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Yes that makes sense. I'm still having trouble coming to terms what that means for me. Why blood specifically? It definitely seems so much stronger of a desire and intuneness with it that anything else ive experienced. It's so strange.

I too have shared the bloodlust once. It was toward someone who severely hurt someone I love in a almost an irrepairable way and I wished to permantly bind and curse them with blood beacuse using that power. And as for it seems to be both an outside source and and a personal desire. To me blood magick doesn't have to be violent or ill intended, like any magick it is based on intent. Since my blood reacts somewhat independantly sentient i consider it outside force partially. However the more I research it to try to understand it, admittedly it is somewhat interesting in itself, so it may be a mix of that and personal desire. As for what you said on it honing in on blood, could it be possible that blood is, well for lack of a better expression "in my blood" do you think?

Spirituality / I'm I reading into this? Needing help with my spirituality.
« on: September 09, 2018, 08:34:48 AM »
This may sound odd but I need help finding out who/what if the are a spirit/god/deity/that is attached/caring for me. I have no experience with communication with spirits and am unsure if I need to/how to. I had this weird gut feeling it was of a Judeo persuasion but recently its starting to pick up on a more fememine presence. Its strange because it responds to a Judeo type prayer espically non-specificlly tageted to anyone and answers them with incredable accuracy. I wish to know if my original thought was right or these new feelings are. I wish to show proper respect and gratitude because i really apprecaite it looking over me and "putting a face to the name" sounds very nice. Thank you for any help I can get.

 I don't know if anyone has done much research on the subject and I know its a touchy subject in certain circles but it seems like something "awakened" in me a year ago under extreme duress. I was practitioner for about 3 years by then and it was my first experience with the sensation, but I feel as if I'm being aggressively called to blood magick. These violent cravings to use blood in spells was overwhelming and it started getting more in depth with time. I noticed my blood started delivering a level of sentience when i was more in tune with my magical side. To the level of acting independently of my emotions or thoughts, such when I was unaware i was in danger, my blood started hypercirculating in a panic to warn me almost, or it would heat in anger independently when a I met a potentially threatening or manipulative person, even if I didn't get that vibe (happened twice, put it together from that) or even try to burst from me it felt like, toward people i hated to attack them even i restrained myself mentally. That and when I'm extremely stressed, especially when doing magick my palms will itch and circulate, almost calling me to do a spell with blood as its reputation for permanence and power will solve it. My partner is terrified and not supportive of the idea so I vowed not to give in and it was put under control, so it is not as aggressive of a feeling. But its still there, calling when things get tough. I want to understand why, how even its happening or maybe I'm misreading it. If i should in certain circumstances give in finally, or more aggressively resist it. Any insight or opinion is greatly appreciated.

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