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May 17, 2007, 11:55:11 PM
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Last time donations were necessary, there was great interest for alternative methods to pay for our hosting costs.  We now have one such opportunity available to us.  Through our hosting provider, we are able to offer referrals with a discount on new web hosting accounts.  We are now able to offer a $20 discount, plus there is a referral bonus which goes directly to pay our hosting costs.  (No member of Veritas ever touches this money, as it is applied directly to our web hosting bill.)

We have already received some referrals from members who started web sites before making this announcement.  If we can get one more referral by the first week in July, then we will have enough total that we can renew our hosting account for a full two more years.

So allow me to present the reasons why you would want an account with Dreamhost.  At the time this post was last updated, the standard plan at $8.95 a month comes with over 1 TB of disk storage, over 1 TB of bandwidth per month, unlimited mysql databases, unlimited shell accounts and ftp users, free domain registration, and so forth (plus the storage and bandwidth increase every month for the life of the account).  Clearly these numbers are insanely high, and no reasonable website could ever exceed those limits.  So you can do virtually anything you can imagine with a hosting account that huge.  We get quite a lot of traffic here sometimes, with people downloading media and ebooks, and we've never even come anywhere close to the limit.

However, in my opinion, the true value of a web host is in the skill of the technical support staff.  I've interacted with the Dreamhost technical support staff on several occasions to fix problems here, and they have always been rapid, thorough, and competent, far in excess of other hosting providers.  It's an employee owned company which apparently has true tech-geeks working tech suport and administrating their servers.  They have done a good job of keeping things running smoothly and efficiently for the two years that we have been using this provider.

So if you, or someone you know, is contemplating getting a web account and starting a website, take a free $20 off from us, and help us pay our hosting costs in the process.  Go to Dreamhost, then on the sign up screen where it says "Promo code" enter "vcoupon" to receive $20 off any of the plans you want.  (Take the one or two year plans, and there's no setup fee.  These are the most cost-effective.)

(If you're using adblock, which filters out referral links, you will need to copy and paste the following url.)
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