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Hello and Goodbye / Como Emagrecer Rápido Em Uma Semana
« Last post by BraydenClp on Yesterday at 09:04:44 PM »
Bebi vodka com gelo e também limão a uns 10 dias e também depois disso parei de emagrecer, estava perdendo cerca de 800g por semana e nessa semana não perdi nada.

Meu network :: dieta cutting (
my guard seems to be around me making sure i dont use my powers,not do things which would help my situation(problems with health,liver dehydration,left nerve knee damage,sofia also has health problem liver dehydration,thyroid ),making math not as easy as it should be(i have a feeling i can be very good at math),me and guards contact could better,this soul dont share things with me which i should know



Other / Re: spirit attack/theta gamma sync
« Last post by Joker on May 10, 2018, 01:35:32 AM »
I hope you've had some improvements with this situation by now, but if not, here's some general advice...

1. The power is always in your hands, even if it doesn't seem like it. There are a number of states that you can get into in order to deal with harmful spirits. No matter what, though, you've got to realize that the ultimate power to influence your reality is always in your hands. This realization can be accomplished through concentration in meditation.
2. Harmful spirits become much less harmful whenever humor comes to be involved. So the spirit will literally have no influence on you while you are laughing it off, somehow. Fake it till you make it if you have to.
3. The theta/gamma state will arise naturally in concentrated mediation, if you are just sitting or relaxing and breathing. Focus on the breath and the span of your gaze. Good spirits may not always arrive if you summon them, but it's usually worth a shot. Your own power is the power of "spirit" itself, so you can actually deal with harmful spirits without any outside assistance.

May good fortune come upon you!
Main Hall / Re: Morphosephram - The Handbook of Shadows
« Last post by Alphawolf on May 07, 2018, 09:27:28 PM »
Hey can I get a bit information about chapter 6 I know the risk but I wanna know whats the ritual about were creature
Another option would be to use these feelings as a simple method of Insight meditation. When you sit and settle into your meditation session (I don't know what exact method you are practicing) simply observe the sensations as they arise within the bodyspace. Look straight at them with your relaxed awareness. Don't react, run away or push them away or try to alter them in any way shape or form. Simply look at them. Let them be as they are and look at them. See what happens.
Spirituality / Re: New to Hellenism
« Last post by Oxide on May 07, 2018, 04:08:42 PM »
So the problem now is that I can't have an altar considering that I live with my mom and she doesn't condone these sort of things.
A few ideas for alters are:
A small wooden box, about the size of a shoe box or cigar box. You could have your symbols on top of the box when practising, or alternatively place the box on its side, and have your symbols inside the box with the lid open like a door, so to speak, when practising.

You could also just have an alter cloth on its own on the floor, with your symbols place on it; or even embroidered, or stitched, on it.
A small skin of leather or parchment is an idea. You could roll it up after use.
A hinged board (like a chess board) would do.
A triptych would be another alternative.

It is the state of your mind that’s more important than the material objects used as a focus.

Do an ‘images’ web search for traveling altars for more ideas.

Hope this helps. All the best.
Spirituality / Re: New to Hellenism
« Last post by Lumpino on May 02, 2018, 09:47:49 PM »
I think, very good Theoretic book about gods is for example: Iamblichus on the Mysteries of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and on. Is free on net in pdf. There is something. Next, there are Greek and Egyptian magical papyri. It is often about ..

The second thing, some mystics, mostly Eastern do long meditation about a name a god, or goddess who they want to see.
For exampe see Ramakrishna and his vision mother Kali. A long meditation about a name of a god or goddess with a wish they have. Good is meditation before sleep. Speeds up the result.
Magick / Re: A system of caucasian yoga
« Last post by quartocamino on May 02, 2018, 04:28:43 PM »
As a tribute to Count Stefan Colonna Walewski, I have set up a website about Caucasian Yoga with videos showing the Master Arcanes. You can visit it at

Spirituality / Re: New to Hellenism
« Last post by Toomanyorifices on May 02, 2018, 11:22:35 AM »
I don't have a nightstand nor a proper bed. I sleep on the floor so that I don't ruin my back on the couch.  :wink:
I suppose I can keep everything underneath the small table that I have and bring them out during my practices.

I have noticed that gods tend to be more humbling; this may be coincidence, but when I first attempted my journey with Hermes I slacked off and didn't respect him as I should have and kept asking him for his service.
This then led to a series of unfortunate events that helped me become more humble.

I'll look up an online book of hermetic magic by Bardon though and let you know if I have any more questions.

Thanks again for all your help!  :biggrin:
Other / Mind parasites - Archons Theory
« Last post by deosth on May 02, 2018, 08:59:15 AM »
I want to talk about something i first read in a passage from Castaneda about beings that use human minds to feed of negative energy outbursts. I also found these beings also named Archons in other sources. Then i met a professor with the theory that all painfull experiences from birth are saved inside the baby subconscious and are the root of all negative emotions. I think this theory is close to another called pain-body.
I think those parasites exist and here is how they work:
  • They target high energy personalities, advanced spiritual/mental humans, light workers or bright persons.
  • If they can break you face on they do it on your weak points.
  • If they can't they use war by attrition by
  • Destroying persons you love, using their weak point and slowly break you by ruination
  • Synchronicity is just them playing their cards right at the moment they have to
  • They will use a strong soul to drag down an even stronger unbreakable soul
  • If you try to resist (by meditation, energy work, happy thoughs) they will use the environment to break you

Never give up
Fuck the bastards
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