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The Visible and Invisible Worlds
by Oriens Lvx Lucis

Forward: This article will present an explanation of what the other worlds apart from the Physical are, their parts, their uses, associations, and functions.  Keep in mind that the article seeks to explain spiritual worlds, and is thus spiritual.  It is also written from a Rosicrucian perspective (which would be a relative first on Veritas, though it is still Hermetic).  With that said, enjoy. 



To begin, there are seven complete worlds, three of which will be spoken of in this article:

1.  The World of God
2.  The World of Virgin Spirits
3.  The World of Divine Spirit
4.  World of Life Spirit
5.  World of Thought
6.  Desire World
7.  Physical World

Of those seven, the three which will be the focus of this article are the Physical World, Desire World, and the World of Thought.  It should be noted that each world lies in exactly the same position geographically, but that each world has a unique level of density.  The Physical World is the densest, and the World of God is the purest and least dense. Also, each world interacts with each of the others, and also with the inhabitants of those worlds.  Now, let us move on to the Physical World.

The Physical World

In the Physical World, there are two regions, called the Chemical and Etheric Regions, respectively.  There are four ethers in the Etheric Region.  These are the Chemical Ether, the Life Ether, the Light Ether, and the Reflecting Ether.  The four ethers are part of the Etheric Region of the Physical World, whereas the liquids, solids, and gases we are more accustomed to and familiar with compose the Chemical Region of the Physical World.  The Chemical Region will not be dealt with, as there is adequate information for learning in these subjects, such as biology, chemistry, and physics. 

The four ethers each have various purposes within the human body and in nature.  Science has briefly spoken on the nature of these ethers, however it is not accepted as fact that they exist and affect the physical world.  Unfortunately, physical science cannot investigate the nature of these layers, as they are intangible and non-physical in nature.   Science has not yet been able to find a way to investigate or prove the ethers, however there is much occult theory regarding them. 

The Chemical Ether

The Chemical Ether is the first of the four.  It is both positive and negative in manifestation.  In organisms, the forces of the chemical ether work through the processes of assimilation (positive) and excretion (negative).  Assimilation, in this instance, is defined as the process by which different elements (physical and otherwise) are gathered together in the human body.  Nutrients and their corresponding energy, and the benefits which accompany them, are brought together and synthesized via the process of assimilation.  Assimilation is the spiritual cause of the physical process of digestion, where the body obtains its energy from nutrients strategically synthesized and gathered.  It is also responsible for general growth and maintenance of the body. 

The negative pole of manifestation in the Chemical Ether works with the forces of excretion.  Excretion is the process in which spiritual and physical impurities and wastes are taken out of the body and expelled.  One example would be the kidneys, which take the wastes of the body and expurgate them from the system via the urine. 

Thus the Chemical Ether is responsible for digestion and maintenance of the organism. 

The Life Ether

The Life Ether, like the Chemical Ether, works in negative and positive manifestation.  However, it is specialized for reproduction and propagation of the species.  The positive pole of the Life Ether is feminine, and works with the gestation and general production of an egg in a female.  This what allows a female human to produce a human baby; through an unfertilized egg to an embryo, to a fetus, and so on.

The forces of the negative pole of manifestation allow a human male to produce sperm and semen, thereby working with the female in producing a new organism.  In the seeds of plants and the eggs of humans and animals, the positive pole of the Life Ether determines a new embryo to be male, and the negative pole determines a new embryo to be female.  Thus the positive pole is responsible for producing a male being, and the negative pole is responsible for producing a female being.

The Light Ether

The Chemical Ether and the Life Ether worked closely with body systems in live organisms.  So too does the Light Ether, which is also negative and positive.  The positive pole controls the forces which allow warm-blooded animals (including humans) to generate internal heat in their blood as well as controlling the various functions of the blood.  In cold-blooded animals, the positive pole circulates and controls the functions of the blood but does not generate heat in it.  In plant life, the positive pole circulates the various juices of the plant which are used in the same manner as blood is in animals and man.  For this reason, in winter, when the light ether is not as sufficiently charged as it is so in the summer and spring months, the sap ceases to flow as in when there is more sunlight. 

