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Psionics / Re: Questions about Kinesis/Future Selection
« Last post by rdg on Today at 07:15:38 AM »
Thank you for your reply, kobok!
Psionics / Re: Questions about Kinesis/Future Selection
« Last post by kobok on February 14, 2017, 05:21:28 PM »
1. In the 'Introduction to Kinetics' article by kobok (, one of the steps of performing kinesis is described as moving your soul to the object you want to kinet, so that your self-awareness is centered in that object. What is the purpose of this step? Is it possible to perform kinesis without this step?

Some awareness needs to be on the object to influence it.  There are however varying degrees of this that can be effective, depending on the difficulty of the task.

2. From what I understand, kinesis and future selection are basically the same, and the steps for performing kinesis on an object and selecting a specific future are fundamentally the same as well. Then, in the case of selecting a future event to occur, without a specific object in mind, how does one deal with the step of moving the soul to the object (the step discussed in the previous question)? Since there is no object to move the soul to, is this step skipped?

You simply move the soul to the event.  Since the soul is able to travel through time in the same manner it moves through space, this is actually a similar process to moving the soul to an object.
Magick / Franz Bardon IIH- An Interview with Martin Faulks
« Last post by Uthpala on February 09, 2017, 05:09:11 PM »
Please enjoy the rare interview with Martin Faulks,  a free monthly newsletter is available, can subscribe to get the latest articles, interviews and publications from Martin  and other seasoned practitioners to aid in your practice o IIH
Magick / Interview with Virgil the Magician
« Last post by Uthpala on February 06, 2017, 08:28:16 PM »
Please enjoy this insightful interview with Virgil discussing IIH and other aspects of magical training.

Hello and Goodbye / Im glad I finally signed up
« Last post by ReggieHild on January 31, 2017, 08:33:58 AM »
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Martial Arts / Re: Learning a new Martial Art via Internet - Possible?
« Last post by TheAghora on January 30, 2017, 10:36:57 AM »
Yes, it is possible to learn it. To learn it right? Still possible, but less likely.

I practice Lu Shi Xin Yi Liu He, as taught my Yu Hua Long to my teacher. So I'm a 3rd generation student. Now, if I showed you a form, or your saw it on Youtube. Lets say, Dragon Hangs Shoulders, one of the "old three", and one of the first few animal forms taught. You might notice that it's an elbow strike. But you might not notice that it's a block with the arm coming out, a shield with the forearm, and a strike with the elbow, and that the first arm turning around can also be a block, grab, or strike as well. This is the most basic of the form, not the internal aspect.

Now, the footwork isn't the easiest to get down, but you could learn that on your own, but would you understand why you are doing what you're doing? The back foot is lifted, with pressure on the K1 point on the foot, because this form is also a Kidney Qi Gong. If you don't press on this point, you also lose part of the form. When the hands rotate around in this form, the back hand smacks the kidneys, giving a gentle massage to the kidneys, covering the mingmen, and protecting the back while the front hand strikes. Also, when the hand is on the back and the front arm is striking as an elbow, the back hand traditionally would grab a dagger or short blade, right after the hand smacks the back.

While you block the one attack, I'm grabbing a knife to stab you. In Gong Fu, one hand lies while the other tells the truth. This is a very old saying, and it's true. Though most of this that goes on in the form isn't something you would notice. Other forms are even more complicated. Bear Scratches looks like it could be used for some Chin Na and Trapping, an elbow strike and a back fist type movement, and it can. Though at the same time, it's our equivalent of Silk Reeling. To understand the movement and how to do it correctly, it would be quite difficult to understand from a book or video. You can get the external shapes close, maybe even perfect. But you would probably still need some critiquing.

Martial Arts / Re: BJJ or Kuk sool won?
« Last post by TheAghora on January 30, 2017, 10:23:59 AM »
With what you said you wanted, BJJ wont give you that. Though keep in mind, most of these schools have eliminated a lot of the practical aspects of self defense, by changing key things that you wouldn't know. When I did TKD a long time ago, there was a movement where you would rip the testicles off of someone, hold them over your head and allow them to bleed on your head. The move was changed to be a forearm block above your head.

Weapons, acrobatics, Arial kicks, etc. Most of that stuff isn't going to help you in a street. That stuff will get your ass kicked. Unless if you carry a knife or stock/baton. Don't kick. If you do kick, don't kick above the knee. It's not a good idea to be on one leg, it makes your balance not so good :). Though telling you take BJJ isn't a goo choice ether. Most fights, from what the FBI says, statistically end with one person on the ground against 2 people, usually with a blunt weapon. So, you would more then likely get bashed with a stick, a bat, or something.

