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Magick / Re: Thought Control
« Last post by الظلام on August 10, 2018, 12:43:19 AM »
Honestly, I didn't even notice the spelling till you mentioned it  :biggrin:

This work is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing at this time in my life, so anything that makes it harder is just a lesson to be learned (although, I may not always like it :wink:).

My my, look at you,  all wise and virtuous. You are far more noble than I ever was when I began the IIH :wink:

I have a very busy brain and Im a chronic worrier

I don't remember what step the soul mirrors are in, but this right here will definitely be something to put in them :biggrin:

Anyways, your welcome for the help.  :P
Magick / Re: Though Control
« Last post by Baxt on August 09, 2018, 05:17:06 PM »
Wow....I just noticed that I left out the last "T" in "thought" in the title of this post lol!
Great first impression lol  :headwall:
kobok, consider this a formal apology for my behavior in the chat room last night. I will leave it at that.

I was lacking sleep and have fallen on very, very tough times. I need a lot of help that I am not getting. I will, however, not allow Rayn to make blanket statements he cannot defend that don't just attack this section, that I used to manage and moderate, but this entire site, it's staff, and its users (current and former) that have been involved with it since it was put up in 2002, and those later including myself. Rayn is obviously unwilling to defend anything he says and his solution instead is to troll, then run away, and delete his posts, when it is too bothersome for him to defend his baseless arguments. He cannot do so without committing a slew of logical fallacies and then devolving into using ad hominem personal attacks against me. He does this to everyone, or at least historically did.

This is my last post. I apologize for stirring up trouble by responding to him. Nice sensationalist topic title, too. Last I checked this wasn't Twitter.  :elephant: :elephant: :elephant:

Be well everyone.

Hello and Goodbye / Re: Gone Again
« Last post by kobok on August 09, 2018, 10:14:34 AM »
I am showing that I actually have control over what I say and how I behave

If that were really true this thread probably wouldn't exist.  Who is the "I" you speak of?  Most of your posts right now appear impulsive and emotionally driven in reactions to others.  You are posting just out of an emotional need to demonstrate your power?  What part of you is really in control there?  Reflect.
Hello and Goodbye / Re: Gone Again
« Last post by Silver_Archer on August 09, 2018, 09:44:54 AM »
Then why are you still posting? Leave. You've said your bit. We've told you exactly what we will and wont do regardless of what you do or do not demand. What more is there to say? You wanted to leave. You said you were leaving. People leave all the time. It's easy. They stop staying. This is not complicated to perform. I'll give you a hint on how to do it; don't read this. And if you already have, don't reply to it, and close the window. There, you've successfully left.
Hello and Goodbye / Re: Howdy
« Last post by Baxt on August 09, 2018, 09:11:09 AM »
Thanx, Akenu lol....I'll take good care of it :P
Hello and Goodbye / Re: Gone Again
« Last post by kobok on August 09, 2018, 09:01:41 AM »
my post will appear here as I want them to or not at all

You have the right to delete the content inside any posts you make, as does absolutely everyone else.  Every post you have ever made that has been kept up has also has been at the discretion and judgment of the moderating staff, just as for everyone else.  That's how it works, and your assertions won't alter the system.  You're welcome to leave or stay, and your presence or absence doesn't make or break anything.

I'm sure you glazed over the part where I explained your issues with attachment to self-image, not wanting to hear or face this, but I would encourage you to later take some time to go back and read that again carefully.  You have an opportunity for growth.
Hello and Goodbye / Re: Gone Again
« Last post by kobok on August 09, 2018, 08:29:12 AM »
I was the one who deleted one of your posts in your recent thread because it was entirely off-topic and about how much you don't like other people.  When you get moderated it is because of your poor interpersonal skills resulting in personal attacks (generally as rants) rather than content.  When you were banned in the past, it was for doing the same repeatedly.  You can pretend it is something else if you wish, but that's what it consistently was.

