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Main Hall / Re: Your help Kabok
« Last post by Searcher2 on July 23, 2017, 01:15:26 PM »
We did I said that or something like this: American was going to be more religious and more insular and start to shut itself off from the world and that it would become lest religiously tolerant. And something about it not belonging to itself. You ridiculed it and called it subjective. But probably deleted or lost, never mind i'll never know how I worded it and how close I was.
Thank you for looking
Main Hall / Re: Your help Kabok
« Last post by kobok on July 22, 2017, 08:33:13 AM »
Do you remember I made a prediction some time back about how America was going to develop, closing boarders, building walls etc. If you recall you shunned it as crap! Subjective at best you said.
Do you recall were it is? I ve looked but cannot find it. I want to know how close I was and what happens next.

I don't recall any such conversation, but I searched for it anyway using various search terms you mentioned.  I cannot find it.  It doesn't appear that you and I ever discussed walls or borders on here using those words.
Main Hall / Re: My oh my we are a sad little place
« Last post by Searcher2 on July 19, 2017, 12:57:17 PM »
And felicitations to you AC, nobody else on here wants to talk to me!
Main Hall / Re: Feeling nostalgic
« Last post by Iatros on July 18, 2017, 05:04:26 AM »
Maybe it is other forms of social media detracting from forums - and the better integration of sites like Reddit with smart devices.

It still seems to me that places like this are better at forming open communities that welcome free,  complex debate. Maybe some work could be done to modernize Veritas (and other forums of which you are fond) to draw more participation?
Main Hall / Re: My oh my we are a sad little place
« Last post by Aunt Clair on July 17, 2017, 09:12:20 PM »
Namaste Searcher,
 :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant:
Main Hall / Re: Feeling nostalgic
« Last post by Aunt Clair on July 17, 2017, 09:10:49 PM »
I am still pathworking, meditation, dream analysis, discourse with peers, reading, musing, astral projecting,
Forums , globally, seem to be silented in the frenzy of social media and omnipresent instant tech video games, smartphones et cetera.
Main Hall / Re: Feeling nostalgic
« Last post by Iatros on July 15, 2017, 03:49:41 AM »
Apparently not much! It makes me want to set goals for posting every day or something.

I've been good - reviewing research into psi and thinking of writing some articles about what is and isn't known / being thought about currently in parapsychology. A friend and I also acquired a space in which to practice energy arts / alchemy with some freedom and privacy...  So that's cool.

How are you doing?
Body Energy Arts / Yoga is best body art
« Last post by yogavini on July 14, 2017, 11:38:22 PM »
Yoga is the way of life. If you Daily do yoga then you can connect with others also you live long, healthy and happy life. In yoga has many difficult poses and you should do these poses under the experienced yoga teachers. Under these yoga teachers, you can easily know all yoga technique. In yoga some poses you can do like Surya Namaskar, This is very easy yoga technique and you can do by yourself. You can increase confidence, ingenuity, instinctive and mental abilities by daily use of Surya Namaskar yoga.
Psionics / Re: Physical Teleportation Discussion
« Last post by Iatros on July 12, 2017, 08:49:16 AM »
1. I'll define teleportation as the transference of an object from one location to another. This definition excludes scenarios in which the object is destroyed and recreated - strictly speaking,  destroying / creating an object at different locations has nothing to do with teleportation - it only creates the illusion of teleportation.

2. I believe it is possible,  based on various accounts throughout history and the existence of other mind-matter interactions, plus a few studies I've come across claiming that subjects skilled at psychokinesis were able to teleport small objects in lab conditions. I have not personally experienced of witnesses teleportation,  however. The closest thing in my experience is that once when I offered wine to a spiritual being,  I later found that wine had actually disappeared from the offering bowl.

3. For your enjoyment,  here is a 2004 article from the US Air Force discussing possible methods of teleportation. Included is an admission of the validity of psi research and due consideration of psychic approaches to teleportation. In particular,  a Chinese study is summarized in which people were trained to teleport small objects at will. This begins @ page 55.

4. I do not have specific personal beliefs on the subject, but if I may,  I'd like to touch on a few things that have been said already.

"To me, I believe you need to at least be able to move the object or person in all directions permanently. Which includes up and down. So telekinesis and levitation would be a minimum requirement. As well as accurate remote viewing, if you don't want to end up with a "Jumper" situation where you can only go places you've seen before by either being there or through existing pictures."

Keep in mind that there is little agreement about how psi works yet. The process responsible for moving a table might be completely different from the process responsible for bending a spoon. It SEEMS like the two should be related,  but we don't know for sure,  and psi is often surprising. For example, get a psychic healer to heal half of a group of 100 randomly selected patients and not the other,  and if they are successful it actually won't matter if the group to be healed already exists, or if the group actually represents hospital records from last century,  or the next 100 patients to be admitted to a hospital in the future.

Furthermore,  with remote viewing,  it is fine to only have a set of coordinates or any other symbolic representation of a place. In fact,  all that is required is the intention to RV the intended place at the intended time. If no information is required to successfully arrive at a location for one psychic application (remote viewing),  why should information be needed to successfully arrive at a location with psychic teleportation? And why should one need to learn remote viewing in order to teleport,  as if one needed to learn guitar in order to play violin?
Thoughts exist,  and all things which exist necessarily have the power to affect other existent things.

However, you are not the creator of your obsessions. Rather,  possibilities exist independently of you, and only then do these possibilities enter your awareness. At this point your brain's method of information processing highlights these negative possibilities strongly so that they can be addressed, and then struggles to let go of them when rationally it should.

These obsessions cause strong negative reactions in you, or you would not be terrified of accidentally helping to manifest them. Fortunately,  this negative reaction created a strong intention that these thoughts do not become real. If anything,  when you are gripped by these fears, you are likely unconsciously working to stop them.

So you are not the creator of these possibilities,  and your perception of these possibilities does not facilitate their manifestation, especially since you actively desire them not to happen.

As a magical practitioner with intrusive thoughts,  however,  it will be especially important for you to cultivate mental control and clarity.  Any thoughts which draw emotional energy from you will do so at the expense of whatever you actually want to be using that energy for. Plus, training visualization to high degrees can make it easier to effect unintentional change magically,  so it is always a wise decision to become mentally controlled beforehand. I suggest daily meditation.

In particular,  you will reach a point in meditation where a thought will intrude, but it will not overcome you,  and instead will just be there,  existing apart from you. It will appear to your mental awareness,  but not partake in your astral energies unless you decide to contribute them. When this becomes normal for you,  I believe that whatever difference OCD makes to your practice will have been brought under your control.
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