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Magick / Re: Dragon magic
« on: June 17, 2009, 08:47:01 PM »
Dragons exist.

Magick / Re: Magick Languages
« on: June 06, 2009, 10:31:49 PM »
There isn't much need for magickal languages.  "speaking magically" and speaking a "magical language" are much different.  The magical language rarely has any real value in it if it is not spoken magically (physically, astrally, mentally).  all that is important for the magician is not the language he speaks, but how he speaks it.  I saw a man heal a woman once by reciting "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water".  However, he said it magically and thus the effect was derived.

   Still, some languages are considered more magical in nature due to their sounds and their traditional religious use which has built up a strong psycho-magical connection between the words and the mind.  The best of these in my opinion is Sanskrit, followed by Hebrew then Latin.  Enochian is an incomplete language which Dee recorded backwards in the first place, so I never saw much use in it other than within its own system.  Most of the common languages (german, french, english, spanish, etc...) are too mundane in their use to have any magical potency at all.  However of all of these, the guttural German language is the best, if one speaks German, due to the exaggerated vibrations it creates in the ether through the vocal chords.  The same goes for similar gutteral languages, Hebrew being the foremost of them. 

   However, it is absolutely stupid to do magic with a language you do not have a strong command of.     

Magick / Re: I can't worship YHVH.
« on: June 06, 2009, 10:18:16 PM »
then study Franz Bardon's works.  no need to worship YHVH there.

Read "Frabato the Magician", as this is a novel based on the surviving notes from an autobiography that Bardon was writing before his death.  also read "memories of Franz bardon" by Lumir Bardon (Franz's son) and Dr. M. Kumar (Bardon's "in-house" disciple), as it gives many examples of some of the amazing feats that Bardon did, and is a little more credible than Frabato.  these two books will show you what a master of his teachings (the Master himself!) can do.

   As far as the edition to read, Dieter Ruggebergs's edition is the only authentic english version I believe.  The online pdf versions have a number of errors in them, as well as some missing parts if memory serves.   

I haven't seen someone shake during thought control at the beginning stages, but it sounds like the shaking that occurs during pranayama practice once the nadis start to clean out.  It is possible, since thought control is effected by the nadis, that they can start being cleaned early on.  If it only happens during thought control and similar exercises it is a good thing, especially if accompanied by feelings of purity afterward.  It is a good thing that it is happening so easy and quickly for you, as that shows a good degree of previous training in former lives.   

Magick / Re: Qabala Vs. Superstition
« on: April 25, 2009, 09:37:18 PM »
Aunt Clair, I don't disagree with anything you just said, as it had nothing to do with what I said.  There has been no debate, to my knowledge, that predates the Golden Dawn as to whether or not the Sephiroth are chakras or were ever intended to represent alternative spiritual centers in the physical body.  The Rabis who made the terminology and the system never refferred to them as such and, if the Zohar, Bahir and Sefer Yetzirah are any authority on the subject, they are not spiritual centers of energy in the astral body but are abstract ideas of categorization for spiritual principles and laws.   

Magick / Re: Qabala Vs. Superstition
« on: April 21, 2009, 09:57:04 PM »
Sephiroth, by their Kabbalistic meaning, can't be chakras or energy centers.  There may be centers that correspond to where one would theoretically place Sephiroth in the Tree of Life within the body, but they aren't Sephiroth, they are energy centers.  There is a difference.  One is a completely abstract theoretical system of organization for the universe's principles, while the other are energetic spheres in one place and time. 

Magick / Re: questions about spirit evocation
« on: April 18, 2009, 01:30:47 PM »
Aunt Clair, in absolutely no way is the LBRP an evocation by any definition I have ever read.  And no, a Neophyte shouldn't evoke according to any of the traditional mystery texts or any school of thought I have ever read.  Maybe you are a bit confused as to what evocation is?

Magick / Re: Sealing and Binding Circles
« on: April 18, 2009, 01:22:29 PM »
You need a circle to bind a creature or force, or do you need a model for a magical circle that you will work inside of?  For either case, the circle needs to be made according to the task at hand.  General circles can be used but are less effective.  PM me with some specific information on what you need to do, and I would be glad to give you all the details needed for the operation.

Magick / Re: Qabala Vs. Superstition
« on: April 09, 2009, 05:56:37 PM »
Most systems say that Geburah should be attributed to the right arm/hand, and Chesed to the left.