On the rest, you're not the only person here with an education, and you're certainly not the most educated person here.  You may not know the real life backgrounds of many people here, but I know the backgrounds, degrees, and careers of pretty many here, and your perception of the scenario is quite incorrect.  Therefore it would be a bit more sensible if in the future you stopped trying to browbeat people with an educational superiority you don't really have.

You took that self-perception and started a thread where you tried to browbeat people who practice a metaphysical art that you clearly didn't even know the first thing about.  You lacked an understanding of both the cultural origins and the core theoretical basis of chi, but you based your conclusions on your own misunderstandings, and then used this to lash out with insults calling others more foolish than you.

So yes, you might also have a degree now.  And congratulations for going back to school for it, because this is a worthy accomplishment.  But the mark of an intelligent and wise person begins with Socratic wisdom, in understanding the limits of one's own knowledge.  When you were corrected with information showing your misunderstanding, you should have let go of your attachment to ego and taken the opportunity to learn.  Had you done so you would have walked away happier and more informed.  Instead you retreated into a bubble of defiant and angry ignorance.  You are blaming us, but your current frustration is actually because you are in conflict with basic facts, and you cannot bring yourself to admit it.  I suggest reflecting deeply on what you are afraid of.  There is a self-image of Rayn that you are holding to so tightly that it does not even allow you to make a mistake without deep conflicting anger.  You feel like it's a source of strength, but that attachment is holding you back far more than you realize.  But it's possible to let go of that deep attachment to your self-image, and if you learn to do so you will end up a much happier and wiser person.
Magick / Re: Though Control
« Last post by Baxt on August 09, 2018, 07:50:50 AM »
No need to be sorry, I wouldn't have it any other way...I love my babies.:) But, yes, it does make practicing tricky. I think that is really the point for me, though. Patience and discipline are probably the areas I need the most work in. So, it is for a reason. This work is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing at this time in my life, so anything that makes it harder is just a lesson to be learned (although, I may not always like it :wink:).

As far as being able to do the first exercise without losing focus- I think so, but I will go back and polish it up if I need to. I have every intention of doing this the way it's meant to be done.
And no, I'm not at all confused about why it is so important. Even though I haven't done any kind of actual "training" up until now, I've been studying the occult for most of my life. So, I have a pretty good understanding of at least the basic concepts in most areas of it. Not only important concerning the Akasha, but I have first hand experience in how things can go very wrong if you're not aware of your true intention when practicing.

That being said, I have always had issues in any area concerning meditation or any kind of thought control. I have a very busy brain and Im a chronic worrier. Considering one of my past incarnations, it seems like it should be the easiest thing in the world for me, but it's, frankly, nothing less than a pain in the ass lol. Due time I figure it out, I suppose.  :wink:

Thank you so much. I really do appreciate all your help and insight. :)

Hello and Goodbye / Re: Gone Again
« Last post by Impervious on August 09, 2018, 07:06:58 AM »
Speaking with you guys, I honestly feel as if I am in the twilight zone. I think it is insane that I have been educated in the same/similar manner as a lot of scientists and other engineers where I work with them and we share a consensus. Honestly, I really only run into dissension within communities like this concerning these sorts of topics. In reality, I am likely going to believe my colleagues, whose credentials I can verify, over random people over the Internet. The comments I have made are literally things I have applied at work. I work with people who hold Ph.D.'s who have no problem understanding me and have even been responsible for promoting me, so I am supposed to believe you guys don't?

The feeling is mutual for some of us, I assure you. :P But a couple points: Do you often speak about occult/metaphysical topics with your colleagues? Does this somehow relate to your job? Or do you mean that your colleagues have no problem understanding you when you are all discussing the focus of your work? If it's the former, I'm not understanding how your colleagues' credentials have much at all to do with the metaphysical topics we discuss here. Do you all have degrees in psi and magic? Which University granted you those? If it's the latter, it's not very hard to understand why a bunch of people with very similar educations in very similar subjects working very similar jobs find it easy to understand each other when discussing the focus of said jobs.