The negative pole of manifestation of the Light Ether in warm-blooded animals produces the sensations and faculties of the various senses; namely those of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and feeling.  In cold-blooded animals, the negative pole is only responsible for the nourishment and maintenance of the eye and its faculties.  In plants, the negative pole deposits the chlorophyll in the plant, which in turn causes the usual green color of plants.  In fact, the Light Ether is responsible for all forms of color in organisms, no matter what kingdom, be it animal, plant, fungal, etc.  In all of life, when the Light Ether is charged more through the brighter rays of the sun, our skin becomes more tan due to the actions of the Light Ether in our skin pigments.  The deepest color of an animal or plant occurs on the side which is usually turned towards the light.  This is also why, in the polar regions of the Earth, where the Light Ether is not nearly as charged as it is near the equator, animals lose their fur color and in extreme cases (such as that of the polar bear) become a pure white. 

The Reflecting Ether

The Reflecting Ether is no negative and positive in nature, unlike the other three ethers.  Instead, the Reflecting Ether represents a reflection of the Memory of Nature.  The True Memory of Nature, as it is called, goes by many other names.  One such is the ever popular "Akashic Records" which can be visited in deep meditation and astral projection (and also clairvoyance).  The Reflecting Ether imitates and mirrors the True Memory of Nature, and as such, every single event and thought which has ever happened is etched into it at some point.  However, like the lake reflecting the mountain view, it is not quite as clear and pure as seeing the True Memory itself.  Both of these can be read and interpreted through clairvoyance.  Most clairvoyants, however, will not bother reading or viewing the Reflecting Ether as it is far inferior to reading the actual Memory of Nature, which is clearer and more detailed.  The Reflecting Ether is what allows the faculty of memory to manifest, and which allows past events to be brought to mind.

The vehicle of the Chemical Region is the dense (physical) body.  The vehicle of the Etheric Region is called the Vital Body.

The Desire World

The Desire World is essentially the world of feelings and emotions.  Our impulses and emotions create "desire-stuff" forms in this sphere which act in a similar manner to thought-forms created by interest in the World of Thought.  Like the Physical World and every other world in nature, the Desire World also has seven distinct subdivisions called "regions."  However, these are not divided into two greater regions as we see in the case of the Chemical and Etheric Region of the Physical World.  The Desire World deals chiefly with "desire" and ideas and concepts.  Without the Desire World, we as humans would have the same capabilities we have now, however we would have no incentive for using them.  It is from the Desire World that we derive our will and desire to strive to do things.  Desires, wishes, feelings, an emotions all express themselves here.  It is slightly one step above the Physical World in terms of density.  However, it is not finer or purer than the Physical World.  The matter which resides within the Desire World (and indeed it is matter of a degree less dense than that of the Physical World, perceptible to clairvoyance) is not motionless, as is the norm for most objects in the Physical World.  In fact, Desire World objects and inhabitants are always changing, in light, color, shade, shape, and appearance.  Depending on the strength of the impulse which gave birth to a concept in the Desire World, the objects have more or less durability.

The two principal forces of the Desire World are Attraction and Repulsion.  Attraction is the tendency of a form or thing in the Desire World to attract other forms similar to itself.  For example, forms which are based in anger and resentment with accumulate and gather other forms based in the same emotion.  This is why continuing to think about something which evokes an emotion within us gradually increases the strength of that emotion.  The desire form will continue to attract other similar forms to itself and grow in power via the force of Attraction.

Were the force of Attraction the only one in existence, we would have far more inharmonious desire forms than harmonious ones, which would eventually cause complete chaos.  For this reason, there is another force, a negative one, but one which is used for good ends.  This is the force of Repulsion.  Repulsion is the force by which inharmonious desire forms are destroyed.  For example, a negative thought will attract another negative thought.  However, due to the predominant power of the force of Repulsion in the three lower regions of the Desire World (they are not needed above that, as negative thoughts are automatically destroyed before making it there), negative thoughts cause disharmony in each other, and Repulsion breaks them apart and destroys them.  Knowledge of these two principal forces gives rise to the occult maxim, "A lie is both murder and suicide in the Desire World."  This is illustrated thus:

When a person lies, that individual has just created a desire form on the Desire World which is not harmonious, as it is not the real account of what happened or the accurate account of something.  When this lie begins to attract other forms similar to itself, it "murders" when it attracts, as the force of Repulsion destroys the attracted form due to disharmony.  However, in doing so, it also destroys the original lie desire form, thus fulfilling the "suicide."

