnesses are curable, it is simply a matter of the spiritual maturity of the magician. Of course, it takes a complete Master, such as Christ, to be able to heal chronic and lethal diseases, but it can still be done nonetheless. As far as alleviating some pain goes, it is helpfull to feel out (if you're not clairvoyant) the miasma in the aura. It is a heavy, cold etheric substance. Once you have located some of it (usually near the infected area), then use magnetism either of your own hands or of an actual magnet to help detach it. I recommend using your own hands. Once you have detached it from the aura, then submerse your hands in a specially prepared bowl of water that has been blessed or at least impregnated with the vital force. Such a magickally prepared body of water will dissolve the miasma. If this is not done, then the miasma can linger around for several hours, sometimes even days, and if the infected person walks by or accidentally touches it, it will cling back onto the aura.

so there you go. A Few pointers with some tips and suggestions.

    *I hope you have enjoyed the article*

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Quote from: Veos
    *I hope you have enjoyed the article*

Yes, yes I did.  A very good job.


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I did too. Thank you Veos, it answered a lot of my questions as well.

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Superb.  Nobody has magic like the Egyptians.
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Can this be added to the Articles Section as well?