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May 07, 2007, 08:50:23 PM
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We now begin the final segment of Fundamental Dynamic Psi: Energy manipulation.

Energy manipulation is a topic with a wide degree of opinions in the OEC. While under many paradigms it is viewed as an easier process to perform than kinesis or scanning, the practitioners of dynamic psi have found this not to be so. It is something just as difficult, just as easy, and just as prone to analytic overlay as the other branches of psi practice. For this reason, we have introduced the first two pillars of psi first, so that aspirants can can gain practice with the essential skills necessary, as well as reap practical benefits. Now, the use of the mysterious 'energy' of psi will be shown as a powerful tool to augment those other areas.

Let us begin!

What is Energy?

Let us first make some distinctions clear about what energy is not.

When we say 'energy' in this article, we are talking about metaphysical energy, not physical energy. Physical energy refers to things such as kinetic energy, or thermal energy. On the surface at least, the two types are very distinct, but there does seem to be some confusion of terms, such as invoking E=mc^2. This does not seem accurate.

The reason that we use the term 'energy', despite this potential source of confusion, is that in some senses it possesses the same essential function as physical energy. Physical energy is, essentially, the fuel for change. Nothing in the physical world can be changed without it; we need kinetic energy to move, thermal energy for heat, etc.. In a similar fashion, metaphysical energy, as we will find, is the fuel for metaphysical change, and through it sometimes physical change as well.

Secondly, metaphysical energy in dynamic psi refers to a single type of energy. In other paradigms, a host of classifications may exist, such as lunar energy, fire energy, etc.. According to our observations, there seems to be only a single type, but that type can be transmuted into whatever archetypes one desires. In short, energy is energy, whatever flavor of it you have.

What exactly is Energy?

This is a very important question. While the topic of energy manipulation is a frequent discussion about many OEC forums and chats, what exactly it *is* is not one that I have personally observed frequently. In some ways, this makes sense. Energy is something that seems by nature much more disconnected from the "real world" than kinesis or scanning, and so trying to analyze it, its properties, and its effects can be a difficult task.

Energy can be thought of, in some senses, as a substance. It has properties, like a physical substance, such as quantity and location. It can be moved around. It can also be altered and transmuted through intent, and exposure to concepts from the conceptual domain.

Energy seems to exist in a sort of "in-between" place between the physical and conceptual domains, which we call the energetic domain. It possesses location in the sense that is bound to concepts, rather than possessing physical coordinates per se. For example, the concept of a particular room might have energy corresponding to it on the energetic domain. A psion is capable of sensing this energy via the soul as easily as they are to sense concepts.

Energy, in its "natural" state, is very neutral, possessing no real properties of which to speak. However, it is very easily transmuted into possessing certain properties by exposure to intent, witting or no. An excessively negative person might cause the energy bound to them to possess a similarly "negative" feeling. A psion can purposefully imbue any properties on energy that he or she so chooses.

The implications of this "flavoring" of energy is important, because of the way that it relates to the physical world. Energy represents, in some senses, possibility. Classic psychokinesis, whether one realizes it at the time or not, is actually the process of moving energy to the desired target, imbuing it with the intent of physical motion, and then having this metaphysical energy fuel the creation of the physical energy. Similarly, through our latent thoughts and expectations, we flavor energy with ideas and possibilities, which can then, in small ways, manifest themselves upon the world.

We, as psions, can take advantage of the nature of energy by purposefully utilizing it to our goals in kinesis. Where, in previous exercises, we simply used whatever energy was already present within the target, we can now gather it from elsewhere to fuel our desire for transformation. We can also transform existing energies within our environments and ourselves to achieve other desired effects.


For now, keep things simple. Enter into a deeply meditative state in communion with the soul, and try to reach out with the soul's perceptions to sense the ambient energy in the room you are in. Try then exploring other places that energy exists, such as other rooms, objects, and even within yourself. Try to experience the different flavors of energy; it runs the gamut, capable of taking on a host of different impressions from the limitless possible concepts. From here, experiment with attempting to imbue that energy with concepts of your own. For good archetypes to try, consider relatively simple ideas with broad implications, such as "frustrated" or "soothing". This takes a bit of practice, but you will soon find that the energy is willing to be imbued by your intentions as readily as the more passive ones that have already colored it.

Once you feel you have started to get the hang of transforming energy, attempt to move it. This is fundamentally no different than imbuing it with the intent to do so. Once this skill is mastered, feel free to attempt to purposefully gather and imbue energy to enhance your power with kinesis.

Next time, we shall release an article on grounding and filtering; the clearing away of old, undesirable and detritus energy and constructs. From there, we shall move on to construct manipulation.
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May 20, 2007, 09:45:40 AM
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If I understand the article correctly, then energy is what turns a concept into a physical manifestation.

In the earlier articles you talked about how the soul can make concepts real, and how a connection with your soul allows you to alter the physical world.  When you move a flame you don’t create or control a force which moves the flame, you make the flame a part of yourself and change the underlying concept of the flame to make it move.  This doesn’t require an energy, I could equally change the flame into a toad :p this wouldn’t require more energy (which you seem to suggest) but a more fundamental change of the concepts underlying the flame, which would require greater control of my soul and thus greater control of the physical sphere which is a part of my soul.

When you talk about energy it could just as well be thought of as the concept of the ability to alter the physical domain and flavoured energies are just pre-existing concepts which have been made by other people etc.  So when you are gathering energy what you are really doing is creating the intent that you can alter the physical domain, the problem is that energy implies a limit on your ability.  Of course in this system energy doesn’t exist only concepts (both yours and external) and the strength of your will to alter them.

My idea is that you make the part of the universe you want to alter a part of yourself, and by altering yourself you then alter that part of the universe.  An internal change to create an external one, this doesn’t require any idea of an energy that makes concepts real.  I do however agree that using concepts which already exist can help you achieve greater results.

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May 20, 2007, 11:49:15 AM
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My idea is that you make the part of the universe you want to alter a part of yourself, and by altering yourself you then alter that part of the universe.

Except that you can change a part of yourself without changing the corresponding part of the universe.  People have very thorough mistaken beliefs all the time, and this is one simple example of the universe not reflecting their inner state.

Energy and actualization make up the difference, with energy being the power or impetus, and actualization being the application or actual act of transference.
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