Perhaps if you constantly run into dissension with communities like Veritas, it means that you don't understand the topics these communities are discussing half as well as you think you do? If I constantly ran into dissension when trying to discuss Biology with a group of biologists, I'd assume I was wrong and go back to school. I certainly wouldn't assume that group's degrees were all faulty.

Also, sure, some of your posts are hard or impossible to understand. But by far the majority of them are just overly complicated and too verbose. I'm not even sure how many of your posts I do or do not understand, because I often just decide to not even try to parse them. Not every argument needs to be framed in the context of ontological modeling. Not every post should require a STEM degree to understand. It's simply not necessary for the vast majority of what you talk about. That's probably a bit rude of me to say, but I still think it's true.

Also, don't play coy; you know as well as I do you guys have deleted several of my replies. This will be my last reply. I just thought this needed clarification. I told you, I am going to say what I want on my terms. You get my post on my terms, or you don't get them at all. You deleted that one, of course. In case you want to be cute and restore stuff from a back up, after reviewing the registration agreement on the forum, there is nothing that waives my rights to my intellectual property i.e. my post. You will be getting a DMCA notice if you restore the post I intentionally deleted without  my consent.

A note: I did say you're usually the one deleting your posts. Yes, one or two of your posts in the most recent thread were deleted by mods. (I actually wasn't aware of that until I checked the modlog after work btw) Yes, probably quite a fair few of your posts have been deleted by mods for one reason or another in the past. But you're the one deleting entire threads of your own content for no discernible reason.

Also, I assure you that there is no ongoing clamor to restore your deleted posts. There's nobody fighting to get your posts restored as far as I'm aware. Delete whatever you want. It's kind of a silly thing to do, and I sure as hell don't understand it, but go right ahead. No need to threaten a DMCA notice (but you have me absolutely quaking in fear over the possibility now!)

If you guys would like to ban me from the forum, go ahead; however, the move is likely going to end up being more detrimental in the end considering this place has a low member, low diversity, and low activity count. Since I can confidently make that assessment, I can come to the conclusion that in doing so, you would be shooting yourselves in the foot meaning in the end, the joke is on you guys.

Again, you get what I have to say on my terms, and if you cannot agree with my terms, you get nothing. And if you ban me, guess what? You still get nothing. If you don't care to get anything as in you come to the conclusion my statements have no value to this community, then we are all on the same page in what you get. Nothing!

What makes a population robust is diversity. The best type of convergence is a convergence for diverse things that converge on a solution to a problem because it allows for adaptability. The convergence you speak of does not come from diversity; rather, it comes from a "bottle-neck" meaning it isn't very robust. When you have such a thing, you don't fix the problem by removing things from the population. By influencing people to leave or delete their post(I would not be doing this if not for an action committed by you guys) or removing post and people from a population, you are making it worst. You can actually verify this. This is how population mechanics works. It is not by coincidence that your membership and activity is dropping rapidly. Practically speaking, you guys are becoming extinct. You need educated members more than I need this community, so I am actually in control.

I'm not sure why you keep mentioning a ban. Yeah, you've been banned before, but that doesn't mean we're all just slavering over our keyboards, eagerly awaiting the next time you do something ban worthy. We ban people when they break rules. That's it, man.

As to the rest, I'll keep it simple: Keep posting if you want to; stop posting if you don't. :P I'm all in favor of diversity of opinions, but you are not the Veritas Messiah, and keeping you around won't reinvigorate this forum. The only thing you are in control of here is yourself.  We don't need you, and you don't need us. I'll say it again: it's just a forum, man. Sure, plenty of us are passionate about the topics we discuss here, and plenty of us have a lot of history on this specific site. But in the end, it's not really worth fighting about who's really in control here, who has the best and biggest posts, threatening to take your business elsewhere (if you want to, go ahead), and getting generally worked up over. Really, this is just a place to talk about shared interests.

Again, if you're actually leaving, I wish you luck. If you aren't actually leaving: Feel free to keep posting. There is no conspiracy against you here. People here just genuinely find you either difficult to understand or wrong. They'll keep trying to get you to reconsider some of your ideas.
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