The two forces which initiate the forces of Attraction and Repulsion are Interest and Indifference.

Interest, in this case, is the interest in an idea or concept, which in this context would be more akin to the word attention.  If attention is paid to an idea, you are either strengthening or weakening that desire-idea through the force Attraction or Repulsion (i.e., if you dislike or like the idea/concept, it is still technically defined as interest).  Interest has the effect of nourishing an idea, and either attracting it to us or repulsing it away from us at the same time.  The force of Attraction, as an interesting side note, is the entire basis of the "New Age" movement.  Positive affirmations work through the positive principle of attraction -- the more attention you pay to a positive thing or event, especially if you visualize it with positive interest, the more quickly and likely is will manifest in your life. 

Indifference is the opposite of interest, or attention, paid to a form in the Desire World.  Indifference is the lack of interest, and so withers the life away of the desire form.  For example, an addiction is a very high interest in something, in the positive sense, which leads to attraction of it to you over time (thus making it hard for an individual to get his mind off the addiction, keep himself away from it, etc).  So if an individual decides not to pay any attention to a desire, he is using the force of indifference, which gradually releases the hold of the addiction on him and withers it away, ultimately killing it.  Indifference has the effect of killing a desire.  This is very useful for things like breaking a habit, getting rid of an addiction, etc.

The seven subdivisions or regions of the Desire World are, from highest to lowest:

1.  Region of Soul-Power
2.  Region of Soul-Light
3.  Region of Soul-Life
4.  Region of Feeling
5.  Region of Wishes
6.  Region of Impressionability
7.  Region of Passion and Sensual Desires, or the Region of Coarse Desires

In the three upper regions of the Desire World, there is much more "purity" in desire content than is found in the four lower regions.  Desires which are artistic, altruistic, and philanthropic in nature move upwards in the regions to the Region of Soul-Life, Soul-Light, and Soul-Power respectively.  Because only benevolent and "good" thoughts ever reach these areas, the only force which one finds present in them is the force of Attraction.  In the fourth region, the Region of Feeling, Attraction and Repulsion are equally balanced and also interact together.  In the three lower regions, the desire content is murky to negative, and thus Repulsion is necessarily predominant in the first region.  In the second region, the Region of Impressionability, the forces of Attraction and Repulsion are equal, and thus the world there is neutral.  In the third world, the force of Attraction has the upper hand over the force of Repulsion.  However, the three lower worlds are still spiritually stagnant.  The greater, positive desires such as the aforementioned, art altruism, and philanthropy are expressed in the three highest worlds.

After death, the Ego (soul) of the human ascends into the Desire World first to what is called "Purgatory."  This Purgatory is not the same as the Christian one, however.  It is a place where the soul of the individual views every single event which occurred in their most recent life, in order to assimilate lessons learned in it.  Images are made which develop into a panorama of the most recent life, played in backwards motion from time of death to time of birth at three times the speed normal, so that is takes about one third the years of the most recent life to fully complete assimilating all the lessons.  From there, the soul moves onward to the First, Second and Third Heavens.  These correspond to the Regions of Soul-Life, Soul-Light, and Soul-Power.

The Desire World permeates the Physical World.  It also extends in a sphere beyond it, so it has a greater amount of "mass" and a lower degree of density.  But it is not finer than the Physical World.  The human vehicle correlated to the Desire World is the Desire Body.

The World of Thought

The World of Thought is divided into seven main subdivisions, further divided in the same way the Physical World is, with two greater regions.  These regions are the Region of Concrete Thought and the Region of Abstract Thought.  Of the two, the Region of Concrete Thought is the more dense.  The physical body is built via the materials in the Chemical Region of the Physical World, the built physical vehicle is then put into life through the intertwined actions of the four ethers of the Etheric Region of the Physical World, and the Desire World provides the incentive for the newly live being to work towards spiritual progression and lead a life of aspiration.  In less spiritual examples, the Desire Wold also provides the alive body with the will and desire to move and strive for goals.  The World of Thought provides the mind to the developed human, and to this end, also thoughts and the capability of creating thought-forms.  The human, being a reflection of the macrocosm, reflects and interacts with all worlds of the macrocosm.  Thoughts from the Region of Concrete Thought are clothed and put into effect by corresponding thought-forms of the Region of Abstract Thought.  These thought-forms are similar to desire-forms in that they attract things of a like nature to the thought to the individual who sent out the thought-form. 