   That is because "most systems" come from the Golden Dawn.  In the original Jewish Kabbalah Chesed is the right hand (the hand of benediction and blessing) and Geburah is the left hand (judgement, etc.).  The explanation why is simple enough: "east" on the Tree is upwards traditionally, and "West" is downwards (specifically east is tiphareth and west is Yesod).  Then South is to the right of the Tree (Chesed) and North to the left (Geburah).  In the magical ritual the magician stands in Tiphareth facing the direction of east, thus having South (chesed) to the right and North (geburah) to the left of the magician.  For whatever reason Regardie felt like you should stand in the center of the tree of life and face towards the reader, thus reversing the direction.  Fairly ungrounded concept, since it assumes there actually is a tree of life at some one spot with the pillars arranged accordingly. 

   Then the souls would keep becomming less and less over  time, constantly divided.  The only way for those souls then to still be souls after so many divisions is if the original 1000 souls were infinite.   However, infinity can't divide itself or else its not infinite anymore, so infinite souls could not continue to split up into new ones.  Now if the 1000 people actually had infinite souls of God-like possibilities (which you don't say so I'll assume you don't believe) then they could create new souls, but then they would be gods and not men, and you make clear that they were just humans.

    Still, at the rate of multiplication you provide, humanity would always be increasing along the same mathematical ratio, which is factually not the case.  With your fomula the earth's population would have grown to unbelievable numbers very quickly after the first few humans.       

Magick / Re: Anyone heard of this?
« on: April 05, 2009, 02:46:27 AM »
Generally in a group ritual there is one master magician who actually does most of the work, and he uses the others in the group to represent and balance certain energies and perform small tasks during the ritual so that the Master can turn his full attention to the matter at hand.  I've done rituals with more than just myself on several occasions, and if done properly it saves a lot of hassle on the Master magician by reducing his overall workload and allowing complete focus on one main task.  For example, in a three person ritual (master magician+2 others) for an evocation of a spirit, one can be constantly invoking the energy and maintaining the astral environment needed to evoke the being while the other can be constantly working on the fortification of the magickal defenses (banishing of unwanted energies, keeping magic circle in tact and consecrated, etc...) while the master magician can turn all of his attention to the actual evocation of the being from its sphere and conversing with it. 

    Though yes, a group of untrained assistants would do more harm than help for the Master Magician, so in group rituals the assistants should be carefully chosen. 

Magick Articles / Re: Questions and Answers 2:Yoga
« on: April 05, 2009, 02:37:28 AM »

    There are many different levels of pranayama visualization depending on your progress.  The first visualization is best done with inhaling divinity (or intense purity) as a scorching white light that fills the entire body and burns away the negative energy.  in the inhale you draw in the light, during kumbhaka you should visualize the light burning away the impurities, and with the exhale you breath out the burned residue or ashes of the impurities.  This will cleanse the astral body and prepare it for more specific visualizations later on that focus on the Nadis and the Kundalini.  Don't worry about the brow point right now for pranayama. 

Spirituality / Re: Yoga and Spiritual progress
« on: April 02, 2009, 03:04:08 PM »
Do this:

1) Practice 2 or 3 times a day with your sitting asana, as well as once a day at least with the physical asanas.  Until you can sit in your siddhasana, it is good to sit in Sukhasana which is simple legs-crossed sitting posture, for your other practices.  Do Sukha Purvaka pranayama for 10 rounds twice a day, followed by 10 malas of Japa if you have a mala strand.  This should be your routine with Yoga: stretch for siddhasana, do other asanas, do sukha purvaka 10 times and then do Japa or Pranava (meditation on OM).  Do this twice a day and in 1 month you will feel peace starting to fill the mind.  In a few months you will see astral lights during Pranava.  It is very auspicious to meditate during the Sandhya junctions (sunrise and sunset).  The Brahmahurta time (4-6am) is the best time for meditation. 

2)  After your Yoga routine do your Bardon exercises.  You will find them much easier.

3)  Yoga is stronger than meat or sex, but the neophyte should strive to avoid both whenever possible so that he has best results.  Practice Yama and Niyama whenever possible, but you are under your parent's roof and should respect them as much as possible.  try to talk to them about vegetarian diet, but if that doesn't work then just avoid the meat as much as possible, or ask if you can at least not be fed red meat.  Fish is good and won't disturb the mind much.

4)  For both padmasana and siddhasana the hips have to widen and the hip joints have to open up considerably.  Doing splits is good for both, as well as stretching to touch the toes and sitting on your knees with the feet a little wider than the hips.  The stretches I give for padmasana will help you with Siddhasana.     

The Cafeteria / Re: OMG ITS VEOS!! :-O
« on: April 02, 2009, 02:50:23 PM »
That's a great picture of Prophecy. 

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