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February 11, 2007, 03:56:59 PM
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Please first check the constitution and identify which section your proposal falls under, which also helps you make sure it falls under some section.  Once you have done that, note how long the vote should be for.  (Any vote which is not specified should be one week.)

When making the poll, please follow the following guidelines:

1.  Please make the vote text under "Question" a simple and straightforward proposal, formulated as a question, such as "Should X be made a moderator?" or "Should X be removed as a moderator?", and give two options, "I approve" and "I do not approve".

2.  Please specify under "Run the poll for ___ days" exactly how long the vote should last for.  The time you specify must be at least as long as the time specified in the constitution, and should not be overwhelmingly longer (the exact time specified is a good choice in most cases).  Votes should have closure in a reasonable time period.  (If you fail to specify the time period, someone may lock the vote manually after the standard time has passed, but please specify it upon creation for simplicity and fairness.)

3.  Please check the box which states "Allow user to change vote."  This will ensure that debates and discussions can be meaningful, and that people can change their minds if presented with a reasonable argument.

4.  In the body of the message, please present a brief reason for why you are making the proposal.

5.  If proposing an amendment, or a change to the rules, please specify the EXACT text and location of the amendment or of the change to the rules.  Without exact text specified, a vote cannot be considered valid, because it is unclear what is being voted on.  The poll question should then state, in an unbiased and straightforward manner, "Should the following amendment / rule change be made?" followed by "I approve" and "I do not approve".
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