BJJ is some good stuff, but not the kind of thing you want to do on the street. Never give someone your back. Don't make yourself vulnerable. Wing Chun is a good option for you. Search for something local. It's really easy to find now. If it's a little bit away, go once or twice a month. Train at home. I learn Lu Shi Xin Yi Liu He, as taught by Yu Hua Long, who taught my teacher. I learn once a week, I take it and I train it, I train hours a day. If this is what you have to do, do it. I've also trained in the Hebei Xingyi, which is more common, and Wing Chun. Wing Chun is easy to find, easy to pickup and learn. You still get to learn some cool weapons too, which is neat. You also develop some amazing reflexes and smart hands.

My two cents.
Magick / Re: My wonderful experience with Bune
« Last post by SinisterScythe on January 23, 2017, 07:17:12 PM »
Most Excellent.
Magick / Im back! See you later!
« Last post by AndrywVoracity on January 21, 2017, 03:07:25 AM »
So I finally decided to stop depending on outside sources, because I kept jumping from one book to another, one system or one paradigm to another.

I decided to make my own magical system, one that was intuitive and easy for me to use.

Though it has been a while (A year I think) I have not been able to get in much practice. Partly due to personal reasons and due to me having to explore myself, and trying to intuitively grasp my own personal brand of magick.

I think I did it.

Telekinetic experiments

I decided to go back to my 'roots', and start practicing the simple, basic stuff I used to do when I was still new to this stuff.
That meant energy manipulation, psiballs and Psiwheels.
(I.e. acting and feeling like an idiot)

The thing was that this stuff actually worked for me, the only reason I didn't continue with it was because it was slow and boring, and I felt I was missing something. Thus started the magick system jumping.

Recently however, thanks to practice I have learned to manipulate a psiwheel perfectly (Well, almost). I still occasionally use my hands as mental crutches, but I know I could break my mental inhibitions and manipulate the psiwheel without my hands and from a distance, pretty quickly

My abilities even shifted to things other than psiwheels. I could, manipulating the air from the fan, turn the pages of my book left and right at will, (I looked like an idiot, but no one saw me do it in class).

What I have learned so far

Magick needs to be practised to be understood. For example; to me, the idea that telekinesis of articles like pen and toothpicks takes months or years to master is an exaggeration. I could, technically, levitate myself right now, if I released my mental inhibitions that it is not possible. (I'm probably wrong about this. I'm simply expressing my feelings and experiences, not my thoughts. Also it may be that belief is simply a key to unlocking some power, which needs to be trained, in which case my statement is false.)

Ah and yes, one thing I have learned is the role of belief in magick. How impedementing inhibitions and empowering beliefs lurk just beneath my concious mind.
For those of you currently learning telekinesis or some other ability, and are saying 'I BELIEVE IN YOU PSIWHEEL. MOOOOVEEE!', you aren't truly believing in it. Its difficult to explain, but once you manage to move the object telekinetically, you may get a glimpse of what im talking about and BAM! Hooked for life.

For example, Im learning about the conflict between my concious and unconcious minds when I rotate a psiwheel in one direction and try to move it in another. The psiwheel stops, but stubbornly insists on being immobile. With some force of will, I can firmly hold the belief that he psiwheel will move. What I see is that the psiwheel starts shaking, left and right, and tada! Conflict of subconcious and concious minds!


So far, not much progress, but Im sure I can apply my understanding for more mainstream synchronicity-style magick, making it far more potent than before (Im not sure if it ever was potent).

I really cannot emphasize the importance of simply practicing magick for the sake of understanding how it works. Forget the do's and do not's. Learn to practice magick the way kids pretend to be wizards and somehow often come close to the real deal (Im speaking from my own experience).

Make energy balls, kamehameha waves. Cast 'confusio' at your dog, 
Drink a 'potion' of ice cold water to heal that nasty cut (But don't be stupid, go to the hospital if you are terribly injured. Leave healing for a more advanced you).

Our ancestors who might've been shamans or such figured this stuff out on their own. No one had IIH or Vsociety back then. Place yourself in their shoes, 'If I wanted to do magick, how would I do it?'

This post has gone on long enough, as I tried to get the message across as clearly as possible and only managed to get it more confusing.

And I have no claim of being adept when I say I have some telekinetic abilities. Its like a soldier being sent to war armed with only grenades. Powerful, but impractical for some situations.

Well, see you later Vsociety!
Im off for the next round of silence while I practice (hopefully not lasting too long)
I'm curious as to there not being any info as to why only the left and not the right , I know about onyx necklaces ,
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