The subdivisions of the Region of Concrete Thought of the World of Thought are as follows:

1.  Continental Region
2.  Oceanic Region
3.  Aerial Region
4.  The Region of Archetypal Forces

Within each of those are the
1. Archetypes of form
2. Archetypes of universal vitality
3. Archetypes of desires and emotions
4. Archetypal forces and the human mind

Continental Region

The Continental Region of the World of Thought contains he archetypes of physical form.  Here the archetypes of the oceans of the world, the continents, and all physical archetypes are held.  Before an earthquake can occur on Earth, it must do so in the Continental Region, as what ever happens to the physical world there eventually occurs here, but all things must first occur there.  This region correlates with all landmasses and oceans of the world.

Oceanic Region

All of the ethers and what they contain reside here as archetypes.  It can best be described as "pulsating vitality."  The Chemical Region of the Physical World is contained in the Continental Region as archetypal forces, this is the Etheric Region in archetypal forces.  All things here are interconnected, and it has been said that this region is like the blood which flows through the body as a whole, as the archetypal forces here are so fluid and vital. 

The Aerial Region

Here we see the archetypes of all the desires, wishes, passions, and feelings we as humans experience and are contained within the Desire World.  In this region, all archetypes appear as atmospheric conditions.  Pleasant to good weather is indicative of positive emotions, such as happiness, altruism, love, etc.  Negative atmospheric conditions are, in the same way, correlated to negative emotions such as grief, sorrow, hatred, etc.

The Region of Archetypal Forces

This region is "in charge" of the other three regions, so to speak.  It directs the archetypal forces of the other three worlds.  The higher spiritual intelligences (angels, "ascended masters" etc) thus change the way in which evolution (spiritual, physical, and mental) develops.  The clairvoyant eye can see how closely humanity has come to nearly being destroyed, however manipulation of the three archetypal regions through manipulation of the Region of Archetypal Forces allows the spiritual intelligences to control the way in which mankind develops. 

If you have been paying attention, you will now notice a pattern.  The Continental Region correlates with the Chemical Region of the Physical World.  The Oceanic Region correlates with the Etheric Region of the Physical World.  The Aerial Region correlates with the Desire World.  The fifth subdivision of the World of Thought corresponds with the third subdivision of the Concrete Region of the Thought World.  The fifth region is also the first subdivision of the Region of Abstract Thought.  The sixth subdivision (the second of the Region of Abstract Thought) corresponds with the subdivision of Concrete Thought, and the seventh corresponds with the first subdivision of the Region of Concrete Thought.

The World of Thought, specifically the Region of Concrete Thought is somewhat like a key, in that it is the separation between the much more spiritual side of the seven worlds, and the three higher levels of the Thought World, contained within the Region of Abstract Thought.

This concludes the article.  May it help you on your path.


Recommended reading:

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception by Max Heindel

The Rosicrucian Mysteries by Max Heindel

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Nice article, Oriens.  :)

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Very good article, shame it had to end so soon.

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I enjoyed it too...good work!

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A small portion of the article seems to be missing.  Towards the end of the section entitled "The Desire World," the second-to-last paragraph appears to be cut off:

From there, the soul moves onward to the First, Second and Third Heavens.  These correspond to the Regions of Soul-Life, Soul-Light, and Soul-Power.  In each of these regions, the so

The Desire World permeates the Physical World.  It also extends in a sphere beyond it, so it has a greater amount of "mass" and a lower degree of density.  But it is not finer than the Physical World.  The human vehicle correlated to the Desire World is the Desire Body.

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Thank you for pointing that out, no_one_2000.  Nothing is missing; I forgot to take out that part.  The nest paragraph explains what that would have been.